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Japan Week 2019 (June 16-22)

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Sunday, June 16: 1-1:45pm (Malletts Creek)
Japanese Storytime 

Enjoy singing and storytelling as local music teacher Momo Kajiwara leads us in songs, movement, and storytelling in Japanese!
For: Babies & Preschoolers—siblings welcome

Monday, June 17: 3-6pm (Downtown)
NHK's Mark of Beauty 

Join us for an afternoon of NHK International's Japanese TV show, Mark of Beauty. Beauty in all things. From the ancient to the new, exploring the beauty to be discovered in the places, objects, arts and craft of Japan's daily life. 

Monday, June 17: 6:30-8:30pm (Downtown)
Sashiko Embroidery 

Learn the basics of sashiko stitching, a traditional embroidery style from Japan.
For: Grade 6 - Adult

Tuesday, June 18: 7-8:30pm (Downtown)
Moss Tray Landscapes

Moss tray landscapes were created as extensions to bonsai. Use a humidity tray, small pieces of moss, volcanic soil, and rocks to create your own miniature moss mountain landscape. Patience, but no green thumb, is required. 
For: Grade 6 - Adult

Wednesday, June 19: 3-6pm (Downtown)
NHK's Kawaii International & Bento Expo 

Are you crazy for kawaii cutie style? Love making your bento boxes STUNNING or want to learn? Join us for an afternoon of watching NHK's Kawaii International and Bento Expo TV shows. This is a viewing event - there is no hands-on activity. Kawaii International captures the essence of Tokyo’s vibrant “Kawaii”-style pop-culture.  Bento Expo presents bento ideas sent in from around the world and learn how to make amazing bento for your family!

Wednesday, June 19: 6-8:30pm (Downtown)
Letterpress Lab: Japanese Family Crests 

This special Letterpress Lab features a fascinating lecture about Japanese family crests with premodern Japanese History expert Paula R. Curtis, PhD, of the University of Michigan. Following the lecture, participants can make their own prints with these beautiful family crests! 
Note: This program involves direct handling of lead-based type and is therefore not suitable for small children.

Thursday, June 20: 7-8pm (Downtown)
Ikebana Flower Arranging Demo 

Learn about the history and cultural significance of the Japanese art of flower arranging - Ikebana. Janet Knowlton, Master in the Ichiyo School of Ikebana, and Leslie Rosinski, Fourth Grade Instructor in the Sogetsu School of Ikebana of Japan, will demonstrate various arrangements. Janet and Leslie both studied and received their credentials in Japan. Enjoy a display of floral arrangements thanks to members of the local Ann Arbor Ikebana International Chapter.

Friday, June 21: 6-7:30pm (Downtown)
Sushi Demo & Workshop 

Kanako Morishita, Japan Initiative Outreach Coordinator at Japan Center for Michigan Universities in East Lansing, will give a brief presentation on authentic Japanese sushi, demonstrate some special rolls, and lead attendees in making their own sushi! Once you make it you can eat it!

Saturday, June 22: 3-4pm (Downtown)
Godaiko Drummers 

In honor of Japan Week, please join us for a special taiko drumming performance by the Godaiko drumming group. Taiko is a Japanese form of ensemble percussion using large drums. 

Japan Week 2019 is in partnership with the University of Michigan's Center for Japanese Studies. They are also hosting events on campus, at Summer Festival, Matthaei Botanical Gardens, The Michigan Theater and in locations in Detroit. All of the events are free of charge. 

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