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"It's All Write!" Teen Writing Contest


The Ann Arbor District Library is excited to host its 27th annual “It’s All Write!” Teen Writing Contest in Spring 2019! Young Adult authors take part as judges each year, who then read and select the winning stories. Stories are judged in three different categories: Grades 6-8, Grades 9 & 10, and Grades 11 & 12. The top three writers in each age group receive fabulous prizes. This is an ever-growing, international contest. Winners will be announced at our Teen Writing Festival on Sunday, June 9 from 1-3pm at the Downtown Library.

This year, we are excited to add a poetry category to our writing contest! Teens can now participate in one or all of three categories: short story, flash fiction and poetry!

The 2019 window for entries has now closed. Winners in all 3 categories will be announced at our Teen Writing Festival on Sunday, June 9, from 1-3pm at the Downtown Library. Winners will also be posted online the following week, and all stories where the author has given permission will be published online by the end of June.

How to Enter the Contest:

The 2019 Contest is no longer accepting submissions. Please keep an eye out for the 2020 Contest!

1. Take a look at the Poetry Guidelines, Flash Fiction Guidelines and the Short Story Guidelines
2. Write your story! Need some help? Check out this Writing Resource Guide.
3. Send us your work using either the Short Story Submission Form, Poetry Submission Form, and/or the Flash Fiction Submission Form!
Questions about the contest may be directed to

As a fun addition to the writing contest for 2019, the library is looking for a new name for our "Songsters" program! Library Songsters is an innovative program that incorporates performance arts into a traditional school setting, primarily for grades 3-12. AADL brings in musicians, poets, actors, songwriters, dancers and storytellers to enhance the curriculum set forth by the teachers. The goal is to teach these creative arts techniques while reinforcing the foundation of a traditional lesson plan. Artists visit the classrooms for 3-4 in-class sessions, then the students have a final performance of the piece that they've created at the Downtown library. AADL is seeking a new name for this program that incorporates all sorts of art forms and enhances the idea of collaborating to create a piece of art. Please email any ideas you have for re-naming Library Songsters to The winner will receive a $50 prize!

For more information about the Songsters program in general, email