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Knight in Shining Spacesuit

He's an astronaut! He's a soldier! He's a knight! He's.... sort of all of the above? Everyone, meet ROM THE SPACE KNIGHT!

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For hint two I put in my code but it says it’s not recognized. Maybe it’s a glitch but I don’t know.

Hi there, that means that the code you found is not the correct code for that clue, or the code is not spelled correctly. Try a different code or make sure that the spelling is correct to unlock the next clue! Thanks for playing!

Hi! I am struggling on clue 2 I searched what I thought was right with 2011 and filtered DVD, I found one, but it wasn't the right code for this, do you think I could have another hint?

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The Other Guys 2021


⭐️ Standard 1 of out 4 difficulty

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