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The Last of Us, with its fungus-based horror, captivated audiences across 9 episodes. A fascinating real-life example of a fungus taking over an animal is the parasitic relationship between Ophiocordyceps sinensis and the ghost moth.  [To find each code, first find the answer to the clue question. Then do a general catalog search using the answer.]

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Hello! For the first code, figure out (or Google) what the name of a mushroom stalk is. Then do a general (All Formats) catalog search using that word. The Summer Game code will be in one of the first 10 search results. The hint will help you. Good luck!

Need help on the last clue. Is the garden favorite in the Wikipedia page or general Google search. I've tried 2 different plural vegetables, with no poetry books in the top 10 search results.

Sorry you are having trouble with this one. If you Google "garden vegetables high in carotenoids" you will hopefully find a short list of vegetables, and even fewer that are red. (Big hint: this is technically not a vegetable but a fruit, but no one would ever look for this in the fruit aisle at the grocery store.) Good luck!

For step #1: the phrase I am searching on is a two word phrase, f-b. But apparently that's not what's wanted here because that leads me into a different badge (stinkhorn). And yes, Google leads me to same two word phrase, or just "mushroom". Any more tips?

Sorry you are having trouble with this code. First, find the specialized name for a mushroom stalk. It is one word. Then do a catalog search for that word. One of the first 10 results of your search has the code attached. Good luck and thanks for playing!

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