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UMMA Presents: Behind the Walls

Have you happened to notice the newly-installed sculpture outside of the University of Michigan Museum of Art? Jaume Plensa's Behind the Walls is a powerful statement about individual responsibility in today’s complicated world. The monumental portrait, just over 24 feet tall and composed of cast resin, depicts a young girl's face, whose hands cover her eyes. This gesture—consciously shutting out that which we prefer not to see—represents the barriers that shield us from the harsh realities of contemporary life. 

Check it out for yourself outside of UMMA (525 S State St). There, in the window of the UMMA gift shop, you will find the Summer Game code that you seek! Entry into the museum or gift shop is not necessary--you will be able to see the code from outside.

psst... can't find this code? we think it may have been taken down. it's FUTUREISFEMALE.

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I think this code may have been removed. I found the sculpture, and the window to the gift shop, and I circled the building, but I didn't find it.


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