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To every pound of flour allow one pound of butter, and not quite one half pint of water. Carefully weigh the flour and butter, and have the exact proportion; squeeze the butter well, to extract the water from it, and afterwards wring it in a clean cloth, that no moisture may remain. Sift the flour; see that it is perfectly dry, and proceed in the following manner to make the paste, using a very clean paste-board and rolling-pin. Supposing the quantity to be one pound of flour, work the whole into a smooth paste, with not quite one half pint of water, using a knife to mix it with; the proportion of this latter ingredient must be regulated by the discretion of the cook; if too much be added, the paste, when baked, will be tough. Roll it out until it is of an equal thickness of about an inch; break four ounces of the butter into small pieces; place these on the paste, sift over it a little flour, fold it over, roll out again, and put another four ounces of butter. Repeat the rolling and buttering until the paste has been rolled out four times, or equal quantities of flour and butter have been used.



To glaze pastry, which is the usual method adopted for meat or raised pies, break an egg, separate the yolk from the white, and beat the former for a short time. Then, when the pastry is nearly baked, take it out of the oven, brush it over with this beaten yolk of egg, and put it back in the oven to set the glaze.



To ice pastry, which is the usual method adopted for fruit tarts and sweet dishes of pastry, put the white of an egg on a plate, and with the blade of a knife beat it to a stiff froth. When the pastry is nearly baked, brush it over with this, and sift over some pounded sugar; put it back into the oven to set the glaze, and in a few minutes it will be done. Great care should be taken that the paste does not catch or burn in the oven, which it is very liable to do after the icing is laid on.



One pound of flour, a little more for rolling pin and board, and half a pound of butter and half a pound of lard. Cut the butter and lard through the flour (which should be sifted), and mix with sufficient ice water to roll easily. Avoid kneading it, and use the hands as little as possible in mixing.



Puff-paste, jam of any kind, the white of an egg, sifted sugar. Roll the paste out thin; put half of it on a baking sheet or tin, and spread equally over it apricot, greengage, or any preserve that may be preferred. Lay over this preserve another thin paste, press the edges together all round, and mark the paste in lines with a knife on the surface, to show where to cut it when baked. Bake from twenty minutes to half an hour; and, a short time before being done, take the pastry out of the oven, brush it over with the white of an egg, sift over pounded sugar, and put it back in the oven to color. When cold, cut it into strips; pile these on a dish pyramidically, and serve. These strips, cut about two inches long, piled in circular rows, and a plateful of flavored whipped cream poured in the middle, make a very pretty dish.

Date Sticks

Date Sticks image

Three-quarters cup sugar, 3/4 cup flour, 3/4 teaspoonful Royal baking powder. Mix thoroughly and cut into it 3/4 cup nut meats and 1 pound dates, cut in pieces. Beat 3 eggs and add to mixture. Pour into pan. Bake 20 minutes. Mark when taken from oven. Cut when cold and roll in sugar.

Butter Almond Crescents

Butter Almond Crescents image

Two cups flour, 1 cup butter, 1/4 pound blanched almonds, 1/2 pound powdered sugar. Pour flour into bowl, add butter, grated nut meats, 5 tablespoonfuls powdered sugar and knead into dough. Roll very thin. Cut into rounds or crescents. Bake in moderate oven. Do not let them get brown. Mix rest of powdered sugar and vanilla and roll cookies in this.

Potato Fried Cakes

Potato Fried Cakes image

1 cup sugar
1 cup buttermilk
butter size of walnut
1 teaspoonful soda in buttermilk
2 teaspoonfuls Royal baking powder in flour
2 medium sized potatoes, mashed fine with butter and sugar
For flavoring use nutmeg or vanilla.

Fried Cakes

Fried Cakes image

Three-fourths cup sugar, 1 egg, 2 teaspoonfuls melted lard, 1 cup sour milk, 1 teaspoonful soda, 1 teaspoonful Royal baking powder, flavoring, flour to make dough.

Fried Cakes

Fried Cakes image

Two cups hot mashed potatoes, 2 cups sugar, 3 eggs, 1 cup milk, a little salt, nutmeg, 3 tablespoonfuls melted butter, 5 teaspoonfuls Royal baking powder, in about 5 cups of flour.