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Run Fast, Turn Left, Repeat

Track and Field is one of the most exciting sports out there and women have been CRUSHING IT on the track since the early 1900s. While in some ways running around a track might seem simple, it takes tons of dedicated and specific training and it's TOUGH! Today we'll learn about some amazing female track and field stars and their AWESOME ACCOMPLISHMENTS!

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Hi there! What helped me was google searching "first woman to win a gold medal in a track". Her name came right up! Follow the rest of the instructions in the clue to get your code!! :)
Thanks for playing!

Your hint should be "first woman to win a gold medal in track", which gives you the correct name.

Searching for "first woman to win a gold medal in a track" gives you a completely different (2-name) female athlete.

Google's weird sometimes.

Late to the party, sorry.

I'm so sorry about that! I gave you a different hint! My mistake!!!! For the 4th code I googled, "most decorated female Olympic track and field athlete" and her name came right up! I hope that helps and I'm sorry about the earlier misdirect! Thank you for playing!

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