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Get a breath of fresh air by getting every badge in the Arbor Explorer series to become AN ANN ARBORIST!!!

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The required badges for the Ann Arborist should have been designated earlier. This is a very random selection. Park Explorer badges should have their own category and not mixed in with partner badges which have limited hours.

Thank you for letting us know you're thoughts on this! While it's too late in the Game to make changes at this point, we will take your feedback into consideration for future Summer Games!

Thanks for commenting and, as always, thank you for playing!!!! :)

Our family loves these "discover Ann Arbor" badges. As soon as they dropped we printed them out and used the info to schedule what order to do them in and when to do them. Thank you so much for including them in the summer game.

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Arbor Explorer 2023


⭐️ Standard 1 of out 4 difficulty

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