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"It's All Write!" Teen Writing Contest


The Ann Arbor District Library is excited to host its 27th annual “It’s All Write!” Teen Writing Contest in Spring 2019! Young Adult authors take part as judges each year, who then read and select the winning stories. Stories are judged in three different categories: Grades 6-8, Grades 9 & 10, and Grades 11 & 12. The top three writers in each age group receive fabulous prizes. This is an ever-growing, international contest. Winners will be announced at our Teen Writing Festival on Sunday, June 9 from 1-3pm at the Downtown Library.

Congratulations to our 2019 winners in all categories!

Stories will be posted online in the next few weeks. Winners who were unable to attend the awards ceremony on June 9 will receive their prizes in the mail by July 1. Questions can be directed to

6th-8th Grade Short Story Winners

1st place: "First World Problems" by Olivia Palmbos

2nd place: "A Whole Lot of Ruckus" by Kate Castrogiovanni

3rd place: "When You're Just Normal" by Janae Wallace

9th-10th Grade Short Story Winners

1st place: "Ode to My Father and Jamaica" by Elyse Thomas

2nd place: "Taro Pudding" by Jennifer Chiu

3rd place: "The Bridge" by Jordan Fox

11th-12th Grade Short Story Winners

1st place: "The Orchestra" by Tyler Econa

2nd place: "The Flowers of Seoul" by Savannah Grace

3rd place: "Nikola" by Dakota Collins

6th-8th Grade Flash Fiction Winners

1st place: "An Old Recliner" by Allison Xu

2nd place: "Creases" by Kathryn Plotner

3rd place: "Shadow Man" by Lauryn Alexander

9th-10th Grade Flash Fiction Winners

1st place: "The Pink Raincoat" by Syed Ali

2nd place: "Sit" by Annie Chen

3rd place: "Weather and Whimsy" by Anna Campbell

11th-12th Grade Flash Fiction Winners

1st place: "Recycling" by Julia Somma

2nd place: "emptea" by Caitlin Leong

3rd place: "Elk Don't Read" by Maeve Florence-Smith

6th-8th Grade Poetry Winners

1st place: "Still Growing Up" by Emma Blanchet

2nd place, TIE: "It's Time to Face the Reality" by Noah Arinze

2nd place, TIE: "Scar" by Katerina Selene Fruedenberg

3rd place: "ocd" by Molly Reiser

9th-10th Grade Poetry Winners

1st place: "dear..." by Loryn Smith

2nd place: "(Cinder) Ella" by Julie Griswold

3rd place: "Scorpius" by Isabelle Fauteaux

11th-12th Grade Poetry Winners

1st place: "Eavesdropped" by Anonymous

2nd place: "An Ode to My Culture" by Nikhita Dakar

3rd place: "Girl Talk" by Catherine George

2019 Finalists in Short Story

6th-8th grade

102318 by Haruka Nabeshima, grade 8

The Translator by Leo Nelson, grade 8

Unconquered by Gillian Paddock, grade 8

Release by Alyssa Gagne, grade 8

First World Problems, by Olivia Palmbos, grade 8

Lost in the Blue by Renwick Wyeth, grade 7

The List by Gabriel Coleman, grade 7

Queen by Gloria Olajimi grade 7

Sparkly Purple Ink by Jillian Lybeck-Brown, grade 6

A Whole Lot of Ruckus by Kate Castrogiovanni, grade 6

When You're Just Normal by Janae Wallace, grade 6

Lukewarm by Lidia Pawlak, grade 6

Protector of Writing by Raymond Kangas, grade 6

9th-10th grade

More Than a Mile by Adin Helfand, grade 9

The Witching Hour by Antonia Brasher, grade 9

The Bridge by Jordan Fox, grade 9

Taro Pudding by Jennifer Chiu, grade 9

A Glimmer of Hope by Simone Guite, grade 9

The Indigo Girl by Emma Cailene, grade 10

Separation by Katie Rebhan, grade 10

Ode to My Father and Jamaica by Elyse Thomas, grade 10

Made With Love by Jenna Milliken, grade 10

Home by Anonymous, grade 10


11th-12th grade

The Flowers of Seoul by Savannah Grace, grade 12

Nikola by Dakota Collins, grade 12

The Orchestra by Tyler Econa, grade 12

Among the Bones by Melanie Nolan, grade 12

Radiant Sun by Courtney White, grade 12

Other People’s Children by Anonymous, grade 12

Recipe for Memories by Erna Chiu, grade 11

The First in Fall by Caitlin Roberts, grade 11

The Wind is Breathing by Sylvia Nica, grade 11

XVIII (La Lune) by Jasmine Xu, grade 11

The Mirror’s Familiar by Somya Pandey, grade 11

2019 Finalists in Flash Fiction

6th-8th grade

The Doctor’s Machine by Olivia Palmbos, grade 8

When You Come Back by Huda Khan, grade 8

The Fire of Time Heals All Wounds by Noah Fulkerson, grade 8

Shadow Man by Lauryn Alexander, grade 8

Thank You, Neptune! By Anonymous, grade 7

Jealous by Flora Biro, grade 7

An Old Recliner by Allison Xu, grade 7

Motherly Love by Lane Gilliam, grade 7

Lost Causes by Sofia Vazquez, grade 7

Once Upon a Time by Eudora Han, grade 6

That Fateful Night by Roochika Choubey, grade 6

Creases by Kathryn Plotner, grade 6

Death by Eliza Herz, grade 6

The Favorite by Emma Griffith, grade 6


9th-10th grade

Memories and Love by Taisa Mariana Seijas Mejia, grade 10

Demons by Julia Wesinger, grade 10

Sit by Annie Chen, grade 10

Weather and Whimsy by Anna Campbell, grade 10

The Pink Raincoat by Syed Ali, grade 10

A Broken Home by Anonymous, grade 9

The Setting Sun by Anuttara Lath, grade 9

Ava by Anonymous, grade 9

i’m sorry by Ashley Dunn, grade 9

Fly Swatter by Angie Ling, grade 9


11th-12th grade

A Watery Grave by Raneem Obeid, grade 12

Recycling by Julia Somma, grade 12

Crush by Anonymous, grade 12

Emptea by Caitlin Leong, grade 12

The Donor by Summer Bottomley, grade 12

Real by Claire Robinson, grade 11

In the Spirit of the Season by Deepika Sahoo, grade 11

Under the Kitchen Light by Anonymous, grade 11

Happiness by Hannah Wiatrowski, grade 11

Elk Don’t Read by Maeve Florence-Smith, grade 11

2019 Finalists in Poetry

6th-8th grade

Life Hidden Outside of Orbit (Date 1960) by Korey Deans, grade 6

Shirts by Dani Vazquez, grade 6

It’s Time to Face the Reality--Rap by Noah Arinze, grade 6

Still Growing Up by Emma Blanchet, grade 6

Scarecrow by Lyla Cheary, grade 6

Scar by Katerina Selene Freudenberg, grade 7

A Moment on the Other Side by Wyeth Renwick, grade 7

The Lion and the Mouse- Aesop Fable Inspired Poem by Julia Truesdell, grade 7

In a Mother’s Eyes by Lyla Exner, grade 8

Eagle by Sierra Glassman, grade 8

ocd by Molly Reiser, grade 8

9th-10th grade

dear… by Loryn Smith, grade 10

Scorpius by Isabelle Fauteux, grade 10

sleepless by Esther Kim, grade 10

(Cinder) Ella by Julie Griswold, grade 10

White Bird by Chioma Opaigbeogu, grade 9

The Night Without Stars by Elsa Kim, grade 9

Danaus Plexippus by Caroline Matlick, grade 9


11th-12th grade

Imposter by by Venecia Fultz, grade 11

an ode to my culture by Nikhita Datar, grade 11

Gutless by Hailey Schipper, grade 11

Dementia by Anonymous, grade 11

Golden by Claire Robinson, grade 11

Opia by Natania Shi, grade 11

Playground Memories, by Alec Healy grade 11

Ethereal by Sarah Parr, grade 12

Eavesdropped by Anonymous, grade 12

Lady of Shalott by Emily Fisher, grade 12

Girl Talk by Catherine George, grade 12

Indirect Object by Olivia Lloyd, grade 12

This year, we are excited to add a poetry category to our writing contest! Teens can now participate in one or all of three categories: short story, flash fiction and poetry!

The 2019 window for entries has now closed. Winners in all 3 categories will be announced at our Teen Writing Festival on Sunday, June 9, from 1-3pm at the Downtown Library. Winners will also be posted online the following week, and all stories where the author has given permission will be published online by the end of June.

How to Enter the Contest:

The 2019 Contest is no longer accepting submissions. Please keep an eye out for the 2020 Contest!

1. Take a look at the Poetry Guidelines, Flash Fiction Guidelines and the Short Story Guidelines
2. Write your story! Need some help? Check out this Writing Resource Guide.
3. Send us your work using either the Short Story Submission Form, Poetry Submission Form, and/or the Flash Fiction Submission Form!
Questions about the contest may be directed to