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Ladies Library Association Stock Authorization, 1952

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Ladies Library Association of Ann Arbor
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To WhomIt ay Concern:
At a meeting he d by the ecutive Committee of the
Ladies' Library Assoc1at1on of Ann Arbor, Michigan, on September 22, 1952, the following re olution was adopted and ha not 1nce that date been cancelled or amended:
*'Th t any thre off cer of the ecutive Committee on 1 ting of five are her by authorized to sell
nd as 1 toe ands cur1t1e owned by the Ladie •
Library Association of Ann Arbor."
,iary Campbell Hay , Pre id n t
izabe ho. Hayden, T easurer
Isabel H. ght. Ohai an of .Book Oomoittee
I hereby cor _fy that the above 1 a truo copy and that Mary Campbel Hays 1 a of th s date Pre'"ident, :.lizabeth o.ayen1--nof..h.isdatTensurerandIsabolH.Haight
1 as oft 1s date 0hai an of the Book Committee of the Ladies Library ssoo1ation of n Arbor, ~.ichigan.
Caro n Wilgus, Dodge, Secretary
Subscribe and sworn to before me
a notary Public in nd for Washtenaw County, l 1ch1gan, th1 ___ day of