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Virtually Lovable

Step aside, Nintendogs, the ORIGINAL VIRTUAL PET is here!!!

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In reply to by Kristyn

Hi there?? Which clue are you stuck on? We're happy to help if you let us know where in the badge you're at!! :)

Thanks for this trip down memory lane. I'm still hoping my long-lost frog giga pet turns up somewhere during a deep clean!

I can't find the code for clue #4! The only book about the clue ( That is showing up in search results) doesn't have the code!

Hi there! If you search "life cycle" in the catalog, your code will be in the first 5 search results! Bonus hint: Look for the book about butterflies! :)

I hope that helps! Thanks for playing!

This was a fun read and definitely took me down memory lane! Thanks for all the effort and time put into this! You guys are the best :)


★☆☆☆ 1 of out 4 difficulty

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