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The Domestic Guide

Ladies Auxiliary, Number 195 National Association of Letter Carriers, Ann Arbor, Michigan
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THE DOMESTIC GUIDE LADIES AUXILIARY, NUMBER 195 NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF LETTER CARRIERS ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN 1937 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0002) DRUGS KODAKS CALKINS - FLETCHER DRUG COMPANY THE DEPENDABLE STORES 324 S. State St. --- Phone 4287 Cor. State and Packard Sts. --- Phone 4615 Ann Arbor, Michigan SODAS CANDY CUSTOM BUILT BOOT AND SHOE CO. MANUFACTURING AND REPAIRING 118 North Fourth Avenue DOLPH FUNERAL HOME R. A. DOLPH, Manager T. H. HOFFMAN, Assistant Manager Oldest in Ann Arbor --- Established 1908 Dial 4109 310--312 Maynard WINE CHAMPAGNE BEER OAK GROVE TAVERN Steak and Fish Dinners WE CATER TO PARTIES PHONE 765-F-12 Jackson Road - U. S. 12 3 miles west of Ann Arbor YOU SERVE THE BEST WHEN YOU SERVE--- DHU VARREN JERSEY Milk, Cream, Butter, Cottage Cheese, Ice Cream DHU VARREN FARMS Incorporated 3100 Whitmore Lake Road Phone 2--2511 HOMES COMPLETELY FURNISHED ALEXANDER'S NEW AND USED FURNITURE 417 East Liberty Street EVERYTHING FUMIGATED --- WE BUY HOUSEHOLD LOTS C. E. ALEXANDER Dial 3673 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0003) WEST SIDE DAIRY Dairy Products FRIGID FILTERED PASTEURIZED MILK AND CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE AND BUTTER --- BIRELEYS ORANGEADE DARI-RICH CHOCOLATE FLAVORED DRINK 720 Brooks Street Phone 2-3141 Ann Arbor, Michigan Table of Contents Page Auxiliary to N. A. of L. C. --- Officers and Members 2 Letter Carriers of Ann Arbor 3 and 32 Entertaining Informally 5 Dates for Health and Taste 7 Home Care of Common Ailments 9 and 11 The Art of Entertaining 13 Refrigerator Delicacies 15 Chemistry of Food 17 Odds and Ends 19 and 21 General Cooking Hints 23 and 25 Time Table for Cooking 27 Diet Menus, Recipes, Suggestions 29 Calorie Chart 31 YOU CAN'T GO WRONG WHEN YOU USE MRS. GAUSS' HOME MADE BREAD (wrapped in cellophane) FOR THOSE SANDWICHES GAUSS BAKING COMPANY Makers of CHECK - YPSI - CHECK WHEAT - GAUSS RYE Bread For Every Occasion --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0004) Auxiliary, No. 195 to N. A. of L. C. OFFICERS AND MEMBERS HISTORIC SKETCH The Ann Arbor Ladies' Auxiliary of the National Association of Letter Carriers was organized on Oct. 10, 1925. Its purpose is to unite the wives, mothers, sisters, daughters, grand-daughters and step-daughters of Letter Carriers in a harmonious body to increase the mutual acquaintance and promote the spirit of friendship and fraternity among its members. Also to promote a friendly feeling between the families of the members and of Branch No. 434, and to assist in any honorable manner possible in bettering the conditions of Letter Carriers or their families. The meetings of this organization are held the third Wednesday of each month at the homes of the members. CHARTER MEMBERS Mrs. Orville Dreyer Mrs. Walter Grosshans Mrs. Richard T. Maslin Mrs. Le Roy Thurber (deceased) Mrs. Ira Biddle Mrs. Raymond Knight Mrs. Orin Bury Mrs. Robert Carson Mrs. Poster Waite Mrs. Kate Maslin PRESENT OFFICERS Mrs. Ira Biddle President Mrs. Wallace N. Mueller Vice President Mrs. Conrad Lau Secretary Mrs. Raymond Wells Treasurer Mrs. Alfred Steinke Chaplain Mrs. Raymond Knight Flag Bearer Mrs. Max Hentz Mistress-At-Arms PRESENT MEMBERSHIP Mrs. William Amstutz 130 Fairview Ave. Mrs. Edwin Andress 2102 Packard St. Mrs. Donald Beckler 1006 Bath St. Mrs. Ira Biddle 703 Felch St. Mrs. Robert Carson 622 S. First St. Mrs. Cleon Crippen 132 N. Seventh Mrs. George Crocker 437 Spring St. Mrs. William Donnelly 803 Brooks St. Mrs. Max Hentz 836 S. Main St. Mrs. Raymond Knight 904 Willow St. Mrs. Ernest Kranich 424 Eighth St. Mrs. Conrad Lau 728 Miller Ave. Mrs. Wallace N. Mueller 1011 Miner St. Mrs. Walter Schlecht 1217 Lutz Ave. Mrs. Alfred Steinke 217 N. Division Mrs. Lawrence Smith 1201 Miller Ave. Mrs. G. Earl Washington 206 Crest Ave. Mrs. Raymond Wells S. Main St. Road --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0005) Letter Carriers of Ann Arbor BRANCH NO. 434 REGULAR CARRIERS Andress, Edwin 2102 Packard Road Aiken, Milton 723 W. Madison St. Allen, Floyd Post Office or Delhi, Mich. Baur, Edwin 308 Thompson St. Biddle, Ira 703 Felch St. Brooks, Harold Piatt Subdivision Bury, Orin 417 Spring St. Beckler, Donald 1006 Bath St. Corwin, Lloyd 1205 Wright St. Crippen, Cleon 132 W. Seventh Dosey, Irwin 421 W. Washington Grosshaus, Walter 705 Fountain St. Harper, Elliott 210 W. Williams St. Kern, Norman 105 Kenwood Ave. Knight, Raymond 904 Willow St. Krapf, Earl 1510 Montclair Ave. Kress, George Route No. 1 Kranich, Ernest 424 Eighth St. Middleton, Cornelius 1210 W. Liberty St. Mosher, George 1517 Shadford Rd. Mueller, Wallace 1011 Miner St. Podewil, Karl 112 Chapin Raab, Elmer Mt. Vernon Ave. Schmidt, Walter W. Washington St. Smith, Lawrence 1201 Miller Ave. Simpson, Jack 1016 Bath St. Schneeberger, Adolph 820 Third St. Waite, Foster Dexter, Michigan Washington, Earl 206 Crest Ave. Weitbrecht, Oscar 410 Thompson St. Wells, Raymond S. Main St. Road Zahn, Clarence No. 1 Kappler Court --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0006) THE COLLINS SHOPPE At All Times Presents the SEASON'S SMARTEST FASHIONS Liberty at Maynard THE GAGE LINEN SHOP Distinctive Linens and Handkerchiefs REASONABLY PRICED Phone 3114 Nickels Arcade Ann Arbor, Mich. Chester Roberts Gifts GIFTS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Greeting Cards - Tallies - Place Cards Decorative Accessories Phone: Shop 9569 Res. 2-3808 HOSTESS' Enhance your party table with an arrangement of flowers from the Ann Arbor Florists, Inc. Dial 6215 122 East Liberty THE FARM CUPBOARD "Food You'll Remember" Chicken and Steak Dinners a Specialty CATERING TO PARTIES and BANQUETS Phone 717-F-5 5400 Plymouth Road Ann Arbor, Mich. QUALITY BAKERY CO. DREBES & LAUBENGAYER Quality Cakes Pastries and Bread 341 S. Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan "There is no `Frigate' like a book to bear you miles away." * * * At Your Disposal Our wide selection of books on Travel, Adventure, Culture, Economics, Political Issues, Biographies, Plays, Mysteries and Fiction. PHONE 9028 FOR INFORMATION Blue Bird Book Nook Rental Library Nickels Arcade Ann Arbor Chelsea Flower Shop ELVIRA CLARK-VISEL, Prop. FLOWERS FOR ALL OCCASIONS Special Attention to Party, Banquet and Wedding Orders. Telephone 2-2973 203 East Liberty Ann Arbor, Mich. CAMPUS SHOPPE LINGERIE - HOSIERY - GLOVES - PURSES 229 S. State St. Ann Arbor, Mich. MARY'S BEAUTY SHOP Beauty Is A Duty 205 Michigan Theatre Bldg., upstairs Phone 8767 Ann Arbor, Mich. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0007) MR. WALKER - THE MAILMAN---We would like to sell you shoes --- But we can't We Sell - Electric Radios, Refrigerators, Ranges, Washers and Ironers Electric Lighting and Fixtures, Mixers, Irons, Toasters, Floor and Table Lamps Door Bells and Chimes ELECTRIC SERVICE COMPANY Phone 3514 330 So. Main St. Entertaining Informally Holiday season calls forth and draws gayly upon the most artful resources of hostesses. The unexpected guests of today are tomorrow's hostesses and never may they fail. The wise housewife is she who has a well stocked food cabinet from which at a moments notice can be concocted dainty and refreshing foods and drinks. Sandwich spreads and fruit juices in jars, fresh fruits, the inevitable lettuce must always be on hand to be whisked out and served with all the spontaneity of a care fully planned function. And the assurance of that supply can hold untold charm and poise to the woman who finds herself confronting guests. Among the wisest of women are those who have syrups stored in refrigerators so that iced drinks may be served in a second's time without waiting for sugar to dissolve. Double strength tea is right at hand to be served; made double strength so that ice cubes melting, as leisurely sipped, will not weaken the beverage. Tea may be served with thin slices of lemons, or a preserved cherry or a strawberry in each cup. Other cold drinks, delightful to taste and easy to prepare include fruit punch and Cleveland cooler. FRUIT PUNCH 2 tablespoons tea 1 cup sugar 3 lemons 2 oranges 1 pint strawberries 1 can grated pineapple Black tea is excellent base for fruit drinks. Pour 1 pint water over 2 tablespoons of tea. Boil 2 cups water, 1 cup sugar for 5 minutes. Prepare juices of lemons and oranges, and add with fruit to the syrup. When cold add the tea and cracked ice or ice cubes and serve. FANCY SANDWICHES Keep the following foundation sauce always on hand for quick sandwich fillings. To 2 packages of grated cheese, any variety, add one half cup hot thin cream or thin cream sauce, a little at a tiem, stirring smooth after each addition. LEMONADE SYRUP 2 cups sugar Water Lemon rinds Orange rinds Extract juice from lemons and oranges. Place fresh rinds in a 2 quart bowl, cover with water, add 2 cups sugar and simmer ten minutes. Remove rinds. Keep flavored syrup in jars near ice and use with lemon juice and ice when cool drink is desired. CLEVELAND COOLER 4 limes 1 cup sugar 2 cups water 1 bottle ginger ale Mix juice of limes with a syrup made of sugar and water. Just before serving add 1 pint cracked ice and the ginger ale. ROLLED SANDWICHES Rolled sandwiches can be prepared in advance for later hurried serving. With a very sharp knife cut the bottom crust from a loaf of bread. Cut two slices about one half inch thick, lengthwise of the loaf. Crust is removed and bread is spread thickly with your favorite cheese spread. Place two slices together, end to end, and roll up to form one large roll. Wrap in waxed paper and place in refregerator until thoroughly set. When ready to serve, cut in one half inch thick slices and serve either plain or toasted. THE OPEN SANDWICH 1. Put equal measures of raisins and nuts through the meat chopper moistened to a paste with cream. Spread on buttered bread that has been cut in strips or fancy shapes with small cutters. Decorate each with a nut hat or a bright cherry. 2. Put 1/2 lb. of American cheese and 1/2 cup of stuffed of***ives through the meat chopper. Moisten with salad dressing, spread thickly on bread, but in fancy shapes and decorate with 1/2 stuffed olive. 3. Spread bread thickly with a mixture made of 1 lb. grated cheese, seasoned with 1/2 teaspoon salt and paprika and mixed with 1 beaten egg. Add milk if necessary to make it spread easily. Put a slice of bacon on each sand wich and brown delicately under the gas flame. This should be served with coffee. CLUB SANDWICHES FOR INFORMAL EVENING SUPPERS A simple way of serving a Club Sandwich is to let each guest make his own. Arrange the separated and cleaned leaves of lettuce in a head in the center of a large serving platter. Lay a border of firm tomato slices around the lettuce, then a circle of white onion slices and border this either with bacon crisped or thinly sliced cold chicken. A generous bowl of mayonnaise should accompany the platter. Let the host manipulate the toaster and the hostess busy herself with the pouring of coffee while each guest selects his own sandwich filling and arranges his repast. THE WHITE BAKERY WHOLESALE AND RETAIL 124 E. Washington Street Phone 8816 Ann Arbor, Michigan --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0008) YOU CAN NOW OWN A PORTABLE TYPEWRITER For as little as $1.00 a week An invaluable aid in all walks of life. RIDER'S 302 S. State Street Authorized Royal Dealer PREKETES SUGAR BOWL Home-Made Candies and Ice Cream Lunches --- Beers and Wines The Leading and Finest Confectionery and Restaurant in the State Good Food --- Moderate Prices Pure Spring Water used exclusively 109--111 S. Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan STUHLMANN AND GODFREY FURNITURE REPAIRING UPHOLSTERING REFINISHING AND CLEANING Phone 8105 1818 Packard Rd. Ann Arbor, Mich. THE MILL MUTUALS AGENCY RICHARD D. CUTTING, Res. Agent Telephone 6111 204 Mich. Theatre Bldg. Ann Arbor THE BROOKS-NEWTON AGENCY, INC. ANNOUNCES the affiliation of JOHN R. MCMULLEN with this Company. Mr. McMullen comes to us having fully completed the insurance training course given at the Home Office of the AETNA CASUALTY & SURETY CO. He will welcome the opportunity of discussing your insurance problems and recommending an approved program of protection. Telephone 2--2571 Brooks Bldg. Ann Arbor, Mich. KRINS CRAFT SHOP Custom Built Furniture FURNITURE REPAIRING UPHOLSTERING CABINET WORK REFINISHING CANE WORK Free Estimates Phone 3275 107 Miller Ave. Ann Arbor, Mich. RUTH'S BEAUTY SHOPPE Phone 7249 208 East Liberty Street "A checking account will diminsh the cares of the housewife." Ann Arbor Savings and Commercial Bank Main Office - Main and Huron University Office - 230 So. State --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0009) SUPERIOR DAIRY COMPANY PROMPT HOME DELIVERY SERVICE 3120 Washtenaw Avenue Phone 2--3181 Dates for Health and Taste Dates, the fruit of the date palm, has been the staff of life for centuries in Turkey, Western Asia, North Africa, and Arabia. They have been luxury in most American homes. Now they come into their own, both as luxury and a necessary element in a health bringing menu. The date is the most human of all plant life. An old Arabian legend runs, "Created from the earth, (the date) male and female, as were Adam and Eve, its body is covred with fine hair. It will not live if its head is cut off; Its leaves will not grow again if severed from the trunk." Several authorities contend that dates combined with milk make the most perfect combination of any two kinds of food that can be formed by man. Dates contain five times the energy value of milk and potatoes, two times that of eggs and have the same food value as wheat, beef, and mutton. They contain approximately one per cent of incomplete protein and one percent amount of fat. The simplest manner to serve dates is to fill a bon-bon dish of the various varities and let the guests select them at will. Date jam for spreads (with any hard fibres re moved by a sieve) can be made by grinding dates through a food chopper and mixing them with lemon, orange, or pineapple juice to the consistency desired. Sandwich fillings can be made by grinding or chopping fresh dates and mixing with either of the following: soft or grated cheese; chopped, ground or whole nuts or nut butters. Further variety can be obtained by mixing these fillings with grated apple or pineapple. Make open faced, double decked, or toasted sandwiches and serve with a salad or beverage. Here Are a Number of Favorite Date Recipes UNCOOKED DATE PUDDING Grind half a pound each of fresh dates, raisins, calimyrna figs, and pecan meats. Mix with grated rind of one lemon, and one tablespoon of lemon juice. Mold into a loaf. Wrap in waxed paper and keep in ice box til ready to serve. Cut into desired slices and serve with whipped cream. RICE AND DATE PUDDING Mix: One cup of boiled or steamed whole rice; one half cup sugar; one teaspoon of salt; two tablespoons butter; one pint milk; one half cup chopped dates and a few gratings of nutmeg. Put in buttered baking dish and bake in slow oven until milk is absorbed. Serve. DATE STICKS Mix: one cup of honey; one tablespoon butter; one teaspoon vegetable salt; one tablespoon hot water; two well-beaten eggs; one teaspoon baking powder; one pound chopped dates; half pound pecans; and one one cup of whole wheat flour. Spread dough on oiled paper and cut into sticks. Bake in slow oven for 45 minutes. DATE WHIP Whip one cup of cream and mix with one teaspoon of vanilla. Fold in two cups of pitted dates, cut into bits. Put into individual fruit cups and top with nut meats. Chill and serve without stirring contents. ECONOMY DATE CAKE 1 cup sugar 1 1/2 tablespoon butter 1/2 teaspoon salt 1 1/4 cups flour 1/2 cup chopped nuts 1 cup chopped dates Take one cup of boiling water, add one teaspoon of soda, and pour over dates, and let stand while other ingredients are being mixed. Mix altogether and bake slowly. Serve with whipped cream. Can be served as cake or pudding. ANN ARBOR FUEL & SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated MASON BUILDERS SUPPLIES Builders Phone 4273 202--220 E. Madison Coal Phone 4271 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0010) Courtesy F. J. MUEHLIG FUNERAL CHAPEL INCORPORATED Fred H. Rogers Roland G. Schmid Ernest O. Muehlig Frank W. Wilkinson TRUNKS, BAGS AND SUIT CASES Exclusive Agent for Hartmann Trunks BUY LEATHER GOODS AT A LEATHER GOODS STORE 325 S. Main St. Phone No. 4013 JNO. C. FISCHER CO. GENERAL HARDWARE AND GIFT STORE 219--223 E. Washington Dial 2--3295 HICKEY'S SERVICE STATION Cars Called For and Delivered For Specialized Lubrication Standard Products Atlas Tires and Batteries Main and Catherine Sts. Opp. Post Office Dial 9328 WITHAM DRUG CO. "The Campus' Leading Druggists" Phone 4119 601 S. Forest, Cor. S. University FLANDERS' FOR FLOWERS Phones: 4151 --- 9690 106 E. Washington Street ROBERTS SHOP MILLINERY For the Discriminating Woman Phone 2--1076 604 E. Liberty St. FREE TRAVEL SERVICE BUS - AIR - RAIL - STEAMER See Us For Great Lakes Reservations and Tickets Frederick S. Randall Travel Service 12 Nickels Arcade Phone 6040 CORNWELL COAL WOOD AND COKE Telephone: Office 2--3117 Yard and Trestle: Miller 205 E. Huron Ann Arbor, Mich. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0011) Dial 6811 Dial 8511 CRIPPEN DRUG STORES 207 So. Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan 217 N. Main Street Home Care of Common Ailments EARACHE AND FOREIGN BODY IN EAR Always see a doctor at once for earache or for a discharging ear. Deafness or mastoid may result unless medical attention is given. Do not put anything into the ear since infection may so easily result. Children very often put small objects into the ear. Do not attempt to remove them, unless they drop out readily. However, if an insect enters the ear, first aid treatment may be given, until the doctor arrives, by putting a drop or two of castor oil or sweet oil into the member. It is dangerous to remove wax from the ears by poking with sharp instruments, such as matches, toothpicks, or hairpins. If wax is troublesome, consult a specialist. NOSEBLEED AND FOREIGN BODY IN NOSE Most nosebleeding comes from slight injuries and consequently does little harm and requires scant treatment. Pinching the soft part of the nose may help. Continued and profuse bleeding needs the care of a physician. While waiting for medical aid, make a cotton plug and push it, gently, with the end of a pencil into the nostril from which the blood is coming. In aged people and babies nose bleeding is apt to be dangerous and needs medical aid immediately. When bleeding is severe place patient in a chair with head slightly forward. Loosen the collar. Apply cold water cloths to back of neck. Placing the head backward often causes nausea and vomiting and makes placing of cold cloths on back of neck too awkward to affect real assistance. Do not attempt to remove objects or small articles that have been put into the nose, as often happens among children, unless the articles can be seen. Care should be used not to use force. EYE AILMENTS --- STYES AND FOREIGN OBJECTS Either eyestrain or ill health may cause a stye to appear on the eye lid. Since the eye is far too sensitive an organ and such highly dangerous effects may result from improper care, no time should be wasted in calling a doctor. Wring a cloth out in hotwater and apply to the eye to relieve the pain until the doctor assumes responsibility for the case. Greatest care should be used in extraction of foreign bodies from the eye. Winking gently may produce tears and so wash the speck out or into view so that is can be removed. Using a medicine dropper, wash the eye with clean water or boracic acid solution. Take hold of the upper eyelash and pull upper lid down over the lower. If this does not aid in locating speck, turn the lower lid and look for the object and upon finding it, use corner of soft clean linen handkerchief to gently remove. If the speck cannot be located or is lodged in the upper eyelid or on the eyeball, consult a doctor. To relieve the pain, in the meantime, soak a soft cloth in cool water and place over the eye. If the eyeball is injured, take patient to doctor at once. Attempt no home remedies. Castor oil dropped into eye, after speck has been removed is soothing. Acid, lime, and other chemicals entering the eye should be immediately washed out with great quantities of clean water. Follow with two or three drops of olive oil or castor oil and cover with moist compress until patient is seen by doctor. TOOTHACHE See your dentist as soon as possible. Common toothache often means that the hard part of the tooth has decayed, leaving the nerve exposed. Unless treatment is given, destruction of the tooth may continue and the nerve die. Oil of cloves on a bit of cotton inserted into the cavity most often gives relief from pain, but it will not CURE the decayed tooth. Even if your teeth seem in good condition consult your dentist each six months. Never use pins, needles, or other hard instruments to "pick" the teeth. Dental floss which can be purchased at any drugstore is much more effective. FOREIGN BODIES SWALLOWED If the patient has swallowed some sharp article like a piece of broken glass or a pin, encourage him to eat mashed potatoes and bread. These will surround the foreign body and prevent its injuring the intestines. For further treatment, see a doctor. Sometimes, according to what the patient has swallowed, the article may be removed by inducing vomiting, through sticking finger or feather down into throat. This treatment must not be attempted for sharp objects, however. LARMEE BATTERY & ELECTRIC SERVICE, INC. RADIATOR SERVICE 112--114 So. Ashley Street Dial 8908 Ann Arbor, Michigan --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0012) E. HARPER TAXIDERMIST Specimens Mounted True to Life by the STANDARD MUSEUM METHODS Mounted Specimens and Game Heads for Sale At Reasonable Prices 214 W. William Ann Arbor, Mich. Edsill's Rexall Drug Store Specialists in TRUSS FITTING - PRESCRIPTIONS Phone 9186 --- We Deliver 109 E. Liberty St. Ann Arbor, Mich. MITCHELL'S BARBER SHOP WE ARE AT YOUR SERVICE --- AT --- 117 WEST WASHINGTON ST. We Specialize in Women's and Children's Haircutting Compliments of Kurtis Exterminating and Fumigating Co. Phone 3113 308 Maynard Ann Arbor ARBIE B. CLEVER "The Coal That Keeps You Warm" DIAL 3711 HENRY J. RAAB Plumbing --- Heating Repairing 602 South First Street Dial 4723 Ann Arbor, Mich. THE ELSIFOR CARTAGE CO. Moving --- Packing Storing --- Shipping Phone 4297 310--314 W. Ann St. Ann Arbor, Michigan "THE GRAYSTONE" NOTIONS AND GIFTS Phone 7171 1217 Prospect Fox Tent & Awning Co. AWNINGS - VENETIAN BLINDS HOUSE TRAILERS - TENTS CAMP SUPPLIES Phone 2--2931 624 So. Main Ann Arbor, Mich. Stroh's Bohemian Carlings' Beer Pabst Blue Ribbon Friars' Ale JAMES J. O'KANE 338 S. FOURTH AVE. 3509 --- Phones --- 2--3659 Ann Arbor, Michigan PERRY A. BURRELL Successor to G. A. Zachmann Estate MONUMENTS and MARKERS HEADSTONES CEMETERY LETTERING Phone 3232 1007 Wright St. Ann Arbor, Mich. Hudson Super Service GARAGE AND SERVICE STATION That Good Gulf Gas and Motor Oil Phone 9371 Miller and Ashley St. Ann Arbor, Mich. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0013) Old Kentucky Gift Shop Old Kentucky Pottery --- Churchill Handwoven Fabrics --- Berea College Gifts Handwoven Textiles - Scarfs - Neckties - Purses - Towels - Luncheon Sets - Rugs Baby Blankets - Bedspreads - Handwoven Baskets - Hearth Brooms Inlaid Wood Novelties - Desk Sets - Woodpecker Door Knockers Route No. 2, Ann Arbor, Michigan On U. S. 12, five miles east of Ann Arbor Home Care of Common Ailments---(Continued) GUM BOILS Gum-boils and the subsequent pain and swelling of the gum is due to a collection of pus between the gum and the tooth, or in more severe cases, within the tooth socket. Rinse mouth frequently with hot water to case the pain until the doctor opens the boil. The tooth may have to be pulled. BOILS Boils usually occur from an infection through a slight wound in the skin, due to scratches, shaving etc. They are also common in people suffering from certain diseases, such as Bright's disease, diabetes, tuberculosis, poor circulation, and indigestion. Hot applications of water or antiseptic solutions may be used to relieve the pain. SUNBURN Sunburn is like any kind of mild burn. Baking soda and water, vaseline, or phenol ointment (carbonated vaseline) or salt and vinegar lessen the pain. If sunburn is severe or the patient seems ill, call a doctor. OAK, IVY and SUMAC POISONING First cleanse affected parts with soap and water. Then apply a dressing kept soaked in cold soda bicarbonate solution to relieve pain and itching. This will also help to prevent the spread of the poison to other parts of the body. The application to the affected part of such agents as the following has given relief in many instances: Soluble collodion, of a 5 per cent solution of feric chloride, or calamine lotion to which enough carbolic acid has been added at the drugstore to make a 2 per cent solution. In a very bad case of ivy poisoning, see a doctor. GAS POISONING Carbon monoxide is the most deadly gas, most dangerous because, unless it is combined with other substances giving an odor, it can not be smelled. Carbon monoxide may be due to ill-fitted water heaters and gas stoves, loose gas fixtures and valves, leaky gas tubing, and gas furnaces not connected to outdoor air by flues. It is most often found in the exhaust pipes of automobiles. The motor of an automobile should never be started in an enclosed place. Housewives should remember that natural gas, while not containing carbon monoxide gas normally, may create the poison when the flame comes in contact with cold metal, as when a large boiler of water is put over a gas flame. Rescue---Make sure that you protect yourself against the gas. Do not rely on a wet cloth over your mouth and nose. Tie a rope around your waist and instruct someone on the outside to hold the other end and rescue you in case you fall. Treatment---Get the victim to fresh air at once. If breathing has stopped or is very weak, start artificial respiration and continue until breathing starts or doctor pronounces patient dead. Always give the patient oxygen or the commonly used combination of oxygen and carbon dioxide, to breathe, if either is to be had and you have had training in its use. Police and fire departments and hospitals have inhalators for giving oxygen and will respond at once to your call for help. Keep patient's body warm and aid circulation by rubbing the limbs toward the heart. Insist on the patient resting. Even slight exercise is dangerous. Other gases, such as sulphur dioxide, hydrogen sulphide etc., may cause asphyxiation and require similar treatment. CHOKING Rescue by quickly cutting any constriction around the neck, or if something is lodged in the throat or windpipe, pass a finger into the throat and hook finger around object in order to remove it. If the object is deeper down and cannot be removed by finger, slap the victim vigorously on the back between the shoulder blades Treatment---Send for a doctor at once if measures do not work. If after the article has been removed the patient does not breathe, start artificial respiration. ANN ARBOR FUEL & SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated COAL, COKE AND WOOD Builders Phone 4273 202--220 E. Madison Coal Phone 4271 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0014) SCHLANDERER & SONS JEWELERS AND SILVERSMITHS Merchandise of Good Value and Fine Quality 208 SOUTH MAIN B. E. MUEHLIG DRY GOODS QUALITY and SERVICE --- Both are Our Hobby 126 S. Main Street Phone 2--3184 Compliments of The MARILYN Shoppe 529--531 E. Liberty St. Michigan Theatre Bldg. S. G. BOTHAM, Prop. A WOMAN'S HAIR IS HER CROWNING GLORY ! ! AND WE ARE FITTING MINISTERS TO HER CORONATION Lirette Palon de Beaute GENEVIEVE KNAPP 611 E. Liberty Phone 3083 Jacobsons Ann Arbor's Fashion Center Coats - Suits - Dresses - Hats - Shoes - Accessories 612 to 618 EAST LIBERTY STREET Many old friends, as well as your own family, will appreciate your Photograph. It solves the personal gift problem. Palmer Studio MICHIGAN THEATRE BUILDING --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0015) GEORGE BISCHOFF . . . FLORIST . . . Choice Cut Flowers and Plants --- Catering to Party and Banquet Orders 220 Chapin Street Phone 6805 Ann Arbor, Mich. The Art of Entertaining The successful hostess is one who understands the art of entertaining, who prefers to entertain rather than be entertained, and who invites her friends to her home not as a social obligation but because she delights in entertaining. Important, indeed, are the duties of the hostess for it is upon her that the ultimate success of the party depends. A hostess reflects her true self in her parties. "The charming" hostess has poise, calmness, an inner knowledge that her party is perfectly planned, her food properly prepared, and her service correct. Such is the hospitality of our American hostess. She will concede to every whim and desire of her guests. The party is not a success unless her guests, one and all, feel better satisfied with themselves and the world in general when they leave her home than they did when they arrived. There is nothing more conducive to thorough enjoyment of food, than appointments that are perfect and artistically simple. A hostess will find that her guests will appreciate surprising decorative schemes, and unusual serving innovations. Below are a few suggestions for luncheons, as well as recipes for a few of the select dishes. Cream of Mushroom Soup Ripe Olives Celery Curls Southern Cheese Salad Bran Muffins Coffee SOUTHERN CHEESE SALAD 2 packages cream cheese 4 tablespoons mayonnaise 1 teaspoon lemon juice 1 tablespoon pineapple juice 1 No. 2 can crushed pineapple 12 maraschino cherries (cut fine) 1/2 cup pecan meats (chopped) 1 cup cream (whipped) Cream cheese with mayonnaise, add lemon and pineapple juice, drained crushed pineapple, marshmallows, cherries and nut meats. Blend well and fold in whipped cream. Freeze in refrigerator. If squares of salad are desired, use rubber tray and when frozen the squares will "pop up" with slight pressure on bottom of tray. Serve on crisp lettuce. (Serves 8.) Chilled Grapefruit Juice Spiced Red Salmon Escalloped Potatoes Fresh Vegetable Tray (Peas, Carrots, Beets, Beans and Cauliflower) Lemon Chiffon Pie Coffee SPICED RED SALMON 2 cups canned red salmon (flat) 1 cup vinegar 1 teaspoon whole cloves 1/2 teaspoon allspice 8 peppercorns 1/4 teaspoon salt Rinse salmon thoroughly with hot water. Remove skin and bones. Combine other ingredients and bring to the boiling point and pour over fish and cover. When cool, place in refrigerator for several hours. Drain and serve very cold. Care should be taken to leave the pieces as large as possible. Luncheon Meat Ball Buttered Green Beans Tiny Whole Beets Crisp Lettuce Salad Pineapple Shortcake Beverage LUNCHEON MEAT BALL 2 cups flour 4 teaspoons baking powder 1 teaspoon salt 2--3 cup water 4 tablespoons shortening 1 cup ground meat 2 medium sized cooked potatoes Flavor with lemon or onion juice Sift flour, baking powder, and salt together. Cut in shortening. Moisten with water to form a biscuit dough. Roll out to 1/4 inch thickness. Spread with ground meat, diced potatoes, and flavoring juice. Roll like a jellyroll and cut into individual portions. Place in baking dish. (This may be made in the morning and stored in the refrigerator until baking time.) Remove from the refrigerator while oven is heating. Brush with melted butter and bake 20 to 25 minutes at 450 degrees Fahr. Serve with gravy or cream sauce. WOMEN'S AND MEN'S CLOTHING Take Advantage of our Ten Week Budget Plan --- Special offer if you bring a friend WELLS CLOTHING STORE 813 W. Madison Open Day and Evening - Sunday until 12 Noon Dial 2--2877 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0016) THE BOLGOS CREAMERY FARMS Producers of JERSEY AND GUERNSEY GRADE A RAW AND PASTEURIZED MILK CREAM AND BUTTER Tuberculosis Tested Pure Maple Syrup A Specialty Plymouth Rd. No. 3601 --- R. F. D. No. 5 Phone 5009 Ann Arbor, Mich. Home Furnishings Furniture Floor Coverings Westinghouse Electric Appliances STANGER FURNITURE CO. West Liberty REAL GERMAN COOKING METZGER'S GERMAN RESTAURANT 203 E. Washington St. "Drink our Spring Water for Health" ARBOR SPRINGS WATER COMPANY SPRING WATER DISTILLED WATER Phone 8270 416 W. Huron Ann Arbor MINER ST. GROCERY CONST. COSSOLIAS, Prop. DEPENDABLE GROCERIES DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 2--2116 614 Miner St. Ann Arbor, Mich. FOR BETTER HEALTH USE Golden Jersey Milk and Cream ANN ARBOR DAIRY CO. 121 Catherine St. Phone 4101 Ann Arbor, Mich. --- TRY --- HOAGLIN'S BETTER PIES "One Bite Leads To Another" Dial 5501 111 Miller Ave. Ann Arbor LUTZ & SEEGER Groceries and Meats FREE DELIVERY SERVICE Phone 7315 808--810 N. Main St. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0017) KELVINATOR RUFUS - WINCHESTER COMPANY 211 E. Liberty Street Phone 2--2644 Refrigerator Delicacies Maple Cream Freeze 4 egg yolks 1 cup maple syrup 5 egg whites 1 teaspoon vanilla 2 cups whipped cream Beat egg yolks until light, add syrup, and place in double boiler, stirring constantly until mixture coats the spoon. Remove from tray add beaten egg whites, vanilla, and whipped cream, Return to freezer tray. (serves 6). Berrymint Ice 1 quart cranberries 2 cups water 1 tablespoon gelatin 2 tablespoons cold water 2 cups sugar Juice of two lemons 3 drops oil of peppermint Cook berries in sauce pan with 2 cups of water for 5 minutes, or until they stop popping. Rub through a sieve or wire strainer. Reheat the sauce to a boiling point and add gelatin which has been soaked in 2 tablespoons cold water. Stir until the gelatin is dissolved. Add sugar, lemon juice and oil of peppermint. Cool, then place in the refrigerator freezer tray. Place cold control at highest point and mixture should freeze in maximum of one hour under general conditions. After frozen turn control back to normal position. (Serve 6). Pistachio Mousse 1 1/2 cups whipping cream 6 tablespoons powdered sugar 1 teaspoon vanilla extract 1 1/2 teaspoons almond extract 1 cup pistachio nuts, coarsely chopped Green coloring Whip cream until it will hold its shape. Sift in the powdered sugar. Add extracts, nuts and green coloring. Fold all together gently. Pour into a refrigerator tray and freeze. Turn cold control to highest number until frozen; then turn normal position. (serves 8). Chocolate Whip 1 tablespoon gelatin 2 cups cream 1 cup rich milk 1/4 cup cold water 1 1/2 squares unsweetened chocolate 2 tablespoons boiling water 1/2 cup granulated sugar Soak gelatin in cold water 5 minutes. Melt chocolate, add sugar and boiling water. Stir in softened gelatin and add 1/3 cup of the milk brought to the scalding point. Add a few grains of salt, and stir mixture over ice water until it begins to thicken. Scrape and stir so it will be perfectly smooth. Whip the cream stiff, Add the 2--3 cup of milk to mixture, then fold in the whipped cream. Turn into mould, wet with ice water, and chill over night or for several hours. Or serve the whip in punch glasses and put a spoonful of whipped cream on each. Nut Crisp Parfait 1/3 cup brown sugar 1 tablespoon butter 1/4 cup water 2 egg yolks 1/2 pint cream Few grains salt 1 1/2 teaspoons vanilla 1 scant cup nut crisp Put sugar and butter in saucepan and stir until blended. Boil one minute, add water, stir and cook until thoroughly blended. Beat egg yolks in top of double boiler until light. Add syrup gradually and beat over hot water until light and fluffy. Then chill. Beat cream until stiff, add salt and vanilla and mix in egg mixture with a few turns of beater. Fold in nut crisp broken in fine pieces and put in individual molds to freeze. Frozen Cream Custard 3 cups milk 6 cups miiK 2 tablespoons cornstarch 1/2 cup sugar 2 eggs 1 teaspoon vanilla 1 cup heavy cream Few grains salt Make a custard of the milk, cornstarch, sugar, and eggs. Add vanilla and salt. Cool and place in the freezing tray. After freezing for 1 hour stir in the cream which has been whipped stiff, and freeze 2 hours longer. SEE THE NEW SPARTON REFRIGERATOR Cold and Silent as a Winter Night DUPSLAFF RADIO SERVICE 216 E. Huron Street Phone 2--3444 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0018) KOCH & HENNE FURNITURE --- CARPETS RUGS --- LINOLEUM 300 S. Main St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 215--17 E. Liberty Dial 8507 Mack & Co Ann Arbor's Leading Store Since 1857 Visit Our Popular Price Dressmaking Department Compliments of ALLENEL HOTEL VISIT OUR TAP ROOM Compliments of KLINE'S 306--310 S. Main Street Ann Arbor, Michigan Greeting Cards for All Occasions FRANCISCO & BOYCE 723 N. University 108 E. Liberty Wild & Company Tailoring - Shoes Furnishings "Be A WILD Man" State St. on the Campus Compliments KESSEL'S SHOPS 9 Nickel's Arcade 217 S. Main St. Save On Your Fur Coat By Buying It At NAGLER FUR SHOP 318 So. Main Street --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0019) AAA Goodyear Tires and Batteries --- 24 Hour Service AAA PRATT & STRIBLEY GARAGE AND BODY SHOP AAA 113 N. Ashley Phone 2--2515 AAA Chemistry of Food A noted physician recently said, "If women in general had a consistent knowledge of foods and their chemical properties and followed a few sensible exercises each day, they could cut doctors salaries exactly one half each year." Only a little ingenuity is needed to follow a day of heavy starch and sugar meals with foods high in chemical content and the physical `houseclean-ing' necessary to perfect health is accomplished. Acid wastes go, sluggish glands respond to alertness, blood circulates with new energy, eyes sparkle, and there is zest in every action. Following is a list of the best rejuvenating and cleansing chemicals and fruits and vegetables rich in them. Use this list intelligently. It is Nature's most powerful aid and device against congestion and body wastes. Each human body needs Hydrogen, potassium, sodium, organic iron sulphur, chlorine, magnesium, maganese, and oxygen. Hydrogen is a purifier of every cell in the body, cleansing throughout the body. It is found in distilled water, lemons, fresh pineapple, peaches, grapefruit, and oranges. Potassium is alkaline, a powerful neutralizer and flushing agency, for constipated individuals who suffer also from poor circulation. Potassium is found in dandelions, watercress, parsely, dill, fresh asparagus, tomatoes, mustard greens, watermelon, beet tops, endive, spinach, and dates. Sodium has the quality of solvents for hard deposits found in cases of stiff joints, hardening of the arteries, gallstones etc. It neutralizes body acids, and is highly valuable in cases of acidosis, rheumatism and diabetes. In this group are celery, carrots, apples, spinach, cucumbers, gooseberries, beet roots, and okra. Organic Iron acts as a salt in elimination because of its dissolving qualities, sometimes being called the `janitor' of the body. Persons who are anemic should eat many iron foods. It is found in raw red cabbage, raw white cabbage, spinach, beets, head lettuce, currants, blackberries, loganberries, strawberries, dates, cherries and raw carrots. Sulphur cleans and purifies, and is especially necessary for patients suffering from blood and skin diseases. Persons wanting to reduce should eat plentifully of sulphur foods. They include, radishes, onions, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, red cabbage, asparagus, and raw celery. Chlorine destroys poisons in the body, particularly in the intestinal tract. It is another food content needed in a reducing diet. Bright's disease, gangrene and pyorrhea patients need chlorine It may be found in vegetable salt, radishes, raw red cabbage, raw white cabbage, onions, raw carrots, cucumbers with peelings, fresh asparagus, lettuce, spinach and dates Magnesium is the laxative deluxe. Stiff muscles and cracking joints mean a megnesium hungry body. Find it in grapefruit, limes, lemons, oranges, sour plums, sour cherries, sour apples, gooseberries, cucumbers, spinach and dates. Maganese is not easily found, yet it is a highly important agent as a purifier and neutralizer of body acids. Food rich in this content are mustard greens, watercress, endive, peppermint leaves, dandelions, parsley, senna leaves. Oxygen, as iron, is a dissolver. Its function, whether taken from the air, water or foods, is to speed up combustion of waste and aids elimination. Oxygen is found in grapefruit, apple cider, and sweet wine. WASHTENAW ROOFING COMPANY ROOFING AND RES. SIDING RU-BER-OID PRODUCTS 520 S. First St. In Ann Arbor for 18 years Dial 3917 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0020) AMERICAN RUG CLEANING WORKS Cleaners of Fine Rugs and Carpets DIAL 8115 1032--40 Green St. Ann Arbor BERT FOSTER'S WEST LIBERTY AT CUT-OFF ANN ARBOR Compliments of CITY CIGAR STORE 106 E. Huron Street Dial 7289 WM. BERANEK EDW. MARTIN BERANEK & MARTIN PLUMBING, HEATING, REPAIRING Phone 9412 320 N. Main St. Ann Arbor, Mich. HOME HAND LAUNDRY COMPLETE FAMILY SERVICE REASONABLE PRICES Dial 8894 520 E. Liberty Ann Arbor Compliments of A FRIEND GREENE'S CLEANERS & DYERS MICROCLEAN Phone 2--3231 516 E. Liberty St. BAND BOX DRY CLEANERS Head to Foot Service SHOE REPAIRING - HAT CLEANING Shoes DYED AND TINTED We Own and Operate Our Plant 121 E. Liberty St. Phone 8722 BELL'S RESTAURANT LUNCHES AND BEER 32 Main St. Dexter Wiedman Electric Shop ELECTRICAL CONTRACTOR Fixtures --- Estimates Given --- Wiring Phone 189 Dexter SALLY ANN BEAUTE SHOPPE MISS E. LIRETTE --- Featuring --- Eugene Permanent Waves Other Waves at Popular Prices Shampoo and Wave --- 35 cents Phone 173 34 Main St. Dexter --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0021) THE VARSITY LAUNDRY CO. WE DO THE HIGHEST GRADE OF WORK Cor. Liberty St. and Fifth Ave. Phone 2--3123 Ann Arbor, Mich. Odds and Ends VARIOUS CLEANING AGENCIES Fabrics and colors being so utterly tricky these days makes home cleaning of sopts and stains almost wholly an element of luck. The best and most consistent advice is to find a competent professional laundry man and dry cleaner and be loyal to him and to your wardrobe and household furnishings. A bit more care in the purchase of materials will take care of much of the laundry and cleaning problem. For example, if you insist that all your washable material bears the world "sanforized" (don't be content with only a `non-shrinkable' lable) you need have no concern over shrinkage, either at the laundry or in your own tub-room. The dry cleaner has been taught to know colors and materials, so that if you are in doubt at all about leaning or taking out spots, send your soiled articles to him. In the meantime, a few reliable rules still remain for home cleaning. Fruit Spots from Cottons--- Apply cold soap, then touch spot with a hair pencil or feather dipped in chlorate of soda, then dip immediately in cold water. Grease from Silks---Take a lump of magnesia, rub it wet on the spot, let it dry, then brush the powder off Iron Rust---Can be removed from white goods by sour milk Scorch Stains From White Linen---Lay in bright sun. Leather Stains From White Silk --- Squeeze lemon juice on spots and sprinkle heavily with salt and lay silk in bright sun. Continue treatment till last trace of stain is gone. Black Cloth---Mix one part of spirits of ammonia with three parts warm water. Rub with sponge or dark cloth, clean with water, rub with the nap. Black Silk---Brush and wipe it thoroughly, lay on table with the side intended to show, up; sponge with hot coffee which has been strained through muslin; when partly dry, iron. Stains from Washable Materials---Fruit, ink, and many other stains can be removed from washable materials by applying camphor to the spots before they go into the washer. Automobile Grease---Remove by applying powdered magnesia. Rub magnesia into fabric and let it remain for two or three days. Then brush out and remove any clinging powder with a soft cloth. Ink Stains---Ink stains on linen, silks, and cottons can be removed if you soak the spots in canned tomato juice for about ten minutes before putting article through usual wash. Another good method is to wash ink spots in warm milk, afterward spreading spots with cornmeal, which is brushed off when article is dry. To remove ink stains from woolen materials place a pad beneath the spot and rub the upper surface with a cloth dipped in turpentine. Blood Stains---Blood stained articles should be placed in cold water while the stains are fresh and then washed in hot water. Give them two rinses, one in hot water, same temperature as that in which the garment was washed, and the second in luke warm water. Medicine Stains---Make a paste of Fuller's earth and ammonia and apply to stain. Leave on until dry and then wash in cold water. After cold water wash, wash them in the ordinary way. Paint Spots---Saturate spots with equal parts of turpentine and spirits of ammonia. Grease Stains---Remove grease stains from washable fabrics by rubbing with a cloth dipped in kerosene. Follow with soap and water. For non-washable materials and those not ready for the laundry, sponge with denatured alcohol or carbon tetrachloride. Coffee and Tea Stains---Usually can be removed by ordinary washing process, but fresh stains are most easily removed with boiling water poured on the stain from a height of about two feet. For non-washable material, sponge with a cloth wrung in clean, warm water. Old stains can be removed by potassium permanganate and oxalic acid. Tar Stain---Lard will remove tar stains from all kinds of materials. Rub into the stains and let remain for an hour or so and then wash in the usual way. SWISSILIZING The Dry Cleaning King SCHROEN'S SWISS CLEANERS PHONE 4191 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0022) We Appreciate your past, present and future patronage. SCHLENKER HARDWARE CO. "Since 1886" 213--215 W. Liberty Street Phone 2-3265 ACCESSORIES EXPERT MOTO-SWAY LUBRICATION Solvenized Gasoline and Oil Tire and Battery Service HERTLER'S HI-SPEED SERVICE If you want Quality and Friendly Service Think of Us. Cor. Huron and Ashley Phone 2-1548 DIETZEL SHOE STORE Perfect Eze Shoes For Tired Feet For Men and Women 109 E. Washington Street Phone 3234 Ann Arbor, Mich. HEADQUARTERS QUALITY PAINTS - WALLPAPER LET US HELP YOU SOLVE YOUR DECORATING PROBLEM WENZEL'S Phone 6713 207 E. Liberty O. D. MORRILL 314 S. State St. Since 1908 Phone 6615 Typewriters, Adding and Office Machines Bought, Sold, Rented, Exchanged, Repaired OFFICE and STUDENT SUPPLIES STATIONERY - GREETING CARDS FOUNTAIN PENS UNITED CIGAR STORE Agency The Largest Stock of Tobacco, Cigarettes and Pipes in Town Ladies Given Special Attention Call 5527 for all Sports Reports and Correct Time. 118 E. Huron Street AMERICAN BROACH & MACHINE CO. ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN DEIHL WRECKERS GARAGE Used Parts for All Cars We Buy Wrecked or Running Cars Telephone 2-2327 Plymouth Rd. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0023) White Swan Laundry and Dry Cleaning Co. YOUR PATRONAGE WILL BE APPRECIATED Branch: 537 E. Liberty St., Ann Arbor, Phone 2-1816 Branch: 802 S. State St., Ann Arbor, Phone 2-1280 Branch: 111 W. Washington St., Ypsilanti, Phone 1567 201 Catherine St., N. W. Corner Detroit St. Phone 4117 Odds and Ends --- (Continued) ABOUT THE HOUSE Brooms just purchased should be soaked in strong salt water before using them to make them last longer. Cream pitchers will not drip if a bit of butter or hard is put on the tip. Defrosting your electric refrigerator can be done in half the time by filling the ice pans with boiling water. Electric push buttons can easily be seen if they are touched up with a little luminous paint. Food odors can be eliminated from your refrigerator by placing a small quantity of charcoal in container on top shelf. Freezing of clothes on the clothes line in winter can be prevented by rinsing clothes in salt water. Lace curtains can be mended by placing a small piece of netting which has been starched, over the hole on the wrong side and pressing it with a hot iron. This is neater and quicker than darning. Powdered sugar can be sprinkled over fruits, cookies, etc through use of a toy flour sifter. Quilt patterns are easy to cut if a piece of sandpaper is placed with the rough side next to the material. There is no danger of either pattern or material slipping. Shades for kitchen and bathroom can be made from oil cloth to match the color scheme. Tack on old rollers, with pattern facing the room, hem the bottom and insert flat stick through hem. Mohair furniture will look like new by simply brushing out all the matting with a wire brush to loosen dirt. Wipe thoroughly after dirt is removed with a cloth dampened with water to which a few drops of ammonia have been added. Piano keys can be cleaned by rubbing with a soft cloth dipped in alcohol. Clothes pin bag made of heavy material and sewed to a coat hanger can be pushed up and down the clothes line to save stooping. When hems of curtains, newly laundered, stick together slip a thimble or end of an old kid glove finger over the curtain rod. This keeps the end of the rod from tearing the curtain and it slips in more easily. CARL STIERLE I. M. STEEB MOE LAUNDRY SATISFACTION GUARANTEED --- HAND WORK Phone 3916 226 S. First St. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0024) LINCOLN RESTAURANT Our Motto Is Quality and Service 214 East Huron Street If a Clean Market, Clean Market Products, Choicest of Quality and Right Prices appeal to you, then BUY YOUR MEATS AT OUR MARKET ESCHELBACH MARKET Phone 4159 202 E. Huron WEST SIDE MARKET Geo. Salem GROCERIES AND MEATS Home-Made Ice Cream Phone 7576 1515 Dexter Ave. 1602 Jackson Ave. BAKERY GOODS LIKE MOTHER MAKES THOMAS LUNSFORD Dial 2-1520 603 W. Liberty at 4th St. Ann Arbor, Mich. WEBER & STEEB CO. HOME KILLED MEATS HOME MADE SAUSAGES Ann Arbor Michigan Dexter THE DAISY MARKET PHILLIP EHNIS, Prop. FRESH, SALT and SMOKED MEATS CHOICE SAUSAGES MONARCH CANNED GOODS 118 West Washington Street Phone 2-2596 Ann Arbor, Mich. D. C. HAAS GROCERIES AND PROVISIONS We Deliver Phone 5911 114 W. Liberty Ann Arbor, Mich. Washington Fish Market FRESH AND SMOKED FISH OYSTERS AND SEA FOOD Imported and Domestic Appetizers Dial 2-2589 208 E. Washington Compliments of PROCHNOW'S DAIRY LUNCH 104 E. Huron Ann Arbor, Mich. PLAY SAFE AND USE WASHTENAW INDEPENDENT DAIRY Incorporated PRODUCTS 602 S. Ashley St. Phone 2-3244 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0025) VOGEL BROS. MARKET FANCY FOOD FOR FUSSY FOLKS Phone 2-2545 - 46 Four Deliveries Daily 339 S. Main St. General Cooking Hints Butter and sugar can be creamed easily, when butter is cold, by warming the sugar slightly. Cheese stays fresh for a much longer period of time if wrapped in a cloth, wet with vinegar and stored in a cool place. Cream pie or custard will not become watery if milk is scalded before using. Fish or onion odor can be removed from utensils and dishes by adding a teaspoonful of baking soda to the dish water. Gelatine, jello, or pudding can be cooled, in the absence of ice, by putting the dish containing it in a larger kettle of cold water to which a handful of salt has been added. Cream which is hard to whip will whip quickly by adding a few drops of lemon juice. Milk, in being boiled, frequently sticks to the pan. To prevent this rinse the pan in hot water before using. Molasses can be prevented from sticking to the meassuring cup if the cup is first greased with butter or lard. Salad dressing, boiled, will not curdle if the beaten eggs are stirred into cold vinegar before boiling. Rice will be whiter and fluffier if a teaspoonful of lemon juice is added to the water while cooking. Whipped cream substitute, delicious in flavor can be made by adding a slice of banana to the white of an egg and beating until stiff. The banana will disolve completely. FRUITS Apples should be slit in three or four places with a knife before baking; the skins will then not wrinkle while in the oven. Bananas for salads will keep their natural color if sprinkled with powdered sugar or lemon juice. Grapefruit or oranges can be peeled easily if permitted to stand in boiling water for ten minutes. Lemons should be heated before extracting the juice. You will obtain twice as much juice. MEATS, FOWL AND FISH Bacon should be soaked in cold water three or four minutes before frying. This prevents grease from running and gives the bacon a much finer flavor. Ham or bacon should be placed in the pan before putting the pan on the fire. It cooks and browns better than if put into the warm pan. Meat or fowl while cooking should have one teaspoonful of vinegar added to the water. This improves the flavor, makes the meat more tender, and shortens the time for cooking. Fish scales can be removed quickly and easily by first dipping the fish in boiling water. EGGS In boiling eggs, put a little salt in the water before putting the eggs in and they will not crack or break. To cut hard boiled eggs neatly, dip knife in water frequently and yolk will not break or crumble. Poaching --- add salt to the water and the eggs will remain whole. Yolks may be kept fresh for days by covering with cold water and saucer and placing in ice box. STATE SAVINGS BANK OF ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Organized 1893 Member of Federal Reserve System --- Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0026) FREEMAN & COMPANY GROCERIES AND MEATS FREE DELIVERY 709--711 Packard Street Phone 2-3175 Ann Arbor, Mich. Moore Gates' Market FRESH AND SMOKED MEATS --- We Deliver --- 122 E. Washington St. Phone 7996 STEEB'S MARKET FOUR DELIVERIES DAILY Dial 2-3898 Division at Packard Compliments of LIBERTY INN 112 W. LIBERTY FELIX WEISER Quality Meats FREE DELIVERY 223 N. Main Street Phone 6313 Ann Arbor, Mich. DEUTSCHE GEMUTHLICHKEIT OLD GERMAN RESTAURANT FAMOUS GERMAN COOKING --- BEER --- William Schwarz Gottlob Schumacher HAGEN'S RECESS TAVERN 215 S. Ashley Street Phone 9370 WAYNE COFFEE SHOP 15c and 20c PLATE LUNCH Sandwiches of All Kinds Good Coffee E. Liberty at Fourth Avenue Try the New QUEEN SEELEY CAFE Lunches - Dinners - Sandwiches Percolated Coffee Served With Pure Cream Quick Service --- Quality Food 222 SOUTH FIRST STREET THE RED HEN TAVERN Catering to Parties and Banquets Featuring Chicken and Steak Dinners At All Times. Dancing --- Orchestra Music --- BEER --- On Gregory Road 1st Turn East of Newport Beach --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0027) "WHERE FINE PEOPLE MEET" HAAB BROTHERS CAFE WONDERFUL DINNERS --- LUNCHES --- BEERS 18 W. Michigan Avenue Ypsilanti, Michigan General Cooking Hints---(Continued) VEGETABLES To assure that celery will be crisp, place in a pan of water with half a lemon, for an hour before serving. Carrots for salads or general cooking should first be dropped into boiling water for two or three minutes. The skins will then come off easily. Potatoes, boiled with their jackets on, should first be split around the center to permit the salt to boil through and flavor the whole potato. Vegetables that have become withered can be freshened by soaking them with a strong solution of baking soda. Withered parsnips, carrots, potatoes, cabbage, lettuce, etc will become crisp again. BAKING Boiled frosting will not be brittle or break when cut if a teaspoon of vinegar is beaten into the frosting when the flavoring is added. Cookies --- add one tablespoonful of jam or jelly to cookie dough. It will add flavor and make the cookies stay moist longer. Fruit pies --- Brush over the under crust with white of egg before putting in the fruit. This prevents juices from soaking through the crust. Doughnuts will not absorb grease if a teaspoonful of vinegar is added to cold fat. Meringue will always stand up high and perfect if a generous pinch of baking soda is added to the beaten egg whites. Nuts and fruit in cakes will not sink to the bottom if heated before rolling in flour and adding to batter. Gems will not scorch if you fill one of the gem pans with water. WASHTENONG "The Land Beyond" ANN ARBOR'S OWN MEMORIAL PARK A modern burial estate presenting the latest improvements for an ideal resting place for the departed members of your family. Sponsored by leading Ann Arbor people. 408 Wolverine Bldg. Phone 2-2741 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0028) CAPITOL MARKET FINE MEATS, GROCERIES VEGETABLES AND FRUITS Day and Night Service, Sundays and Holidays Included "Purveyors of Popular and Distinctive Bottled Beer" Telephone 2-3111 123 E. Washington Wholesale and Retail HAMBURG RESTAURANT OUR CHICKEN DINNERS ARE SOMETHING TO CROW ABOUT STEAKS --- CHOPS --- SANDWICHES BOTTLE AND DRAUGHT BEER Catering to Private Dinner Parties Phone Brighton 9105 FLOYD and PEARL WORMAN Hamburg, Mich. THE A. C. STORAGE AND FURNITURE SALES Office and Sales Rooms: 325 So. 5th Ave. --- Phone 9385 Storage and Warehouse: 122--128 So. 1st ANN ARBOR. MICHIGAN BOB'S LUNCH HOME COOKED LUNCHES - DINNERS SANDWICHES - GOOD COFFEE 109 Catherine St. Opp. Post Office STIERLE SHEET METAL SHOP Premier Furnaces All Makes Furnaces Repaired Phone 2-1148 226 S. First St. FENDER AND BODY REPAIRS KESTER BODY SHOP Phone 2-2814 219 Beakes St. Ann Arbor, Mich. CHRIST FREY Pfeiffer and Old Bru Dist. 401 Miller Avenue Phone 5614 Ann Arbor, Mich. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0029) Thrifty Housewives Insist on KAPPLER'S SUGAR CURED HICKORY SMOKED BACON At Your Grocery or Market Phone 6006 3356 Milford Road Time Table for Cooking The time given will vary somewhat according to the heat of the oven and the quantity to be cooked. Bread, white 45 to 60 min. Bread, Graham 35 to 50 min. Bread, rye 60 min. Bread nut 50 to 60 min. Gingerbread 30 to 60 min. Biscuits 10 to 20 min. Rolls 10 to 20 min. Muffins 10 to 20 min. Whole wheat or graham gems 25 to 30 min. Popovers 15 to 35 min. Fritters 3 to 5 min. Pies 30 to 45 min. Cakes, plain 25 to 40 min. Cake, thin 15 to 30 min. Cake, layer 15 to 25 min. Cake, loaf 40 to 60 min. Cake, sponge 35 to 60 min. Cake, fruit 2 hrs. Cookies 8 to 15 min. Doughnuts 3 to 5 mh. Pudding, bread, rice, tapioca 20 to 60 min. Pudding, Indian 3 to 4 hrs. Pudding, plum 3 to 6 hrs. Custards 15 to 20 min. Use these tests to get the proper heat for baking: For sponge or pound cake, have an oven that will, in five minutes, turn a piece of white paper, yellow. For all other kinds of cut cake, have heat that will, in five minutes, turn a piece of white paper dark yellow. For bread and pastry, have heat that will, in five minutes, turn a piece of white paper, dark brown. When oven is too hot the paper will blacken and blaze up; reduce the temperature of the oven by putting a pan of cold water on the lowest shelf. MEAT OR FOWL For Broiling Steak, 1 to 1 1/2 in. thick 10 to 15 min. Lamb Chops 10 to 12 min. Mutton chops 12 to 15 min. Chicken 20 to 30 min. For Roasting Beef, well done, per lb. 12 to 15 min. Beef, rare, per lb. 8 to 10 min. Beef, filet 20 to 30 min. Rolled rib or rump, per lb. 12 to 15 min. Leg of Lamb, well done, per lb. 15 to 20 min. Mutton leg, well done, per lb. 15 min. Mutton leg, rare, per lb. 8 min. Veal, well done, per lb. 25 min. Venison, per lb. 15 min. Pork, well done, per lb. 30 min. Chickens, 3 to 4 lbs. 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. Goose, per lb. 18 to 20 min Turkey, 10 lbs. 3 to 3 1/2 hrs. For Boiling Beef, 3 to 4 lbs. 3 1/2 to 4 hrs. Lamb, leg or shoulder 2 to 3 hrs. Veal 2 to 3 hrs. Pork, leg, per lb. 15 min. Corned Beef, 4 to 5 lbs. 4 to 5 hrs. Chicken, 3 lbs. 1 to 1 1/2 hrs. Duck, tame 40 to 60 min. Fowls 2 to 3 hrs. Turkey 2 to 3 hrs. Ham, 12 to 14 lbs. 4 to 5 hrs. Sweetbreads 20 to 30 min. Lobster 20 to 30 min. Eggs 3 to 5 min. Eggs, hard boiled 15 to 20 min. CEREALS Hominy 1 to 2 hrs. Macaroni 20 to 30 min. Oatmeal 1 to 2 hrs. Pettijohn or Wheatena 30 min. Quaker Oats 1 hr. Rice 15 to 30 min. VEGETABLES Asparagus 15 to 30 min. Beans, shelled, boiled 1 to 2 hrs. String or Lima beans, boiled 1 to 2 hrs. Beets (Summer) 45 to 60 min. Beets (Winter) 2 to 4 hrs. Cabbage or onions 45 to 60 min. Carrots 45 to 60 min. Cauliflower 20 to 40 min. Celery 20 to 40 min. Green corn, boiled 15 to 20 min. Green peas, boiled 20 to 40 min. Potatoes, boiled 20 to 35 min. Potatoes, baked 30 to 45 min. Spinach 20 to 35 min. Squash 20 to 30 min. Tomatoes 15 to 20 min. Turnips or parsnips 30 to 45 min. Winter vegetables 1 to 2 hrs. CANNING TIME TABLE Kind of fruit Size of Jars Scald or blanch in boiling water Jars standing 2 in. under boiling water Kind of fruit Size of Jars Scald or blanch in boiling water Jars standing 2 in. under boiling water Apples (cut) Quarts 1 1/2 min. 12 minutes Huckleberries Quarts 16 minutes Apricots Quarts 1 to 2 min. 16 minutes Peaches Quarts 1 to 2 min. 16 minutes Blackberries Pints 12 minutes Pears Quarts 1 1/2 min. 20 minutes Blackcaps Pints 12 minutes Pineapples Pints 3 min. 25 minutes Crabapples Quarts 1 1/2 min. 20 minutes Plums Pints 16 minutes Cherries Quarts 16 minutes Quinees Quarts 2 min. 20 minutes Gooseberries Pints 1 min. 12 minutes Raspberries Pints 12 minutes Grapes Quarts 16 minutes Strawberries Pints 16 minutes CITY FUEL CO. COAL, COKE AND WOOD Telephone 2-2082 EDWIN L. FELDKAMP, Prop. 635 S. Main St. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0030) Compliments of ARTHUR C. LEHMAN Attorney-At-Law EMMETT M. GIBB CLERK OF WASHTENAW COUNTY Ann Arbor, Michigan Phone Office 5813 Phone Res. 729-F-22 In Appreciation FRED C. PERRY CITY CLERK Compliments of ALBERT J. RAPP Prosecuting Attorney Compliments of Harry G. Raschbacher County Surveyor Compliments of Payne, Mellott and Pack Attorneys at Law Compliments of WALTER C. SADLER Compliments of HON. JAY G. PRAY Compliments of Charles E. Crittenden Washtenaw County Treasurer Compliments of Sheriff Jacob B. Andres Compliments of HERBERT W. CRIPPEN City Assessor HUNTER'S GAS STATIONS COMPLETE LUBRICATION ATLAS TIRES AND BATTERIES STANDARD OIL PRODUCTS Huron and First St. Liberty and First St. Phone 7575 Ann Arbor HAROLD GEE SERVICE STATION COMPLETE LUBRICATION ACCESSORIES HI-SPEED GASOLINE AND OILS Friendly Service Liberty and First Ann Arbor, Mich. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0031) DICK RADIO COMPANY RADIOS AND REFRIGERATORS 327 South Main Phone 7991 Ann Arbor, Michigan Diet Menus, Recipes and Suggestions EAT THE RIGHT FOODS RIGHTLY PREPARED It is all very well to know what you can't eat, but what can you eat is the question. Therefore, we have prepared the following diet menus and recipes for your guidance. Follow them faithfully and you will more quickly get the desired results. REMEMBER! FAT FOODS MAKE FAT AND LEAN FOODS MAKE LEAN. WE SHOW YOU THE LEAN WAY. WEIGH EACH WEEK. MONDAY BREAKFAST---Bran flakes, one soft boiled egg, one piece of fruit, coffee. LUNCH---Cold chicken or small piece of roast veal, spinach or tomatoes, iced tea. DINNER---Veal cutlet, lettuce or celery, one-half cantaloupe or small helping of fruit, tea or coffee. TUESDAY BREAKFAST---Baked apple or rhubarb, one piece toast, coffee. LUNCH---Lamb or veal, carrots or aspargus, sliced peaches, buttermilk. DINNER---One soft boiled egg, one-half cup of bran, combination salad, skimmed milk or iced eat or weak coffee. WEDNESDAY BREAKFAST---One-half cantaloupe, or one quarter Honeydew melon or one-half grapefruit, one piece of toast, tea or coffee. LUNCH---Broiled lamb chop, two slices pineapple, cold slaw, diet dressing, iced tea or buttermilk. DINNER---Baked white fish or scrambled brains, celery, tomatoes or spinach, fruit, skimmed sweet milk, tea or coffee. THURSDAY BREAKFAST---Poached or soft boiled egg, prunes or one-half pear, bran flakes, coffee. LUNCH---Corn beef or roast mutton, cabbage slaw with vinegar, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, buttermilk, iced tea, coffee. DINNER---Veal chops, tomatoes, green onions, celery or green cucumbers or lettuce or beets, iced tea or coffee. FRIDAY BREAKFAST---Orange juice, one-half cantaloupe or stewed apples, bran, coffee. LUNCH---Head lettuce, diet dressing, cottage cheese, tomatoes, lemon jello, buttermilk, iced eat or coffee. DINNER---Baked or broiled white fish or red snapper or bass or halibut, chow-chow, cold slaw or green onions, cranberry sauce, whole wheat bread or bran crackers, iced tea or coffee. SATURDAY BREAKFAST---Baked apple or fresh fruit, bran muffin, poached egg, coffee. LUNCH---Cottage cheese, three soda crackers, one-half head lettuce, diet dressing, spinach or string beans or green peas, buttermilk, iced tea or coffee. DINNER---Calves brains, scrambled eggs; stuftomato, creamed onions or turnips, four stalks of celery, lemon jello or orange ice, iced tea, coffee. SUNDAY BREAKFAST---Sliced oranges or fresh fruits, bran flakes, coffee. LUNCH---Boiled or baked fowl, stewed peas or carrots, sliced tomatoes, green onions, combination salad, diet dressing, jello or orange ice, iced tea, coffee. DINNER---Stuffed green pepper or cold fowl, green gage plums, or cherries or blackberries, bran muffin, buttermilk, iced tea or coffee. The above menus are only suggestions. You may change them to suit your convenience, but do not eat the following: Pure cream cheese (except cottage), pork, (in any form), olive oil, corn, wheat, rice, oats, potatoes, bananas, grapes and nuts. You may eat small portions of stewed kidneys, sweetbreads, tripe, sirloin steak, broiled or baked chicken, turkey white meat, veal, mutton, lamb, black bass, red snapper, halibut, trout (brook), smelts, raw oysters, cottage cheese, vegetables, artichokes, asparagus, beans (green), beets, brussels sprouts, cabbage (raw), carrots, cauliflower, celery, greens (all kinds), cucumbers, eggplant, lettuce, mushrooms, okra, onions (green), oyster plant, parsnips, peas (green), pumpkin, radishes, rhubarb, rutabaga, sauerkraut, spinach, squash, tomatoes, turnips, watercress, fruits (raw), apricots, blackberries, cherries, cranberries, grapefruit, lemons, cantaloupes, oranges, peaches, apples, pears, pineapples, watermelons, soups (clear), tomato and vegetable, beverages, milk (skimmed), buttermilk, iced tea or coffee. SUGGESTIONS Eat only at regular meal time and only three meals a day. Drink no water with meals. Drink small amount at other times. Abstain from all alcoholics. Avoid cooked fats (meats should be boiled, broiled, baked or roasted.) Use 1/2 lemon in a glass of cold or hot water before breakfast. LaPETITE BEAUTY SALON EXCLUSIVE, BUT NOT EXPENSIVE --- PERMANENT WAVES $2.00 --- $7.50 Shampoo and Finger Wave 50c --- Open Evenings by Appointment Phone 3308 109 E. Washington St. (Second Floor) Ann Arbor, Mich. --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0032) ANN ARBOR FUEL & SUPPLY CO. INCORPORATED RUBEROID PRODUCTS Builders Phone 4273 202--220 E. Madison Coal Phone 4271 OTTO & OTTO General Repairing STORAGE AND WASHING 517--521 So. Main Phone 7370 Ann Arbor, Mich. DIAL 3205 GROCERIES - MEATS - ICE CREAM KEG OR BOTTLED BEER Pumps Furnished with Keg Beer TY'S SERVICE MARKET Phone 3205 420 Miller Ave. Compliments of MICHIGAN NEON COMPANY (Formerly Ernst Sign Co.) 1001 Broadway Phone 2-1503 Compliments of FRIENDS --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0033) SEE ME AT EULER'S TAVERN LUNCHES AND FOUNTAIN SERVICE --- BEER Phone 62F12 Lakeland, Michigan Calorie Chart SOUP Rich Soups, 1 h. Cal. 100 Clear Soups, 1 h. Cal. 20 FISH Clams, each Cal. 10 Halibut, 1 h. Cal. 125 Salmon, 1 h. Cal. 250 Lobster, 1 h. Cal. 100 Oysters, (six) Cal. 50 BREAD White, rye, whole-wheat---plain or toasted slice Cal. 100 Corn, 1 slice Cal. 100 CRACKERS Graham, one cracker Cal. 35 Oyster, 12 crackers Cal. 45 Soda, one cracker Cal. 25 BREAKFAST DISHES Oatmeal, 1 h. (sparingly) Cal. 100 Shredded Wheat Biscuit, one biscuit Cal. 95 Puffed Rice, four heaping tablespoons Cal. 50 Rice, av. help. Cal. 95 Grapenuts av. help. Cal. 95 Cream of Wheat, av. help Cal. 110 Wheat Cakes, med. size (1 cake) Cal. 95 Muffin, med. size (1 muffin) Cal. 120 Waffle, av. size (1 waffle) Cal. 220 FRUIT Prunes, av. size (1 prune) Cal. 30 Orange, med. size Cal. 95 Banana, med. size Cal. 105 Cherries, av. help. Cal. 105 Apple, med. size Cal. 45 Berries, av. help. Cal. 105 Grapes, 1 med. bunch. Cal. 105 Lemons, 1 med. size Cal. 35 Plums, 1 plum, large size Cal. 25 Peaches, 1 med. size Cal. 50 Cottage Cheese, 1 h. Cal. 95 Cheese, 1 oz. Cal. 125 Butter, 1 oz. Cal. 185 Egg, one av. size Cal. 85 MEATS Sausage, 1 link, av. size Cal. 70 Bacon, av. slice Cal. 30 Ham (fried), med. help. Cal. 375 Ham (boiled), med. help. Cal. 240 Pork Chop, av. chop Cal. 200 Lamb Chop, av. chop Cal. 100 Mutton Chop, av. chop Cal. 100 Beefsteak, av. cut, 1 h. Cal. 225 Beef Roast, av. help. Cal. 165 Chicken (roast), av. slice Cal. 195 Turkey (roast), av. slice Cal. 240 VEGETABLES Potatoes (Irish) av. size Cal. 105 Potatoes (sweet), av. size Cal. 190 Olives, 1 large size Cal. 12 Cucumber, av. size Cal. 2 Lettuce, 1 helping Cal. 7--15 Radish, one small Cal. 2 Spinach, av. helping Cal. 35 Onions, med. size Cal. 35 Cauliflower, av. helping Cal. 25 Asparagus, av. help. Cal. 25 Cabbage, av. help. Cal. 15 Tomatoes, 1 med. Cal. 35 Peas, 1 helping Cal. 105 Corn, 1 helping Cal. 95 Squash, 1 helping Cal. 95 Turnips, 1 helping Cal. 30 Parsnips, 1 helping Cal. 30 Beets, 1 helping Cal. 25 Beans (green), 1 help. Cal. 20 Beans (lima), 1 help. Cal. 125 Pork and Beans (baked), 1 help. Cal. 250 SWEETS Sugar, 1 tablespoon Cal. 40 Honey, 1 tablespoon Cal. 95 Chocolate, 1/4 pound Cal. 1390 Pineapple, 1 slice Cal. 55 Pears, med. size Cal. 95 Dates, 1 large size Cal. 30 Cantaloupe, av. melon (1/2) Cal. 95 Watermelon, med. s. slice Cal. 10 DAIRY PRODUCTS Sweet Milk, 1/2 pint Cal. 175 Skim Milk, 1/2 pint Cal. 90 Malted Milk, 1 tablespoon Cal. 90 Buttermilk, 1/2 pint Cal. 75 Cream, 1 teaspoon Cal. 30 Whipped Cream, 1 heaping tablespoon Cal. 95 Condensed Cream (unsweetened 1 teaspoon Cal. 30 Condensed Cream (sweetened) 1 teaspoon Cal. 40 Chocolate covered Creams, 1 Cal. 95 Chocolate covered Carmel, 1 Cal. 95 ERNST ELECTRIC SHOP ELECTRIC APPLIANCES --- A. B. C. WASHERS --- ROYAL CLEANERS Repair Work For All Household Appliances 205 E. Washington Street Phone 7776 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0034) ANN ARBOR FUEL & SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated EAGLE - PICHER INSULATION Builders Phone 4273 202--220 E. Madison Coal Phone 4271 LETTER CARRIERS OF ANN ARBOR PARCEL POSTMEN Crocker, George 437 Spring St. De Pew, David S. Main St. Road Hentz, Max 836 S. Main St. Lau, Conrad 728 Miller Ave. Thurber, Le Roy 910 Willow Wenger, William 815 W. Jefferson SUBSTITUTE CARRIERS Donnelly, William Illi, Clarence Steinke, Alfred Forbes, Anthony Schlecht, Walter Van Campen, George HONORARY MEMBERS OF BRANCH 434 R. T. Maslin 1510 Dexter Ave. Fred East 1004 Vaughn St. Victor Kurtz 501 Second St. Robert Christman 1059 Lincoln Ave. Night, Collector --- Robert Wright OFFICERS OF BRANCH NO. 434, N. A. L. C. Earl Washington President Edwin Andress Vice President Wallace Mueller Secretary Raymond Wells Treasurer Donald Beckler Nat'l. Sick Benefit Assn. Robert Christman Mutual Benefit Assn. Geo. Van Campen Sergeant-At-Arms In Appreciation --- Through this medium, we, the members of Auxiliary Number 195, National Association of Letter Carriers of Ann Arbor, wish to express our deep gratitude to each advertiser whose name appears in this issue, and also to those who made contributions. We especially appreciate the gracious and friendly manner in which our representatives were received during this campaign. Signed: Mrs. Ira Biddle, Pres. Mrs. Wallace Mueller, Vice Pres. Mrs. Conrad Lau, Sec'y. Mrs. Raymond Wells, Treas. ANN ARBOR FUEL & SUPPLY COMPANY Incorporated AUBURN STOKERS Builders Phone 4273 202--220 E. Madison Coal Phone 4271 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0035) ANN ARBOR CITY BUS INCORPORATED 10 Minutes Down Town 20 Minutes Cross Town 10c Cash --- 3 Tickets for 25c Childrens' Ticket Fare 10 Tickets, 50c FREE TRANSFERS KLAGER'S HATCHERIES Baby Chicks - Feeds Poultry Supplies BRIDGEWATER - ANN ARBOR - CHELSEA DIAL 4050 COMMERCIAL GARAGE L. B. FERGUSON, Manager 117 North First Street Telephone 7812 Ann Arbor, Michigan AL LARMEE'S DIXIE SERVICENTER TIRES --- BATTERIES Quaker State Motor Oils Dixie Gasoline and Oils Pennzoil Safe Lubrication COMPLETE LUBRICATION SERVICE 303 S. Ashley St. Ann Arbor, Mich. TOWN CLUB BEER "It's " Two Delicious Drinks Ann Arbor OLD-TYME BEER ANN ARBOR BREWING CO. CLOVERLEAF DAIRY Pasteurized Milk and Cream BUTTER - EGGS Phone 6272 511 Benjamin St. Ann Arbor, Mich. H. B. GODFREY MOVING --- CARTING STORAGE PACKING --- SHIPPING 410 N. Fourth Ave. Phone 6927 --------------------------------------------------------------------- (Domestic0036) HOLLAND Vaporaire HEATING Repairing and cleaning all makes of heating systems. Call an experienced Holland Heating Engineer to solve your heating problems. Telephone your local branch. "BRANCH" HOLLAND FURNACE CO. 212 E. Washington Dial 8686 GEORGE W. LUTZ Bicycles Guns and Ammunition REPAIRING OF ALL KINDS 113 W. Washington Street Phone 6863 Ann Arbor, Mich. RICE'S RESTAURANT AND BEER GARDEN 120 W. LIBERTY REED'S SINCLAIR SERVICE Lubrication - Washing - Tires - Batteries Cars Called For and Delivered State and Packard PHONE 9378 OIL BURNERS STOKERS SAM C. ANDRES Sanitary and Heating ENGINEER Let Us Solve Your Plumbing Problems Phone 7102 215 E. Huron St. Ann Arbor, Mich. MUEHLIG AND LANPPHEAR GENERAL HARDWARE CUTLERY AND TOOLS FURNACES - TINNING - PAINTS Phone 2-3277 311 S. Main St. Ann Arbor, Mich. ANN ARBOR AGENCY, INC. GENERAL INSURANCE Phone 2-3271 7th Floor Ann Arbor Trust Bldg.

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