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Foxy Science Expedition

We’re taking a trip to a local preserve that feels and looks otherworldly compared to the rest of our midwestern landscape. Let’s explore Fox Science Preserve!  A former gravel pit, Fox Science offers a rare opportunity to explore the geology of the region. Ancient table-sized glacial boulders of granite, tillite, gneiss, and limestone are scattered around the base of the former pit. Keep your eye out for fossils in the limestone boulders.

Untouched for almost 40 years, the land surface here resembles the landscape that was revealed upon the retreat of the glaciers some 12,000 years ago. In places where plants have started to become established, mosses, prairie grasses, goldenrods, asters, and shingle oaks grow on the developing soils. Maintained by the Washtenaw County Parks and Recreation Commission. 

Fox Science  is located off of Miller on Peters Road.  Getting there From I-94: Exit Number 169 (Zeeb Road), northbound. Turn right onto Miller Road, then left onto Peters Road. BEGIN at the entrance on the east side of Peters Road, approximately 0.3 miles north of Miller Road - the entrance is marked with a sign.




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I wish I had read this comment first! I hope someone will fix the directions. The path directly behind the map is actually the yellow trail. Luckily there is an interactive map on Washtenaw parks' website, which was a big help when I got lost

And you will pass a sign that says Rocks, Rocks Everywhere before you get to the big black rock.

At the beginning of the badge, the path on the right is the red path. The one straight ahead is the yellow path which you take. You follow the biggest path and turn left.


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