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The Right Fluff, Baby

We all know what makes a great library—its STAFF! We also know what makes a staff great—THEIR PETS!?!?! Well . . . that CAN and SHOULD be debated, but it's about time we stop fooling around and give the public what they REALLY want . . .


It can be hard to TEASE through all our style-savvy pets, but THESE fur babies?? They were BORN WITH IT. Hair we have a bunch of pets who know how to walk the catwalk and strut their fluff!! They don't leave much groom for improvement, but the MANE thing is we love 'em all. Now, don't worry, we haven't furgotten something very important . . . YOUR CODE! You may notice a code hidden about in the pet pictures below . . . however, you may have to really COMB through the pets carefully to find WHICH picture has your code!! You may even need to click on the images for a larger version!

image of long-haired white cat with striking blue eyes on a dark background.

Georgie (above)
"He just loves playing with his doggie big brother, Linus. "
AADL Human Friend: Tamara

image of grey/black long-haired cat stretched out contentedly on a carpet.

Kite (above)
"AADL’S World Famous Trivia Legend"
AADL Human Friend: Kit

image of majestic, long-haired black cat sitting on the back of a chair.

Loki (above)
AADL Human Friend: Aaron

image of a small cream-colored dog with a cute haircut lounging on a deck.

Nugget (above)
AADL Human Friend: Lori

image of a fluffy cat with a mix of tabby and tortoiseshell coloring.

Rain (above)
"She is 19 years old. She was born in South Africa and flew here about 8 years ago. She loves attention, she will not rest until you pet her."
AADL Human Friend: Mara

image of a very furry brown and black maltese-yorkie mix dog standing by a door with a dog chew.

Snickers (above) 
Age: 6. Breed: Morkie (Maltese-Yorkie). Likes: Playing ball. Dislikes: Getting nails trimmed. He's a good boy."
AADL Human Friend: Mark

image of curly-haired dog with brown eyes just visible through fur, sitting in a car. (Game code: TeddyHair)

Teddy (above)
"He is four years old and very affectionate. His preferred place is with his humans, especially if he can have someone hold his paw or make room on their lap. Teddy has also made several appearances on The Saturday Show!"
AADL Human Friend: Lucy

image of a small blonde dog with long, but trimmed fur sitting for the camera.

Willow (above)
"Messy and sweet."
AADL Human Friend: Joe

image of poodle-type dog with super curly black/grey fur all puffed up.

Zack (above)
"He's 10 years old and loves to be held by EVERYBODY. He even has a best friend who is a Chihuahua named Chico."
AADL Human Friend: LaQuechia


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SOOOOOOOOOO CUUUUUUUTE! I'm a huge dog lover and these are some of the cutest dogs I have ever seen!
(not that i do not like cats there just not my favorite but they were also cute!)😁

These pet pictures and descriptions are so cute!! I hope to do this Badge next summer too! We love AADL Summer Game! It's fun to find the messages after entering in home codes to get to know people around town in all different neighborhoods! :) :) Have a great fall!!

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