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Animal Mayhem

Woah, look at all these animals! Current, Jurrasic, AND EVEN MYTHOLOGICAL! Let's find three particular ones!

You are searching for THREE things in the photo below, and each answer is a game code to enter.

image of plastic animals. (Game codes: Whale shark, polar bear, stegosaurus)

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Clue #2: The first word of the two word code is causing me a problem. I'm calling it a color, but the color I'm thinking of is not 5 letters long. But clearly, over a 150 people have solved this already, so I'm doing something wrong.

Hi there! It's not a great whale! In fact, it's not a whale at all but a different type of sea creature!!! But "WHALE" is the first part of the code!! ;)

I hope that helps and thanks for playing!!!

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