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Lord's Acre Cooperative Farming Project, 1947

Lord's Acre Cooperative Farming Project, 1947 image

A novel fund-raiser for the Dixboro Methodist Church building fund. As dawn broke on September 13, 1947, 10 acres of the R.A. Mildner farm at 6119 E. Joy Road was sown with wheat and later oats, hay and clover. Over $600.00 was raised by the church. In the photograph, (l-r)Rev. Loren W. Campbell, church pastor; Mildner, Howard Fishbeck and Clinton J. Leslie; in the foreground, Clinton N. Leslie (seated on the tractor) and his son Gary (on the tractor's wheel); in the background, seated on the tractor is Fred Phillips, Jr,; standing on the tractor is his brother Clyde.

Photograph by Eck Stanger.

Keywords: farms & farming, religious life

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