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Did you know that Michigan has its very own ALLEGED MYSTERIOUS CRYPTID? That's right! A certain creature first PURPORTEDLY sighted right here in the mitten state in 1887 has lived on since then in legends, stories... and the occasional claimed sighting! Read on to find out MORE!

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I think I have the right character but I cant find the code in the results, could I have a clue?

Hi, I'm 99% sure that I found the right item, it fits the description and everything, but the code isn't there. Is there a possibility there is an error? The title is 'Werewolves Within' on blu-ray.

Hello @kalfa, I think you might be thinking of the wrong creature! The correct code is definitely in a 2008 Blu-Ray; it's the second catalog hit when you search the correct creature. I hope that helps and THANKS for playing!


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