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Welcome to Wakanda

This week we're traveling to East Africa to a hidden land known as WAKANDA. Almost no one knows EXACTLY where this land is, though some speculate it is near Uganda and Lake Victoria-- both real life places! Others say it is NOT near those places at all and is instead near fictional countries like Narobia. It doesn't matter much AFTER ALL, because YOU CAN'T GET THERE FROM HERE!

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The clue has some helpful information on what search term to use in the catalog. It was the first result in the catalog for me, so I would be sure to check again to make sure you have the right name and look at the clue!

Yes! You will be searching for the blank words in quotations. The first word is 7 letters, the second is ALSO 7 letters, for a 14 character search term. Bast the "_______ _______". Hopefully that helps, and thank you for playing the summer game!

It sounds like you have the right two words, but they aren't your code! Search the catalog with these two 7 letter words and find your code in a catalog item. Thank you for playing, and let us know if you have any questions!


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