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Campus Constitutional

Did you know there's a ton of outdoor art on display at University of Michigan's North Campus? This badge will take you on a meandering trek across North Campus to explore the public art works found throughout. Following the clues involves walking a little over a mile up and down hilly sidewalks, through a little grass, and up and down concrete stairs. Please plan accordingly. 

BEGIN at the corner of Hayward Ave. and Draper Dr. by the blue UofM sign for "Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering".

Driving? Park at UofM Visitor lot NC26 on Hayward Ave - it's the first lot east of Draper Dr. Parking is $2 per hour Mon-Fri, but free after 5pm and on weekends! There are permit-only spaces nearby, so make sure you are in a visitor space with a yellow sign and space #. From the pay station, take the sidewalk heading west down Hayward Ave towards the colorful rooftop dome you see just past the trees in the distance.

Busing? UofM has several bus shuttles that stop throughout North Campus. More info here.

C'mon! Let's go exploring!

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Thank you SO much for this badge! We have lived here 8 years and never even knew all this beauty existed!

Great badge! We had been to the Wave Field before but most of these stops were new to us. We loved the sculptures and fountain especially!

Hello! It seems there is sidewalk construction where the second code plaque should be. We cannot find it.

Sorry all! The summer construction season stops for nothing - not even the quasi-important Summer Game ;)
We've updated the second clue to simply give that code away! Have at it and carry on! :)

This badge was well worth it. I had never seen most of these locations on North Campus and have spent most of my time since the early 1990s in town. I was missing a lot. What a beautiful evening walk. And my dog loved it too.


★★☆☆ 2 of out 4 difficulty

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