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15th Annual LEGO Contest


Sunday August 23, 2020: 4:00pm to 5:00pm



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Kids & Adults


AADL LEGO Contest Awards, Sunday August 23 at 4pm on AADL.TV

Nothing can stop of us from hosting our 15th ANNUAL LEGO Contest! It's 100% VIRTUAL this year so a few things have changed. The BASICS:

Prizes will be awarded in six (6) age categories (the grade they are going into in the fall; with the exception of recently graduated 12th graders - they may enter as 12th grade):

Preschool, Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12 & Adults. Prizes: Within each category there will be three winners: 1st Place, 1 Runner-up and 1 Honorable Mention. Winners will receive gift cards from TARGET in the amounts of $40.00, $30.00 and $20.00 respectively.  The top three winners will also get custom LEGO brick trophies. The trophies are custom made for AADL by The Brick Engraver.

Custom LEGO medals will be given in the following categories within each age group:

Best Architectural/Engineering project; Coolest Robot; Best Vehicle; Most Creative; Most Sophisticated, Best Local Inspiration, Best Book Related and, AADL Lego®Master Builder!

Enter ONLINE beginning 9AM Monday, August 3 thru Monday, August 17 (til midnight). Judging will be done virtually by the library STAFF during the following week. Winners will be announced at a LIVE event AADL.TV event on Sunday, August 23 @ 4:00 PM.  Prizes for all winners will be mailed soon after.

Rules & Guidelines:

1. Use your own Lego®, Duplo, Megablocks or other Lego® compatible plastic brick.

2. Entries must be your own creation, not a Lego® designed kit, project found online etc.

3. One entry per participant or team where applicable. You may submit on a team and also ONE project of your own.

To ENTER this year fill out this submission form with ONE picture of your project!  But REMEMBER - only ONE ENTRY per person.

BONUS If you're playing the SUMMER GAME (if not WHY not?) here's a game codeworth 200 points for being interested in LEGO:  VIRTUALLEGOFUNAADL

Local LEGO enthusiast, David Lorch, is trying to get a Michigan landmark, Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island, turned into a real LEGO-produced set. He needs to get to 10,000 supporters to get it into the running. If you're interested in helping click this link and click on the blue SUPPORT button. To vote, you will need a LEGO account, but you can sign up using an email account, Google, Facebook, or Apple ID. Remember that you still need to go click the SUPPORT button again after signing up for an account. To learn more about the LEGO model of Grand Hotel, check out this video


15th ANNUAL LEGO Contest Winners and Honorable Mentions!

Preschool Winners

Grades K-2 Winners

Grades 3-5 Winners

Grades 6-8 Winners

Grades 9-12 Winners

Adult Winners



I was wondering if one person is allowed to submit multiple projects or if just one is allowed. Also, I am a little confused about the prizing/placing system. If I understand correctly, there are three winners in each age group that get prizes, and others get medals based on categories. Please correct me if I am wrong.

In what way should we submit a group project? Can the people in that group already have individual projects?

Yep, people in a group can have individual projects. Limit one individual project per person, but we won't worry about it for groups. Just submit the form once for a group project and put all builder's names in the name field. You should submit it under the age range of the oldest builder. That help? Just let us know if you have any other questions!

Thank you so much for having LEGO contest this year, too!!!
It is really good activity for kids to spend summer time with more fun!!

Thank you for having this event this year.

Is it a violation of rules if people submit a collage of pictures (e.g. taken from different angles of the project and put those pictures together in one jpg file)?

Just thinking how to present a project with only one picture.

Can you please check the entry system? I am uploading the submit just now (8/17 12:03am). But, it says the lego contest is closed.
This website says Enter ONLINE beginning 9AM Monday, August 3 thru Monday, August 17 (til midnight).

Thank you for following up. I encountered one more issue.

I uploaded one jpg file and one mp4 file (around 500MB). It looked like it is done successfully. However, after I clicked "submit" button, I received messages from browser
"This page isn't working right now"
" can't currently handle this request"
I used both Chrome and MS Edge.
Can you check this issue about the website to process the submission?

Hi there, I don't think the system will handle a video of that size well. I'd advise you to send your submission in without the video, and you can put in your description a link to where the judges could watch it somewhere. I will say that very few awards are decided on the basis of a project's motion or action!

Thank you very much! I just uploaded the a picture with a short video. Thanks!

Due to this video uploading issue, I had uploaded one entry with only a picture and description. I then followed your instruction to uploaded another entry with a picture, description and a short video. Both entry has exactly the same project name and description. Please kindly note the duplicated entries.

Thank you again for having this event!

Hello! We made several attempts to submit my son’s entry in the K-2 category with a video that was below the file size requirement, but our submission kept getting rejected. Is there another way to submit a video to go along with the submission?

I submitted my Lego entry and was excited to be given a long code for 500 points in the summer game! I had to step away before entering the code online. When I logged back in later, the screen with the code had disappeared. Is there a way to retrieve the code? Thanks!

Was I supposed to get any kind of confirmation with my submission? I didn't see anything when I tried submitting my Downton Abbey model. :-(