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17th Annual LEGO Contest @ Kensington Hotel


Sunday August 7, 2022: 9:00am to 6:30pm  Add to Calendar


Kensington Hotel, 3500 S State St

For Whom

All Ages


LEGO Contest promotion with LEGO trees and flowers

Enter your best LEGO project in AADL’s 17th annual LEGO Contest, held at Kensington Hotel near Briarwood Mall. Get complete rules and guidelines for the 2022 Contest here or at any AADL location.

  • 9 AM–1 PM: Drop off projects at the Kensington Hotel
  • 1 PM – 4 PM: Doors closed for judging
  • 4 PM: Doors open for public display of all projects 
  • 6-6:30 PM: Awards Ceremony with prizes in six categories: Preschool, Grades K-2, Grades 3-5, Grades 6-8, Grades 9-12 & Adult

All projects must go home with their creators that night!

There will be a LEGO badge and game codes to collect from 4-6 PM too!



The link to the rules does not work. Does the child have to be present? My kid has been working on a creation for this since he saw last summer's contest on flipgrid. But I have an out-of-state work trip that week so he will not be in Michigan. Can we have a proxy drop it off and pick it up?

Hi and thanks for alerting us to the dead link - we have now fixed this. If you have someone local who can drop off and pick up PLEASE do enter your child's entry! When that person drops off on the day of the contest they can just be sure to sign in with your child's name, but make it clear they are a proxy and mention "Erin said it was OK" and our LEGO team will be prepared. Thanks for using your library and we look forward to seeing the project!

I create mosaic artwork using LEGO bricks (2D). These are larger than 24” wide, but only about 1” deep. Would it be possible to enter one in the contest? It could occupy the back of a table (lean against wall) leaving plenty of room in front for smaller 3D builds. Even if it won’t qualify for a prize, it would be a privilege to display at the event, if possible. Please let me know! Thanks! Aaron ( & Instagram @brickmosaics

can my team and I use the pieces from a tree lego set that we have not built to make a completely different tree (not using or looking at the instructions) it will not be the only thing in our build

Hi there - you can include whatever you like, but just note that the judges consider originality as a key part of their process. Good luck and thanks for using your library!

Hi Supriya - if you have someone local who can drop off and pick-up your project that day we would welcome your entry! The person dropping off just needs to let us know they are entering it for you, but leave their contact information, Good luck and thanks for using your library!

Do you need to sign up on the website or anything or do you just go drop it off
also is there a rule on how small it can be

No advance sign up is required, but you do need to fill out a form when you drop off your project. You can see a link to rules above right under the graphic. Thanks for asking!

Is there a template for the sign/name tag that is required? Or does everyone just hand make their own? Thank you! Looking forward to this :)

Hi Kara! Nope, not at all - some people just use the Entry Form that we provide when your drop your project off and some people make a sign in advance - this is not required and either way works. Good luck!

Hi there! Our project is a whole lego town- probably too big to move to the hotel. Could we take a picture/video instead? Thanks!!!!

Hi, we're sorry, but this year we are back to in-person projects, so your entry needs to be present to be judged for an award. You could bring a small piece of it if you'd like! Thanks for asking!

Do I have to drop off my project at the Kensington hotel, or is there a sign up sheet I need?

Can my child submit a creation that is not based on a kit but contains characters from that kit? (thinking disney characters)

Entries in the contest are typically filled with characters from all sorts of properties. While originality is often more likely to win a prize, there's no rule against using existing characters! Thanks for asking.

I found about this Lego contest now and I guess my son would love to go and take a look. He would love to participate but I guess there’s not enough time. Is it possible to just visit at 4pm to see projects?

Hello! If your son can make something before Sunday it's not too late to enter, and as always the ballroom at the hotel is open from 4-6PM for anyone and everyone to take a look at the projects. Be sure to look at the rules and guidelines if he decides to make something to enter Thanks for using your library!

Hi there, we will have a sign saying "Please wear a mask while attending this event," and it's an extremely good idea to wear a mask while indoors right now, but we are not able to require or enforce masking at the hotel. Thanks for asking!

When will results from yesterday be posted? Will there be any video of prize ceremony

Hi there! We're sorry but the winners won't be posted online, but it was a wonderful event! We give out over 70 prizes across all ages. Look for it next summer and thanks for using your library!