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Date Received: 2019-06-10
Type: other
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: Hi, Do you have children's board games for check out? Or any games? The grandkids are coming and I am worried that rainy weather will keep us indoors. Thanks, You are the best library ever.

AADL Reply: Hi there, thanks for your interest! We don't have board games in the collection, but we do have a sizeable collection of big games & lawn games; if you've got enough room they're great on a rainy day. Details here: Be forewarned, this is the busy season for these items, with lots of them in use at weddings and graduation parties! Thanks for your interest, and thanks for using your library! -eli

Date Received: 2019-06-09
Type: general suggestion
Regarding: website

Patron Comment: I always spend substantial time searching for this screen, mostly to make book suggestions and requests. Why don’t you list it directly under “services”, where someone would logically look for it.? Identity it more simply and clearly, e.g., “ requests for acquisitions” and “comments”.

AADL Reply: Hi there, thanks for contacting us. While Contact Us does appear in the footer on every page, your suggestion is a good one, and we've just implemented it. You can now find a link to Contact Us / Suggestions under Online Services on the Services page. Thanks again for your suggestion, and thanks for using your library! -eli

Date Received: 2019-06-04
Type: branch expansion comments
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: I used the library extensively in the past to get out of home and work on a full-sized computer. However, you have gotten rid of Word (at least at Mallets Creek.) I can't do what I have been doing in Libre! I've paid taxes and this was one of the things that I have been using the library for years. This is very disturbing to me. Is this a cost savings measure?

AADL Reply: Hi there, thanks for asking about this. We're so sorry that you're disturbed by this change. It is not a cost-saving measure; Malletts is our third location to move to this new platform. Windows has become increasingly difficult to secure and keep working reliably over the years and we can no longer support Windows desktops in a shared, multi-user environment. In addition, Office was our #1 source of lost work, angry users, and corrupted files. Since moving to this new platform and moving away from Microsoft Office we've had much less lost work, and no instances of users seeing the work of the previous user, which MSOffice made difficult to prevent. We've had very little negative feedback about this change because most users have moved to Google Docs / Gsuite or find Libre meets their needs. If neither Google Docs nor Libre can do what you're looking for Word to do, you might try Office Online; it's Microsoft's answer to Google's online office suite. It is not fully featured but it is Word, and it is free to use. I hope that helps; if you need further assistance please let us know what you're not able to do in Libre and we can investigate. Thanks for your patience, and thanks for using your library. -eli

Date Received: 2019-06-03
Type: Summer Game
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: Hi! I’m an adult who has absolutely loved Playing the summer game over the past several years. I just hope changes will be made to last year’s format, which I found very frustrating, as I’m sure many people dead. I do think it is helpful to get more points for more pages read (some of us read long fiction books), and the price playing the summer game over the past several years. I just hope changes will be made to last year‘s format, which I found very frustrating, as I’m sure many people did. I do think it is helpful to get more points for more pages read (some of us read long fiction books), and the prize selection was really rather a nightmare. Wasn’t fun to end up with a surfeit of points that could be used for erasers and not much else once all the good prizes were claimed. Completely understand that you want to create a fair system for everybody, but I think there has to be something in between previous years and last year‘s system. Thank you for your consideration.

AADL Reply: Thanks for your feedback, and we're sorry to hear that these changes have been frustrating for you. The change to the reading points was done to make them more fair, and also to reward people for reading everyday! We're always happy when people read, regardless of what they read or how long it is and this way you can get a bonus for reading everyday. If you're missing points, remember you can also get a 2,000 point bonus for doing the paper reading game, and of course for going to programs and visiting libraries, museums, and parks around town! The prize system that we designed for last year's game was built to combat the problem of all the good prizes being claimed because we know how frustrating that was in years past! That's why we had guaranteed stock of the 16 shop items in 2018 and for 16 new items coming this summer. It's true that there is limited stock of the older items, so you might end up with leftover points, but you can use those in the Classic shop this year! I hope this helps, and thanks for playing! -Evelyn

Date Received: 2019-06-03
Type: complaint
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: PLEASE put the area in front of the Mallets Creek circulation desk the way it was before (meaning the bookcases parallel to the circulation desk). I was so dismayed to see how it had changed. The whole layout at Mallets Creek has always been so beautiful, open and inviting. The back part of the library is still open and inviting. However the area right in front of the circulation desk is AWFUL. Mallets Creek used to be my favorite library but now.... I don’t think I will be using it much. The only thing that needs to be done to make it an inviting place again is to move the bookcases in that area back to the way it was. I REALLY hope you can do that. Right now, ugh. Its terrible. My daughter (10 years) old said she doesn’t want to come in there to read anymore (she used to sit there and read sometimes). I’ve been going to that branch for over 10 years. I will not be going there again unless it is changed. I feel bad for your employees who have sit at the desk boxed in like that. I hope you will seriously consider this request. Thank you.

AADL Reply: Thank you for letting us know that you are disappointed with the changes at Malletts Creek, and I regret that they are such that you would make the extreme decision to not return to that location. Sincerely, Josie Parker Director

Date Received: 2019-06-03
Type: request and renewals
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: Please bring Coco back to the children’s section in the Downtown branch! Coco has been part of my family’s library experience for over 11 years. We miss her! My kids are upset. The replacement is nowhere near as lovable. We miss Coco! Please bring her back. Thank you.

AADL Reply: KoKo was a friend to many and after 20 years in the Downtown Youth Department, she retired a month or so ago. Her replacement, Blossom the Opossum and her baby possums would like to be friends, too. I hope that you can give the possum family a chance. So far, she has been warmly welcomed by the scores of children who have made her acquaintance. Sincerely, Josie Parker Director

Date Received: 2019-06-01
Type: programs and events
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: Today I had the incredible pleasure of attending the Scent Hike at the Washtenaw County Farm Park. I've been attending the Smell and Tell events for about the last three years and always find them so uplifting, informative, and quite honestly, transformative. But today's event was even more spectacular than usual. One would have thought the rain would have put a damper on the outside hike, and indeed thunder was booming as we drove to the park. But we entered the meeting room to the most amazing multi-sensorial experience I've had in a long time. I liken it to attending the DIA on a Friday night when there is free music along with world renown art on display. Tasting honey, smelling various scents, drinking tea made from flowers and herbs while hearing Michelle Krell Kidd and Shawn expound on the nuances of flavors and smells was a treat. Then the weather broke long enough that we could visit flowers in their natural habitat and smell the perfume of an iris or an autumn olive blossom. It was so exhilarating and uplifting, I was truly transported. When the rain returned we went back inside to taste hand-made rhubarb pie, triple berry pie, along with autumn olive blossom soda and locally sourced cheese from Zingerman's Creamery and buckwheat honey from Canada. Please keep up this wonderful series. I always feel so enriched when I leave the library with a stack of books, a movie or two, maybe even a picture to adorn my walls. This experiential wonder that Michelle presents is really a one-of-a-kind event, probably in the world! most gratefully, Cherie Charbeneau

AADL Reply: Thanks so much for your comments. We are so pleased that you enjoyed the event. Thanks again! Tim Grimes Events Manager Ann Arbor District Library 343 South Fifth Avenue Ann Arbor, MI 48104 734-327-4265

Date Received: 2019-05-28
Type: other
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: Please put signs in the Pittsfield Branch clearly stating which is Express Shelf and which is new items.

AADL Reply: Hi there, thanks for sending in your suggestion. We do label these materials on the spine of each item, but we will take a look and see if further signage is needed. Thanks for taking the time to send in your feedback, and thanks for using your library! -eli

Date Received: 2019-05-26
Type: compliment
Regarding: - NONE SELECTED -

Patron Comment: So happy to hear that the newly remodeled Malletts Creek branch will be open in another week. I appreciate your efforts to update and remodel the various branches of the AADL.

AADL Reply: Thank you, Carol. We will be happy to get Malletts Creek open, too. Sincerely, Josie

Date Received: 2019-05-24
Type: complaint
Regarding: security

Patron Comment: It would be appreciated if the "library cops" did not look at one like on has committed or soon will commit a crime. I would suggest some training in civility and maybe....smiling. You can be vigilant AND human!

AADL Reply: This comment was submitted anonymously.