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"A Toast to Yost from Coast-to-Coast," 1940

"A Toast to Yost from Coast-to-Coast," 1940 image

October 19, 1940 - Ann Arbor native Jim Heddle has an unused ticket to a dinner that was held in honor of Fielding H. Yost on the occasion of his retirement as U-M athletic director. It was such a big deal that the NBC radio network broadcast the event nationwide, thus the name "A Toast To Yost From Coast to Coast." Local historian Wystan Stevens has a tape of the broadcast, says Jim, whose dad was in attendance that night. The price of the ticket: $2.00 and the event was held in the compact Waterman Gymnasium. It might have been held at the relatively new Yost Field House which created some controversy among faculty members when Yost named the building after himself

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