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Today is only the 30th day of the 2022 AADL summer game. How does someone have the 50 reading day badge already?

Turns out 1 player was able to record logs before the game started. That wasn’t intended on our part, but the logs made by that player were indeed real. That said, the issue is now fixed so it can’t happen again in the future. Sorry about the mixup and thanks!

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Nope! No one cheated. There was a small bug in the system that allowed a single player to log earlier than was supposed to happen. It’s been fixed but the logs they made were very much real. :)


Since there were 80 days of summer game why isn't there a higher point badge, say for 75 loggings? It was possible to earn this one in July with almost the entire month of August still in the game. You award badges for ridiculously high numbers of stars and reviews, but don't have one for responsible faithful daily logging. One can log in while out of town on vacation and at any time of day, so I think this would be a reasonable addition to the badges.

Hi there, thanks for your suggestion! One of the big design goals for the Summer Game is that players should be able to be well-rewarded while also enjoying other activities during the summer. =) We made an intentional choice to cap the daily action badge series at 50 of the 79 days of the Summer Game so that players could still earn this badge without needing to log every single day. We're actually considering moving reviews and ratings to this "forgiving streak" model for next summer, to move away from the ridiculously high numbers. But we're always trying to reduce the anxiety that Summer Game causes for many players, and capping the logging badge series at 50 days is a successful part of that strategy. Thanks again for your feedback, and thanks for playing!

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