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Mother Cyborg

Note: This exhibit closed on 7/22 and this badge can no longer be earned. We're sorry for the trouble!

How do our digital lives interact with reality? Detroit-based artist, musician and educator Mother Cyborg asks this of us throughout her exhibition entitled Crafting Our Digital Legacy, located at Stamps Gallery (201 S. Division Street, Ann Arbor, MI 48104). In this exhibition, Mother Cyborg expands her artist self through fiber works where she addresses critical issues of surveillance, data collection, the redaction of love to likes, and the complexity of identity within it all.

This badge requires a trip to Stamps Gallery. The one and only clue for this badge will ask you to engage with the exhibition, answer a question, and relay that answer to the Stamps Gallery staff at the front desk. Once you give your answer to the staff member, they will give you the code you seek!

Gallery Hours:

Wednesdays 11am-5pm

Thursdays 11am-7pm

Fridays 11am-5pm

Saturdays 11am-5pm

Stamps Gallery is free to all visitors. This badge will be available for completion through Friday, July 22nd (when the exhibition closes).

Stamps Gallery is part of the Penny W. Stamps School of Art & Design at the University of Michigan. It is an incubator, lab, exhibition, and public program space for contemporary artists and designers to explore ideas and projects that catalyze positive social change and inspire new ways of looking, making, and thinking. For more information, click HERE.

Summer Gamers take note: The Of Memory, Time and Place badge also lives in Stamps Gallery, so you might want to complete both while you’re there!

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I went there and gave both answers, but the of memory code wasn't given, is the code the same for both badges?

Visited today and the exhibition is taken down. Gallery closed until a new exhibition is installed. No codes posted.

Every time I went they were closed and now exhibit is gone…is there any other way to get the codes?

Certainly! We sure do wish the exhibitions were still open. I am emailing you the codes now. Thanks for your patience and most of all, thanks for playing the Summer Game 2022!


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