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Join us for the 17th Annual LEGO Contest at Kensington Hotel from 4-6PM on Sunday, August 7 and see awesome LEGO projects created by Preschoolers all the way to Adults of all ages!  Full details here.

To get this badge find all 8 of the game codes posted in the Ballroom and the Lobby at the Kensington Hotel. BONUS: Players who ENTER the contest will get a game code and then the WINNERS also get a very generous game code!  

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What a great event! I went with my grandson who had an entry. Loads of families with kids of all ages, mostly wearing masks. Glad to be in a town that cares about Legos and health and community events like this one sponsored by AADL. Thanks staff and Eli for the winner announcements, and, of course mucho Summer Game points.

I won the community award so do I get a 2000 point code? (I made the everyone is welcome to the Ann Arbor district library)

Oh no! I missed one of the codes at the Lego contest! Is it possible to get the missing code so I can achieve the badge?

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