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Fairly Festive

It's late July, and that means it's time for our FAIR share of FESTIVALS! Summer more well-known than others, but this badge will highlight Ann Arbor's past (and present!) festivities.

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Great question! When you search “ya’ssoo meets limbo” in local history, there are two results and while one of them is a scanned article titled “Ya’ssoo Meets Limbo?” it’s actually the PHOTO (“Dancers Enjoy the Ya’ssoo…”) that we’re looking for. When you click into the record for the photo, you’ll see that the description of it includes the limbo phrase. We totally get why you’re wondering, though. But nothing is broken here! The badge writer just knew that if you searched “ya’ssoo greek festival” instead, the photo would be buried a bit further down in search results. Okay, long answer to a short question. Thanks for listening to my TED Talk about this clue/code, and thanks for playing! ;D

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Making a (Street) Scene

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