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It's The World Famous World Famous Trivia!

by YourWFTHost



Welcome to the World Famous Trivia Informatorium & Small-Format Sammich-Led Concept Snack Bar.


World Famous Trivia is a monthly, yearly, and decadely trivia program presented by the Ann Arbor District Library and hosted by your host Your Host Kit. Compete with other blood- and trivia-thirsty teams from around the famous world for unfathomable prizes including gift cards, Summer Game points, and sweet release from earthly suffering.

Below is a series of WFT-flavored links to help you discover more about this pioneering live trivia phenomenon that became a pioneering internet sensation and is now just a pioneering live trivia phenomenon again.

How Do You (I) Play? - a smattering of confusing rules and obligations

WFT Community Transmissions Blog - an archive of clever and charming messages from Your Host

Top *varied.number* Teams Archive - the biggest and hugest winners I've ever seen

Virtual WFT AADL.TV Library - be astonished by Your Host's agelessness with all 21 Virtual WFT episodes


***The next World Famous Trivia event is:

5:30PM, Friday April 26 @ AADL Westgate Branch  Add to calendar by clicking here! ------> (click link at beginning of this line)





We look forwardward to seeing you in the future, where you and I will spend the rest of our lives.


Your host,

Your Host Kit


Take me back to the main WFT page, where I already am, potentially generating a never-ending trivia feedback loop with the power to create an alternate universe in which World Famous Trivia ACTUALLY EXISTS!


Hello! Thank you for writing to the World Famous Trivia Informatorium & Concept Snack Bar. World Famous Trivia is "adult-oriented", meaning the questions are geared more towards "adult knowledge", and are of a higher difficulty than what one might see in a Jr. Edition of your favorite game, including the caber toss. That being said, the actual content of the questions is of the PG variety, and they usually cover a broad range of topics from astronomy to zooastronomy! Kids are welcome, and have enjoyed past WFTs, especially the questions where you can win supertreats. Hope to see you there!

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