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It's Easy Being Green: A Sustainable Living Expo / Sunday, September 27, 12:30-5:30 PM

[img_assist|nid=322513|title=|desc=|link=none|align=left|width=100|height=99] It's Easy Being Green is a day-long learning, local buying, and eating exposition celebrating living a life that’s better for the planet and not so hard on the wallet. From supporting efforts to reduce your carbon footprint to learning homesteading skills for living a more hands-on, DIY life, It's Easy Being Green has you covered!

Join us on SUNDAY, SEPTEMBER 27, from 12:30-5:30 PM. The library is open from 12:00-6:00PM. FREE Parking on Sundays too!

The Expo features:

A Keynote presentation, "Plants, Pollinators, and Why They Matter," plus 11 learning sessions on a variety of topics including bike commuting, rain & container gardening, permaculture, fermentation, and more.

Over 20 vendors selling upcycled, recycled, handmade wares including jewelry, clothes, bath products, artwork, wool and other fibers. Plus vendors selling mushroom growing kits, outdoor animal keeping supplies, fermented products, and shrubs (drinking vinegars). Vendors include [|The Brinery], [|McClary Brothers Drinking Vinegars], [|Ann Arbor Seed Company], [|Happy Fuzzy Yarn], [|Divine Iguana], [|Lead Head Glass], among others.

Opportunities to chat with representatives from area organizations such as [|Recycle Ann Arbor], [|Project Grow], [|Ann Arbor Backyard Beekeepers], [|Sic Transit], [|Natural Area Preservation], [|Slow Food Huron Valley], [|Agrarian Adventure], [|Leslie Science & Nature Center], [|Ecology Center], and other green neighbors.

There will be three outdoor food vendors: [|The Shimmy Shack] (vegetarian/vegan), and [|Mani Strada] (the new venture from the [|Mani Osteria] & [|Isalita] purveyors) and [|Hello Ice Cream]..

Learning Sessions Schedule:


Keynote: Plants, Pollinators, and Why They Matter with Joseph Tychonievich, [|Greensparrow Gardens]


Family Bike Commuting with Michael Firn of [|Sic Transit Cycles]
Container Gardening with [|Growing Hope]


Rain Gardens with Jesse Tack of [|Abundant MI Permaculture and Whole Culture Repair]
Mending Workshop with Karen LePage of [|Gentle Clothing]
Bee Keeping with Jamie Berlin of [|Ypsi Melissa]


Permaculture with the [|People’s Food Co-Op]
Keeping Animals with [|Harnois Farms]


Intro to Canning with [|Cynthia Hodges]
Vermiculture with [|Starr Valley Farms]
Fermentation 101 with [|The Brinery]