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Ernest (Ernie) Ireman - Ole Red, the Egg Man

Ernest (Ernie) Ireman - Ole Red, the Egg Man image

Q: In 1936, 13-year-old Ernie Ireman attended the first youth choir meeting of the Dixboro Methodist Church. It was held upstairs, above the Dixboro General Store, Cherry Hill and Plymouth Roads, and was organized by the wife of the Dixboro Methodist Church pastor, John Luther. Later, Ernie surprised his parents by insisting he would not attend choir practice the following week. Why? A. Mrs. Luther had asked Ernie to play the piano. B. He saw Mrs. Luther smoking a cigarette. C. He was the only boy to attend the practice. D. He was afraid of having to sing a solo. B. When Ernie peeked out the upstairs window he saw Mrs. Luther down below standing next to her car smoking. Ernie used to deliver eggs from the family farm to homes in the Dixboro area. He is a faithful servant of God, a humble man, a great story teller and a non-smoker.

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