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AADL Board of Trustee Applicants Sought

by richretyi

The AADL Board of Trustees seeks applicants interested in being appointed to the AADL Board for a partial term. A resignation has resulted in a vacant seat on the Board through December 2024. Interested residents of the AADL District should send an email to no later than December 31st, 2023, expressing their interest and qualifications for the role.

The Board will review the responses, and vote to appoint a new trustee at their January 22 meeting. The appointed trustee will be seated in February, and the appointed term will end December 31, 2024.

Feel free to contact Library Director Eli Neiburger at or 734-327-4263 if you have any questions.


I am most interested in applying for the vacant board position.
As a frequent user of the library, I am a patron who is grateful for the books.
Additionally, I am the author of 16 books, and also delving into AI with my brand-new Chat Bot that provides virtual leadership answers to management/people questions.
I understand something of the challenges facing libraries these days. I would like to be one who advocates for the needs of library users as well as those who need services of the library that they may not be receiving now.
For more information on my and my work, you are welcome to visit
Thank you.

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