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I have logged my reading more than ten times but for some reason the badge says I have logged 0/10 times. Also, other badges are doing that as well (pretty much all the ones from the Getting Started Badge Series), even though I completed them at the beginning of the Summer Game. Can anybody help?

I loved reading all those books! My goal is to get 10 summer reading cards and finish all of them😁

You're welcome to do so! Just remember only 1 free prize book per player, no matter how many logs you fill. You can keep getting points for the shop if you log your reading online. Thanks for playing!

Apperantly there are 5 badges. We can only enter 1 thing per day. There is 1 for 50 things 1 for 40 1 for 30 1 for 20 and 1 for 10. By the time we read/watch 150 things the game will be over. Can someone please tell us jow this is suposed to work?

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