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This summer, AADL is sharing what it was like to look through the LENS of photographer Doug Fulton, LITERALLY! Get ready to head to the DOWNTOWN branch and check out an EXHIBIT on the second floor: Capturing an Era: The Progressive Lens of Doug Fulton. There, you'll find FIVE clues on the FIVE walls of the exhibit. While you hunt for CLUES, you'll also get to EXPERIENCE the prolific photographic career of Douglas James "Doug" Fulton!

If you are ready to get started, head to the SECOND FLOOR of the Downtown Library. There is an exhibit space near the REFERENCE collection where AADL routinely features exhibits from Ann Arbor's past. The work of Doug Fulton will be on view for the ENTIRE SUMMER, but it's never too early to scope out the best views!

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The exhibit is in the Downtown Branch at 343 S. Fifth Ave, right across from the Blake Transit Center. Once you get to the downtown building, it will be on the second floor. Staff at the desks can help if you are having trouble finding it. Thank you for playing, and let us know if you have any further questions!

Hello...we are at the Downtown Library right now and the guy at the desk said there's no codes for Doug Fulton when we didn't see codes.


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