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Exhibits at AADL

Fri, 09/28/2007 - 9:45am by jaimonr

In addition to our permanent art collection, AADL displays rotating exhibits of artwork and special collections at our Downtown and Malletts Creek locations.

To see your work displayed at AADL, you'll want to fill out an application to exhibit. Applications are welcome anytime and are reviewed on a revolving basis.

We are currently accepting applications for the following spaces for 2019 and beyond:

Downtown Multi-Purpose Room Walls (2D work only)

Downtown 3rd Floor Walls (2D work only)

Downtown Lower-Level Glass Display Cases (2D and 3D work - cases are 14" deep)

Malletts Creek Branch Walls (2D work only)


I'm so glad that you have this service availabe! I don't have anything myself but it's good to know in case a friend ever wonders:)

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