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Local Legends

PERHAPS you've seen these 5 mighty defenders of your favorite AADL LOCATION around town this summer and wondered...

Just WHO ARE THOSE GUYS? And what might be their HIDDEN POWERS? And most importantly... what are their very FAVORITE THINGS?

Well, here's a MEGA-SIZED BADGE full of all the lore about our MEGA-SIZED HEROES you've just GOT TO KNOW!

Each of the 5 Local Legends have an ORIGIN, a HIDDEN POWER, and a FAVORITE in the catalog. You can look for them in any order you'd like until you've assembled all 15 FASCINATING FACTS!

This badge has been awarded to 1915 players

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Big Cup is really cute, but I wish they were a reusable cup. One thing that I wish AADL had done differently was to have the Sweetwaters inside Westgate have dishwashing capabilities to help cut down on all the waste.

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