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Summer Game Spectacular 2023

Attend the 2023 Summer Game SPECTACULAR on Saturday, July 29 at Vets Park from 1-4pm and visit the welcome table to get the BIG CODE that gets you this badge!

Plus, be sure to walk around and get the other FIFTEEN codes at the Spectacular for MEGA POINTS!!!

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Vet's Park is at the corner of Maple and Jackson, the address is 2150 Jackson avenue. But the best place to park is in maple village, across maple from the park, and cross at the light to enter by the Skatepark.

We just got home from the Spectacular, and we apparently missed one code!! AADL, can you help me so my kids will forgive me for miscounting?

Oh no! We'll send you an email to the address associated with your account to help you out! Stay tuned and thanks for attending AND playing the Summer Game!!

there is no way there were 15 other codes besides the big code. I liked it better when you listed the games that would be there, at least I could figure out which ones I missed before I left.

I really like to thank AADL for all it has done for me in the summer game and more! I really love reading the huge collections of books, the iPads, and all in all how very amazing it all is. Thank you.

I really appreciate how hardworking and kind the staff are! There really is no end to my wonder. Thanks again.

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