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Dixboro Sanctuary Remodeling Celebrated, 1945

Dixboro Sanctuary Remodeling Celebrated, 1945 image

"On June 3, 1945, a special service was held culminating a building improvement program which included a new arched ceiling, redecoration of the sanctuary, new and much-needed Sunday school classrooms, a modern library and new and redesigned duct work for the heating plant. The men, face-forward, who oversaw the project are (left to right)-Harry DeWolfe, Al Bradley, Clinton J. Leslie, Clinton N. Leslie, Floyd Staebler, J. William Beckman, Floyd Parker, A.G. Ireman, John Haas, Eugene Willits, Earl Quackenbush, Sr. and Lee Begole."

Photograph by Dale R. Leslie.

Keywords: Dixboro, religious facilities

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