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16th Annual LEGO Contest

Category/Grade Name displayed with project Title Project Picture Project Video
Grades 3-5 Haunted house with lava river Screen Shot 2021-07-27 at 9.56.07 AM.png Video.MOV
Grades 3-5 image.jpg trim.778A1BC4-55AC-41DE-AF4E-35B670A477E3.MOV
Grades 3-5 IMG_0815.JPG
Grades 3-5 U of M Diag 67423B74-F3E8-4B4A-AC92-7DC6852E41D7.png
Grades 3-5 Pearl Beach 20210805_212502.jpg
Grades 3-5 Violet & Ruby's Bedroom Violet-And-Rubys-Room_Scarlet-LaVasseur.jpg
Grades 3-5 Shopping mall with playground 20210802_204344.jpg 20210806_193244.mp4
Grades 3-5 The Lego Olympics PXL_20210803_204118604.jpg
Grades 3-5 7-0 Rhino 7-0 Rhino Screenshot 2021-07-26 19.19.55.png
Grades 3-5 Aarush Bora Farm 20210807_215930.jpg
Grades 3-5 Abandoned Colorful House Abandoned House image.jpg 65015025007__5D80A79C-63D5-44F7-8715-BB7656739EBE.MOV
Grades 3-5 Amera McClary Merrick Making Pizza at Home amera lego kitchen.jpg Amera Legos video.mp4
Grades 3-5 Amos The 13-Story Treehouse IMG_3965.jpg IMG_3969.MOV
Grades 3-5 Andrei Romano Arctic Base Arctic Lego Base VI.JPG
Grades 3-5 Atrie One Happy Family image.jpg 65003785485__688E9822-ED4C-4D80-8655-5728331D8D45.MOV
Grades 3-5 Cadir Beck Pride Flag IMG_4717 (1).jpg
Grades 3-5 Carver Mech name: Kronos MK 2 20210807_173011.jpg 20210807_173941.mp4
Grades 3-5 Christian The Protector image.jpg trim.82592252-9274-4C9A-975D-C282E7C3B924.MOV
Grades 3-5 cool pool party cool pool party cs%5hK%URUuAe4JeDIOJlg.jpg JUDkbqEzScCU6oUctGLUNg.MOV
Grades 3-5 Cooper Mercier Party Time image.jpg