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Misleading the Way

You know the old saying, "A good map is hard to find." Well that might not be quite the right saying, but you know what's even MORE not right??? THESE MAPS!

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I’m stumped on Clue 3: I tried South America and Central America but these don’t work!

You’re right! Those don’t work because the code is a two-word name that appears on the map and neither of those are printed there! Keep looking and pay close attention to the clue. You’re almost there! :)

OK, I am also stumped on clue three. I have pulled up the map and tried every two word on there and nothing works. Maybe I am misspelling because it is hard to see if it is an f or t. another hint would be great.

Which map on Sebastian's page are we meant to be looking at for code 3? The only genuine map posted is titled Tabula Novarum Insularum, 1540. I don't see a map for the Cosmographia and nothing from 1545.

You are on the right track and we updated the clue to refer to Munster's Geographia of 1540 as the true origin of the map in question. It was included in the Cosmographia 4 years later and the popularity of that atlas is what led to it's wide influence. Thanks for playing ;)

I am working from my cell phone and I am stuck on code 4 I have gone to the wiki page and I have found the right map and i have clicked on the image to see it closer but it is still blurry so I am hoping someone can help me out some more

We sent it yesterday at 4:48pm to the email associated with your account (you can check which one that is when you are on your My Account page). Please check your spam folder or, if you still don’t see it, email us directly at so we have your preferred/correct email address. Thank you!

I'm totally confused about clue 3. I've tried wikipedia but can't figure out what words are supposed to be referring to latin america.

You aren't looking for something in latin America. You are looking for a specific map by Sebastian Munster, which shows the pacific ocean coming down into what is now called Canada, and then locating the two words that appear just southwest of that Pacific ocean mistake. It's tricky on purpose! Email us or do a contact us if you are really good and stuck and we'll send some additional clues :)

Need help with Clue 4. I searched the right map of Illinois Country, the map is not clear and I couldn't find any words which are hyphenated.

Hi Gamera! take a look at the reply just above your comment. It has a link to the right map and some additional directions for where to look (Lake Michigan is called Le Grand Lac des Illinois, but there is another word that starts with an M and has a hyphen (-) and THAT is long M-word is your code.

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