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Ladies Library Association Meeting Minutes: 1996-2016

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Ladies Library Association of Ann Arbor
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 Ladies· Library Association of Ann Arbor. Michigan Minutes of the Sprmg Meeting, April 19, 1996
The Spring meeting of the Ladies' Library Association, held
April 19, 1996 at the home of Bib ONeiH,was called to order by President Pam Tabbaa. Present were Grace Beardsley, Joy Blouin, Julie Casa, Betty Gosling,Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes. Peggy Jensen. Frances McSparran, Jan Newman, Bib O'NieH,Nesta Spink and Pam Tabbaa. Pam thanked Bib O'Niell for her hospitahty
Mary Anne Hodel. the new director of the Ann Arbor Public Libray spoke to us about the many changes anticipated for the liberary. The computer bas changed the whole process of information retrieval The branch libraries are better integrated with the main library. Internet classes are in demand, CDRomscirculate and patrons check mutual funds daily on the library software. Patrons can renew or reserve books by telephone and get on a short list for popular books by paying $1.00a week to check out the book (or they be put on the waiting list and eventually read the book :"for free". There was some concern that Ms. Hodel said very little about the Fine Arts Collection or the plans for housing it. especially in light of the fact that she mentioned the need for more PC'son the third floor.
Bib O'Nel11gave the Secretary's report. which was enthusiastically accepted.
Jan Newman gave a summary treasures report because Zibby Oneal was out of town. Jan will mail a complete report, listing the specific holdmgs. to the secretary. As of December 29, 1995, The Ladies Library Association had$ 143,830 in their portfolio and $10,826 in the money market fund
bringing total assets to S154,665. In May a gift of $1000 was made to the library's revolving fund. in October another gift of$ I000 and in December $736 was given to the Library to cover a short-fall. Following the treasurer's report there was a suggestion that the content of the portf o1iobe discussed with Alice Weathy who did such an excellent JObduring her long tenure as treasurer Some concern was expressed that the Ladies· Library donations went into a revolving fund and were not kept in a separate fund where it would be clear how and when the money was spent. The summary report was accepted.
Peggy Jenson collected tbe traditional annual dues of $0. l Ofrom each member present and turned the money over to Jan.

Prue Rosenthal was not present to give the report from the Library Advisory Council. She asked to be relieved of the position for two years as she 1sacting as a liaison for a traveling Israeli art exhibition. Joan will replace her, but the replacement will be temporary as the structure of the library has changed There 1s to be an elected Library Board and meetings will be open to the public. However, one of our members should be a regular attainder at the board meetings.
Betty Gosling , chairman, gave the annual report for the book committee, consisting of Bib O'Neill,Nesta Spmk and Grace Beardsley. Although the annual allotment for book purchases had been mcreased at the October 1995 meeting to $3000 to be given directly to the Library and an additional S1000 was directed for the purchase of books by Ladies· Library
members, it was not clear exactly what dates the funds would actually be available and how and \l:hen members of the Ladies' Library who bought books for the library would be reimbursed. The six month freeze the Ladies· Library put on book money in October 1995 was confusing considering that we had voted to increase the book budget for the year 1 November 1995 to l November 1996 to $4000. This limitation resulted in desired books not being purchased, specifically three that were directly related to the Ladies Library There was an involved discussion of when money was actually
given to the library, apparently it was often given in May and October. A motion was passed that 14000 be given directly LoL/Je/.Jbraryannually and
tbatjan, our treasurer. and.JaneConrvayof t/Jelibrary staff would determine bow tbi~ donation wasbandied; if ir would be made in two or
four payments. In addition /0 tbe l4000, l1000 would be kept witll tbe ladies l1brary as a discretionary fund for members to us to bt~V books
directly for tbe Jibrar,v. Jan will inform the book committee on the details of the arrangement so they can plan accordingly. A Ladies Library Association member wishing to buy a book for the library will check with two members of the book committee and with the library (to see if they have the book) and then purchase the book. The member would be reimbursed from the S1000 discretionary fund. During the lengthy discussion some concern was expressed that the library would spend money on electronic software that soon becomes outdated rather than on art books with a long life. Finally Betty urged each member to bring to our meeting a book, or information about a book, that she would like to recommended for consideration for purchase for the library by the book committee .
The nominating committee consisting of Betty Gosling, Nesta Spink and Trudy Huntington, were pleased to report that Pam Tabbaa would continue to serve a second year as president, and Frances McSparren would serve a

second year as vice-president. even though she will be out of the country the fall semester. Zibby Oneal and Jan Newman will continues as co-treasurers
Volunteers for secretary were solicited. but as no one volunteered. Trudy Huntington agreed to serve. The proposed slate was then voted in.
At our fall meeting two new members will be chosen from the list of names submitted today (April 19, 1996). Nominees are not recorded, only those who are elected. There was a discussion as to whether or not this procedure should be changed and a nominee be asked in advance of the voting if she would like to be a member of the Ladies· Library Association and if she would enjoy the work and responsibihty involved. After a fairly lengthy discussion a vote was taken and it was decided that an individual would not be notified unless she was elected, at which time she would be sent a letter and one of the people who nominated her would talk to her about what is involved to determme if she really wanted to become a member. Members of the Association may vote in absentia for a new member.
The fall meeting will be October 25. 1996 at Joan Innes home.
Submitted by Trudy Huntington

:Ladies· Library Association of Ann Arbor. Michigan
Minutes of the Fall Meeting, October 25. 1996
The fall meeting of the Ladies Library Association, held at 1.30 PM October 25, 1997 at home of Betty Goslmg,was called to order by acting president Joan Innes. Present were Joy Blouin. Betty Gosling, Trudy Huntington. Joan Inness. Sarah Innes. Peggy Jensen. Jan Newman. Zibby Oneal, Bib O'Neill,and Nesta Spink. The time of the meeting was changed. perhaps for the first time. certainly for the only time smce 1970 in order that the members could attend Emeritus Professor Marvin Eisenberg s four
o clock lecture at the Umversity Other changes in plans resulted from the fact that following the 1996 spring meeting Yasser Tabaa accepted a position that necessitated hts spending a year in Jordan. Frances McSparran, the vice-president was in Italy for the fall semester so Joan Innes agreed to be acting president for the 1996 fall meeting, and Betty Goslingwith Peggy Jensen co-hostessed the meetmg. We appreciate their helpful flexibility.
Trudy Huntmgton read the mmutes of the Spring Meetmg (April I 9.1996) which were accepted.
Zibby Oneal gave the treasurer s report which was accepted. As of September 30.1996 our portfoHo was worth $169,027.93. A check for $2000.00 had been issued to the Library Revolving Fund on May 7. 1996 and Betty Gosling had received a thank-you note from Mary Anne Hodel for the money. As of October the May check had not been cashed. Ms HodeJ's response to Zibby s mquiries were not reassuring, however Zibby issued a new check on October 18. 1996. We had a fairly long discussion about how the money we give to the Library should be handled and who should determine how it was spent on which books and if our money should be spend on CD-ROM'sor on books. Peggy Jensen pointed out that the library was in a period of transition and in the process of reorganization and we should try not to complicate things further. The consensus was that the Ladies Library Association should give the Public Library $4000 a year, with the year being from May to May If the money could be put in a separate account we would give the $4000 at one time rather than m two or more installments Also a separate fund would make it easy for us to add the discretionary money we had not spent or extra money if we thought it was needed and we would have confidence that the money would be spent for art books and would not be lost in the generally expenses Jan Newman or Zibby Oneal will talk to Jane Conway about the possibility of establishing a

 separate account for the Ladies' Library Association's donation for the purchase of art books.
Betty Goslinggave the BookCommittee report. Betty encouraged members to buy appropriate books for the library. Members can do this and
Zibby will reimburse them. However. before purchasing the book the member should check with Peggy Jensen to see if the book is actuaJJy m the library. for sometimes a book is on line because it has been ordered, but
even though the book is not available it stays on line as though the library owned it. The member should then check with the chairman of the book committee before purchasing the books. Don Axon suggested to Betty that the Ladies Library should have a representative on the board of the Friends of the Library. Since we can no longer be ex officio on the now elected Board of the library. Don Axon felt 1t was important for us to have a representative on the Board of the Friends of the Library as that would give us a platform and give us support for such thmgs as keeping the art books together on the third floor (where we purchased furniture for the art collect1onJ It was decided to postpone a decis10n as to who would serve in this capac1t1es unt11 the spring meeting.
An excellent article entitled "The Woman Behind the Library: Mary Anne Hodel is pushing the Ann Arbor D1str1ctLibrary into the high-tech future." was published in the September 1996 ANNARBOROBSERVER.With Betty Gosling's help Eve Silberman made use of considerable information
from the Ladies· Library. She quoted a letter from Betty Gosling to Ms. Hodel asking for assurances that 'the Library wiH continue to provide proper
space: to house the art books Ms. Hodel replied "that the third floor •
is under scrutiny as the library seeks space of digital resources ltke the
wonderful art CD-ROM'sthat have been produced recently As of this meeting the art books still have their place and the Ladies Library has been given credit for preserving their space We greatly thank Betty for her part 111this and for her in put into the article.
Joy Blouin accepted chairmanship of the nominating committee and wilJ present the slate of officers to be voted on at the spring meeting.
Eleanor Collins requested emerita membership which was granted.
We hope she will continue to attend meetings. Emeritae members vote when present but do not submit absentee baJlots.
We voted for the new members In addition to those members present we had absentee ballots from Julie Casa. Eleanor Collms. Frances McSparran, and Pru Rosenthal. Because we had such an excellent slate and

  because Eleanor Collins requested emerita status we elected three members instead of two. The new members are Shirely Axon (Mrs Donald), Jean Powers (Ms. E.Jean l and Leslie Stainton (Ms. Leslie). We happily. welcome them to 1010 us in workmg for the Ladies Library Association. It was suggested that when Trudy talks to Shirely about joining the she also ask to if she can represent the Ladies' Library at the Board meetings and report to us at our sem1-annual meetings
Our next meeting will be A.pril25, at 3:30 at Joan Innes home. The meeting adjourned at 3:20
Trudy Huntington, Secretary (Gertrude Enders Huntington)

Ladies· Library Association of Ann Arbor. Michigan Minutes of the Sprmg Meeting, April 25, 1997
The spring meeting of the Ladies Library Association, held at 3:30. April 25, at the home of Joan Innes was called to order by Vice-President Frances McSparran in the absence of Pam Tabbaa who was in Jordan. Present were Joy Blouin. Betty Gosling, Trudy Huntington. Joan Innes. Sarah Innes. Peggy Jensen, Frances McSparran. Jan Newman, Zibby Oneal, Bib O'Neill,Nesta Spink, and Leshe Stainton.
Frances McSparran called the meeting to order. thanked Joan Innes for her hospitality and welcomed our new members.
Trudy Huntington read the minutes which were approved.
Zibby Oneal read the treasurers report which was accepted. Our total assets are $182,267. In November 1997 Jan Newman contacted the library and succeeded in getting a separate account set up for the Ladies Library. The money in this account is to be spent only with our approval
Betty Gosling gave the Book Committee report. The recommended books were pared down from $7000 and in order to stay within our budget only the books recommended by Jane Conway, with the exception of one
title. were purchased. We decided to give $5000 to the library m May and in addition individual members can buy books (for which they w11lbe reimbursed) they think would be good for the Library collection. When the branch Libraries are enlarged we will consider buying duplicate copies for the branches Betty strongly urged individual members to buy books. Sarah Innes commented that the art collection was thin on photography and show catalogs. If we buy show catalogues we should buy hardbound catalogs if they are available as the library does not like to deal with short lived soft- bound books. If a member sees a book or a catalog she thinks shouJd be in the collection and in is 1mpracticaJ to call the chairman of the book
committee she should buy it anyway. In order for Zibby to deposit the Ladies Library money next month she will have to determine if the fund has already been set up.
Joy Blouin presented the slate of officers for the coming year. The slate was passed by acclimation and a list of the officers and members as of 1997 was given each member present.

 The report from Shirley Axon on the meetings of the Library Board was read by Joan Innes. The Ann Arbor news has been giving the Library good coverage (See specifically April 13. 23,27, 1997 ) The book budget is up over last year by 5\: almost.$600,000. The book budget ts up over last year by 5%:almost $600,000. Old books are being disposed of to make room for new ones The Library Board is considering several sites for the replacement of the Loving Branch. The aspiration is to make branch libraries full-service, 'popular·· libraries rather than research libraries. The branches have 40%of the circulation and 17%of the budget.
The Ladies Library Association needs someone to represent us on the board of the Friends of the Library. Joan Innes will talk to Jean Powers about serving m this capacity.
Is the Ladies' Library space secure? There 1sa need to keep an eye on this partially because it is wanted for computer space. Also the children's collection is being reduced to make space for computers.
It was suggested that we keep a file of obituaries of former members. Please send a copy of any obituaries that you have to the secretary.
Recent books donated by the Ladies· Library in memory of former members have unattractive labels in them. We have had nicely printed labels in the past. Bib O'Neillwill check some of the books given to the library by the Ladies Library Association durmg the last ten years to check how the books were labeled. She wiJl also look mto what labels are presently available for our use We might consider redesigning the labels.
We are one member short. so before the falJmeeting members wiH submit nominations with a short biography describing their nomination to Trudy Huntington who will bring the nominations and b1bllographies to the October meeting where we can vote for a new member. One month before the fall meeting Trudy wilJ send out notices of the meeting with a reminder that nominations be sent to Trudy withm a week if she has not already received them.
The fall meetmg wi11be held in October at 3:30 at the home of Frances McSparran.
The meetmg adjourned at 5.25.
Submitted by Trudy Huntmgton

 Ladies· Library Association of Ann Arbor. Michigan
Minutes of the Fall Meetmg, October 17. l997
The fall meeting of the Ladies' Library Association was held at the home of Frances McSparran. Members present were· Shirely Axon, Joy Bloum, Julie Casa, Betty Gosling, Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes Sarah Innes, Peggy Jensen, Frances McSparran, Jan Newman, Jean Powers, Prue Rosenthal. Nesta Spink, Leslie Stainton. and Pam Tabbaa.
President Pam Tabbaa called the meeting to order and thanked Frances McSparran for her hosp1tality. Pam introduced the members who had joined whtle she was in Amman, Jordan and each member present introduced herself.
Trudy Huntington read the minutes. They were corrected as follows. "show catalogs" was changed to "exhibition catalogs," and the word •bibliography" was changed to "biography.' They were then accepted
Jan Newman passed around the treasurers· report. It was decided
that in the future it was unnecessary for each member to have a report. The tradition began when Allee Wethy was treasurer and her reports included a summary of economic developments nation wide. After several years Zibby Oneal and Jan Newman decided that a national analysis was time consuming and was not an essental part of the Ladies Library treasurers report. so they no longer included it. As of September 30, 1997 the total assets of the
Ladies Library association were $215.185 68 of which $204,456 were with Merrill Lynch and $10,728 was in a CMAMarket Fund. In August a check for $5,000 was issued to the new Ladies Library account in the Library which represented the full gift for the year. It should be noted that the Ladies Library portfolio has doubled during the time Jan and Zibby have be treasurers. In the discussion that followed it was suggested that we are
doing very well and perhaps we should base the size of our annual gift to the
library on our income for the year. Jan and Zibby will bring us information on our income and we can then make our decision as to how much to give to the ltbrary relative to our mcome for the preceding months. The question was also raised as to whether of not we should invest m income producing stock rather than in stock that mcreases in value but pays small dividends.
Peggy Jensen passed around the book committee report. It was unanimously agreed that each member wanted a copy so we would know what new art books were avallable in the library The committee spent only $1,383.40 because many of books origmally selected were already owned by

 the library. The hard-working, conscientious book committee reminded us that they would be delighted to receive suggestions from the general membership The report was accepted.
The question arose as to whether or not dance books were within
our mandate. According to the Articles of Association the sole purpose shaJJ be to build the collection of books and other media on the visual arts for the Ann Arbor Public Library.' However, we have bought books on jewelry and collectibles and things like scenery and costumes would be included even if we do not include the performing arts. We again discussed members buying books for the library, which used to be done regularly but in fact no one has done recently. Members who want to buy a book should check with the
book committee if practical. Rare or out of print books may be an exception. Exhibition catalogs should be suggested so the library can buy them because exhibit10n catalogs go out of print and out of stock rapidly. Members were reminded that library books must be hard bound and that when bindmg soft cover books material in the gutters is often lost. This can be a serious
problem with art books. Also when a member discovers that a book has been lost. the loss should be reported to the book committee for
replacement. Would it be possible for the library to generate lists of art books on a special subject, for example seventeenth century Dutch painting so we could evaluate the holdings as appropriate for an informed yet general public? What about books on photography? and also listings of art exhibitions current in New York.
Shirely Axon. the Ladies Library Association observer to the Library Board. gave an informal report on the activities of the Library Board. which is now made up of elected officials. so the Ladies Library no longer has a formal liaison with the Board. She reported that the Ann Arbor Library's Director s salary was raised to bring it more in line with that of other Library directors in comparable positions. Because the public library was formally part of the public school system with librarians salaries pegged to those of teachers, Ann Arbor Public Library librarians have relatively high salaries. For example one man who has been with the library for a long time makes $80.000. One reason the salaries are high is that the librarians are paid on a
12 month basis. while the school teachers were paid on a 9 month year The library is hirrng more part time people. who receive some benefits.
Criticism of Mary Anne Hodel has diminished as she and the library staff are adjusting to one another. The Library Board 1s made up of excellent people and have been helpful to Hodel. The library has continued to purchase as
many books as previously, but they emphasis that this is not a research library and they do not want esoteric volumes. They are continually culling books. some of which are sold by the Friends of the Library to raise funds for the Library

 The Ann Arbor Library was named library of the year. They applied for the designation and were the smallest library ever so designated. Some of the reasons cited for the award were· the smooth transition from bemg part of the public school system to being an independent public institution, the structuring of the children s section of the library and the integration of computers into the library. Pam thanked Shirely for her support.
It was mentioned that RayHernadez, the former Directory of the Library had his left hand amputated to mid-arm due to circulatory problems. He was reported to be m good spirits
Jean Powers agreed to be our representative to Friends of the Library with Joan Innes filling in as needed.
A most dehghtful Jetter from Bib ONiell was read. Unfortunately it pertained to her resignation. We will miss her,
It was decided that we would not vote on new members at this meeting, but that nominations would be brought to the 1998 spring meetmg and the person making the nomination would say something about their nominee. Nonominations will be accepted after the spring meeting and we wi11vote for new members at the at the 1998 fall meeting.
Pam read Bib O'Niells entertaining report on the Ladies' Library bookplates, noting that she had pointed out to the responsible librarian that the first book she checked did not have our book plate m it. He assured her the problem would be corrected and in fact most of the donated books did have the proper bookplate There was a question about the method used to designate books the Ladies Library donated in the name of deceased
members, the memorial book plates. Nesta will check on this. It is unclear if there is a separate list of memorial books. H1101adawas donated for Carol Plumer. but what books were donated for Isabel Haight, Johnnie Alexander, Roberta Keniston !also Marion Bader. Helen Hall.Betty Hayden and Mary Pryor?}
The reading space on the third floor furnished by the Ladies Library has not been encroached upon. in spite of the addition of computers.
Email addresses will be added to the membership list.
Pam raised the question of whether or not we should be spending more money as our portfolio has increased appreciable. The library had asked if we would like to commission a piece of art for the garden outside the youth

  section. The general feeling was negative but we might discuss the possibility at a future meeting. Should be buying more CDRoms? art videos? art periodicals? The Art Nervspaper. which is very readable or the print collectors newsletter called OnPaper. Periodical subscriptions must be approved by the whole library system because periodicals take up too much space Why not subscribe to the periodicals, leave them out on the tables in the art sections, or on a magazine rack that we purchase and then junk
them? Peggy Jenson mentioned lhat soon very thing will be available on mternet. Francis McSparren suggested that perhaps the Ladies· Library could buy a computer for the art section and pay for access to the internet to be used only for art information. Pam asked members to brmg to the Sprmg meeting specific ideas for donating to the Library and also to bring nominations for new members.
The meeting adJourned at 6:00. Respectfully submitted.
Trudy Huntington, secretary.

The Fall meeting was a special occasion, since it was held in the Bentley Historical Library, thanks to the good offices of Joy and Francis Blouin. The latter, who is Director
of the Bentley,
our group, and
and furniture
Joy Blouin hosted the tea which was served before the meeting opened.
had arranged a special display of memorabilia for described these items, and the historic paintings
in the handsome room where the meeting was held.
The Secretary, Julia Casa, was out of town so these minutes are taken from the tape recording made of the meeting.
Those present were Joy Blouin, Peggy Jensen, Sarah Innes, Zibby O'Neal, Pam Tabbaa, Jean Powers, Prue Rosenthal, and Frances McSparran The meeting was chaired by the President,
Portfolio CMAFund
as of September 30, 1998
$231,435 $10,985 $242,420
In May 1998 a check for $5,000 was given to the Library as our
annual gift.
The results of the Fall election were announced. Elaine Gazda and Alexa Lee are our new members. A letter will be sent by the Secretary to each new member informing her of the election.
The Spring meeting will be held at Prue Rosenthal's on Wednesday, April 14. Meeting time was discussed, 3:00, 3:30,
3:45, 4:00. It was decided that 3:30 would be best, refreshments would be served before rather than after the business meeting and the business meeting would start at 4:00. Please call Julia Casa, 761-5879 if you cannot attend the Spring meeting at Prue's house.
Nominations, including a short biographical paragraph, shoul.d be brought to the April •eeting for voting on at the Fall 1999 :meeting.
The notice of the April meeting will go out the third week in March. The minutes and meeting notice for the Fall 1999 meeting will go out in early September for the October meeting.
The question of special bookplates to be used for books bought in memory of deceased members was discuss. It was agreed that a modified form of the basic bookplate would serve, and that Julie Casa should be asked to order them.
Joy Blouin agreed to serve as historian for the Association.

Fall meeting SUnday, October 10, 1999 3:00-5:00 pm
at the home of Shirley Axon 2016 Seneca
Parking will be available on the south side of Seneca
The spring meeting of the Ladies' Library Association was held at the home of Prue Rosenthal. Those present were: Shirley Axon, Julia Casa, Elaine Gazda, Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes,
Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Frances McSparran, Jan Newman, Zibby
Oneal, Jean Powers, Prue Rosenthal, Nesta Spink, and Pam Tabbaa.
During the tea preceding the business meeting members were able to meet and chat with each other and with our two new members. Wethank Prue for hosting the spring meeting and for the delicious tea.
The president, Frances McSparran, called the meeting to order. The minutes of the fall meeting were approved. Two new members, Alexa Lee and Elaine Gazda, were introduced to the group.
Treasurer. Zibby Oneal
Spring 1999 Report
The portfolio of the Ladies' Library Association as of
December 31, 1998 was valued at $260,485. Our CMAMoney Fund contained $12,265, bringing our total assets to $272,723.
Five thousand dollars was given to the library as our annual gift in May, 1998. Wewill make a gift in the same amount in this year. It was moved that this payment be made in the
fall of 1999. This money buys the books the book committee
chooses. Where does the rest go? It seems that the library does not always need this amount.
The complete report is attached to the minutes in the secretary's notebook.
Book co-ittee. Palll Tabbaa
The book report was given by Pam Tabbaa and the list of
books purchased was passed out to each member.
Prue will join the book committee to talk to Jane Conway
about the LLA's role in the art department.
The complete report is attached to the minutes in the
secretary's notebook.
Nominating Co1111ittee. The following members have agreed to serve and the slate was approved.
Frances McSparran Prue Rosenthal
Pam Tabbaa
Julia Casa
Book Committee Chair Secretary

  Friends of the Library. Jean Powers
The book sale is very successful, bringing in about $100,000 per year. An endowment is given. The Friends of the Library buy furniture, copy machines and give scholarships for people to take courses and attend workshops.
New Business
Trudy suggested that we make some changes as we move into the next century. How can we make ourselves a better group? How can we make the LLA more integrated into the community?
Various suggestions were made for getting more people interested
in art. How can we increase the interest of children and the elderly in art? Would "Art Lunches" patterned on the "Booked for Lunch Program" be a good idea?
Prue suggested developing a LLA website.
The problem of getting a data base of the art books was discussed. This has not been available from the library. Why? Elaine suggested that perhaps we could hire a Library Science student to track down this information for us.
The delay in getting books on the shelves for patrons to use was brought up. Whydoes it take so long? Another problem is the inability of the library to find and purchase out of print books. These books are often available but it takes more time and effort to find them. Should we be doing the work?
Zibby. How can we use some of this money. Perhaps just the purchase of art books is not all we can do for the art library.
With this in mind, Prue and Frances will work on the bylaws to bring us into the year 2000.
Alexa and Sarah will talk to the library about working to make the art collection more enticing to children. What kind of programs could be developed to work with children?
It was decided that the Spring meeting should be held after classes are over and that the Fall meeting might be on a Sunday afternoon.
The question of members purchasing show catalogs was again
raised. Would the expense be reimbursed or not? It was decided that the purchase of all books and catalogs must go through the book committee for approval.

Spring meeting Thursday, April 27, 2000 at the home of Jan Newman
931 Oakdale Rd.
The fall meeting of the Ladies' Library Association was held at the home of Shirley Axon. Those present were: Shirley Axon, Julia Casa, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Frances McSparran, Jan Newman, Zibby Oneal, Nesta Spink, Leslie Stainton and Pam Tabbaa.
President Frances McSparran called the meeting to order and thanked Shirley for her hospitality.
TREASURERZibby oneal/Jan Newman
October 10, 1999 Report
Merrill Lynch reported that as of August 31, 1999 the portfolio of the LLA was valued at $298,772. Our CMAMoney Market Fund contained $9,507, bringing our total assets as of August 31 to $308,279.
Wehave not made our annual gift to the Library because at our last meeting we agreed to wait until Fall, 1999 to do so.
Pam met with Jane Conway and reported that the Library
had spent all but $500 of the money we had given. It was not
clear to the LLA that the Library actually made use of all of our gift, that perhaps we were giving more than necessary.
On the question of buying catalogs we find that museum catalogs are often ordered by the Library before the exhibits
open so that our suggestions may be duplicates of already
purchased items. The book committee will be in email contact with
the Library
not duplicate
list of museums whose catalogs they order. Wewould like to have our LLAplates in catalogs that the Library might miss but that we, through our expertise, might find. Weshould continue to watch for items they might not buy.
Sarah Innes reported that the books given by the LLA are all entered into the computer and are so marked. There are 1800 books identified as LLA purchases. We have a hard copy of the
short form citation bibliography. The full citation list could be made for us but it would be very long.
In order to make patrons more aware of the LLA contributions it would be a good idea to announce several of the LLApurchases in each issue of the news letter, Homepage. There is a Library Web page where we could also give ourselves some publicity. Frances volunteered to add material and update it.
Jane Conway and Pam had discussed various areas where our money could contribute to building the art collection. Jane suggested contributing to the branches. It was agreed by the
so that already
book requests purchased
and items.
catalog Holdings
suggestions will
through the on line
can be Library
verified has their

  members present that this would be a very good idea. Each branch requests its own collection. We would like to help the brancp libraries directly. The book committee will meet with the branch librarians to develop requests.
Frances proposed a special allocation to the West Branch. A motion was passed to leave it to the Book Committee to decide whether it would cover books and/or a plexi glass display case. No amount of money was specified.
Sarah and Alexa Lee reported on ideas for the young people's programs in the Library. The Library would like books which would back up the exhibits offered at local museums. Another request from the Library concerned support for an art history program for children. Perhaps a monthly "First Saturday"
format could be used. The LLA was in favor of contributing this activity if the Library would provide a budget for it.
Josie Foster met with Frances and Pam. Pam would like to have an enlarged area for art books in the children's section. Computers take up so much space and are so prevalent that the art books are squeezed in and are not really visible. Would a plexi glass display case like the one on the third floor be possible
for the children's section? Prints from the print collection
could be used to decorate the walls above the bookshelves.
The Library suggested two other areas which we might support. The print collection, started by the LLA, is very popular. Four hundred prints are out at any given time. The
Library would like support for enlarging this collection.
would also like help to promote special exhibitions and to provide speakers. The LLA was in favor of supporting local lecturers who would provide art related programs. The usual fee for these speakers is $150 plus being taken for lunch.
By the end of the meeting five areas of proposed support were considered:
1. Basic allowance to the Library
2. Special grant to West Branch for art books and maybe
the display case
3. Saturday art history program for children and an
enlarged more open art area in the children's section 4. Occasional support for local lecturers
5. Enlargement of print collection
Wedecided to choose three of these for our contribution this year. The first three items were earmarked for support.
Three thousand dollars will be given to the Library and $3000 will be available for West Branch when needed and $2000 will be available for the children's art history program.
Shirley Axon reported on the progress of the new branch

  Joan Innes volunteered to attend a meeting at the Library concerning plans for the Library in the new millennium.
Frances passed out copies of changes to the By-laws. They were discussed and generally approved. Please review them and be prepared to vote on them at the April meeting.
Pam would like to have more members on the Book
Committee. If you would be willing to serve, please contact her.

 Ladies' Library Association of Ann Arbor proposed changes
1 Replace all references to the Ann Arbor Public Library by the Ann Arbor District library Articles of Association
2 Article 2
2. This Association·s~urpose shall be to build the collection of books and other
media on the visual arts for the Ann Arbor Public Library.
Replace by:
2. This Association·s (delete: sole] purpose shall be to build the collection of books and other media on the visual arts for the Ann Arbor District Library, and to support the library in the development of other materials and programs related to the visual arts, at the discretion of the Association.
Emeritae members shall be notified of all meetings and may attend them and may vote if in attendance. They shall be entitled to all reports or publications of the Association, should they request them. They shall pay no dues.
Replace by:
Emeritae members may attend all meetings and may vote if in attendance. They shall be entitled to all reports or publications of the Association, should they request them. They shall pay no dues.

Next meeting Tuesday, November 14 3:30-5:30
at the home of Joan Innes 2100 Hill 662-3902
Present: Julie Casa, Elaine Gazda, Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Frances McSparran, Jan Newman, Zibby Oneal, Prue Rosenthal, Nesta Spink, Pam Tabbaa
Minutes of the Fall 1999 meeting were read and approved.
Due to the financial problems of the Ann Arbor District Library three representatives of the Library were invited to attend the first hour of our meeting. They were Ken Nieman, Comptroller, Rob Pilkerton, West Branch Manager and Ginger Sissom, Grants and Development Officer. The hope is that the Library will be able to overcome the financial problems and continue with its fine
service. The expansion of the branches is one of the greatest problems at the moment. Plans were in the works until late fall
of 1999 and now are put on hold. (Various articles have appeared
in the Ann Arbor News since then, three of which are included in the Secretary's notebook.)
Treasurers' Report, April 27, 2000 Jan Barney Newman/Zibby Oneal
Merrill Lynch reported that as of December 31, 1999 the portfolio of the LLA was valued at $209,285. our CMAMoney Market Fund contained $8,870, bringing our total assets as of December 31 to $299,155.
We made a gift of $3,000 to the Library in October. We have not made a gift to the branch libraries as we are awaiting the Book
I. Regular
We tried to implement a new procedure whereby books could be purchased by the Library between meetings, but for a variety of reasons this did not work out as well as expected. Wewill try again this coming year. Jacqui Sasaki has replaced Jane Conway as our Library contact person and we look forward to working with her.
A list of books from last year not yet purchased and new books is included in the secretary's notebook. The total of purchases: $1758.00.
decision on that matter.
Book Comiittee Report
Pam Tabbaa, Book Committee
LLA Gift $3000 Yr. 500 Yr.
$3500 Total Yr. 2000

   II. Children's Materials allotment of $2000. Wehave not completely dealt with this gift. Members of the book committee
met with Library
having a special
books about art.
situation of the
that we discuss this and resolve the situation by the Fall meeting.
III. West Branch gift of $3,000 for new building. Jan Newman has had extensive meetings with representatives of the Branch Library and can report on these discussions. Now that there is not to be a new building, do we still want to go ahead with the gift? Do we want to divide it among all the branches? How should we proceed?
I propose that the book committee be enlarged a bit and that we discuss a few alternative ways of selecting books. Perhaps each member could bring to the meeting a list of books totaling a percentage of the gift. We could then discuss and choose from this group. Weplan to meet before July to finish this year's business.
I~ answer to the question of the West Branch gift, we agreed to send $3,000 which is to be spent in part on a Plexiglass display case and the remainder to be used to purchase art books.
Sarah suggested that perhaps due to the financial upheaval this may not be the time to make any final decision on giving the $2000 to the children's section. There is also the feeling that we definitely would like to see a more generous space allotted
for the children's art section. Since furniture had to be moved to accommodate the computers the art books are not really very visible. Frances offered to talk to Ginger Sissom about creating a special section for art books in the children's area. We could release the money when a mutually satisfactory arrangement is agreed upon.
In order to facilitate a more efficient nominating system it was agreed that nominations can be taken at any meeting, to be voted on at the following meeting.
Changes in the bylaws were accepted.
Trudy agreed to act as secretary during the next year as Julie will be away for the year.
representatives and expressed our interest in
section of the children's It is not clear, given
area arranged for the current fiscal possible. I propose
MDL that this is still

Minutes of the November 14, 2000 Meeting
Next meeting, Tuesday, April 24, 2001 Ann Arbor Library, 4:30
The fall meeting of the Ladies' Library Association was held at the home of Joan Innes, 2100 Hill Street, on Tuesday November 14 at 3:30.
Present were: Shirley Axon, Elaine Gazda, Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Jan Newman, Zibby Oneal, Prue Rosenthal, Nesta Spink, Leslie Stainton.
Minutes of the April 27, 2000 were read. They were amended as follows, The total assets of the Ladies Library Association was corrected to read "Merrill Lynch reported that as of December 31, 1999 the portfolio of the Ladies' Library Association was valued at $290,285." In section II and Ill of the Book Committee report "I" refers to Pam Tabbaa.
The treasurers reported that as of September 29, 2000 the Merrill Lynch portfolio was valued at $319,155. The CMA Money Market Fund contained $10,341, bringing the total assets of the Ladies' Library Association to 329,497. A gift of $3000 was made to the West Branch in May. A letter from Ginger Sissom, Grants and Development Officer at the Library assured the treasurers that in mid-August $3000 would be transferred to the Ladies' Library account to restore the money that had disappeared from the account during the Library's crisis. The Ladies' Library Association's line item account and account number has been restored.
Pam Tabbaa was hospitalized and is recovering well. Prue and Zibby sent her flowers from the Ladies' Library Association.
Shirley Axon will chair the book committee. Shirely reported that Jackie Sasaki is our Ann Arbor District Library contact. Shirley met with her November 14 and has a list of books ordered in July and October. The books were not available for us to look at but we can see them at the library. Frances McSparran and Prue approved the list. There are some problems with ordering the books. A new system is needed, Shirley said Jackie was not clear if we would purchase photography, music, cinema or jazz. After a discussion it was decided that cinema was not included and other books whose main focus was art were acceptable, but not if the subject matter, rather than art, was primary.

 The staff and the book committee are given considerable discretion in selecting the books.
The $3000 missing has been restored. There was an extensive discussion of what happened to money we gave to the library during the last several years. Prue Rosenthal will request a report from Ginger Sissom dating back to 1998 so we will have a clear accounting of how the library spent our donations. The youth department is in transition so donations to that department are on hold.
In November $3000 will be given to the Main Branch and $1375 to the Loving Branch. All requests for art books should go through the Main Library. The money for the Loving Branch was requested by Jackie and Ginger. $1000 will be used to update their art collection, binding books and purchasing new ones. $375 will be used to purchase a plexiglas display case for oversized books.
We approved paying for the binding and rebinding of books purchased with our funds. Ten books will be sent out for binding.
It is important to have catalogs of local interest and of important art shows collected. If they are soft-covers, we will support having them bound. Elaine Gazda donated the catalog from "The Villa of the Mysteries" show at the UM Kelsey Museum and theUM Museum of Art Elaine also told us about the exhibit and the role of women in the cultic observances in Pompeii and of artistic response to earlier art. Shirley will take the catalog to Jackie to have it bound and cataloged. The catalog of "Fifty Years of the Ann Arbor Potter's Guild" shows should also be purchased and bound.
Jackie and other staff members will be invited to attend our next meeting which will be at the Main Library on April 24, 2001 at 4:30.
Books in memoriam for Margaret Cameron, Alice Wethey and Eleanor Collins need to be purchased and inscribed. Nesta will help with the selections.
The book committee will meet quarterly, but books may be approved by telephone ore- mail consultations, if there is a possibility that a book will be out of print before the next meeting of the book committee. Members are: Shirley Axon, chair, Elaine Gazda (away until June 2001), Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Nesta Spink, Leslie Stainton and Pam Tabbaa.
We need to select an historian to replace Joy Bluin. Prue will check with Joy to see if she has any historical material for the Ladies' Library Association.

      Prue will ask if Jean Powers is attending the library advisory committee meetings and can give us a report.
Prue will appoint a nominating committee.
We look forward to welcoming Katie Aldrich and Bobbie Levine to membership on the board of the Ladies' Library Association.
See you Tuesday, April 24, 2001, at 4:30 at the Main Library.
Trudy Huntington

Library Association, Ann Arbor, Michigan November 2001
President - Prue Rosenthal Vice-President -
Secretary - (Trudy Huntington, sub) Treasurers - Jan Newman and Zibby Oneal Book Committee Chairman - Shirley Axon
Katie Aldrich (Mrs. Robert) Shirley Axon (Mrs. Donald)
Julie Casa (Mrs. Frank)
Elaine Gazda (Ms. Elaine)
Trudy Huntington (Mrs. David)
Joan Innes (Mrs. Perry)
Sarah Innes (Ms. Sarah)
Alexa Lee (Ms. Alexa) AleE{§
Bobbie Levine (Mrs. Myron)
Frances McSparran (Ms. Frances)
Jan Barney Newman (Mrs. Haskell) jbnewman2
Zibby Oneal (Mrs. Robert) Zib t
Jean Powers (Ms. E. Jean) Prue Rosenthal (Mrs. Amnon)
Nesta Spink (Mrs. Walter)
Leslie Stainton (Ms. Leslie)
Pam Tabbaa (Mrs. Yasser)
2270Glendaloch. 48104 2016Seneca 48104
1410 Hill St. 48104
1811Hennitage 48104
519OnondagaSt. 48104
2100 Hill St. 48104
285 Orchard Hills 48104 1009 W.liberty 48103
356Hilldale 48105
1 Harvard Place 48104
931 Oakdale 48105
501Onondaga St.48104
1107 Baldwin Ave. 48104 2105Devonshire Rd. 48104
2 Geddes Heights 48104
1631 Waltham Dr. 48103
1914Scottwood 48104
971-6672 665-9349
662-3902 668-6377 747-9242
663-7074 665-0941

 I\ I.
Minutes of the April 24, 2001 meeting
Next meeting,Tuesday, October 23, 2001 Ann Arbor Public Library, 4:30
Present were: Katie Aldrich, Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Bobbie Levine, Zibby Oneal, Jean Powers, Prue Rosenthal, Leslie Stainton.
Prue Rosenthal thanked Ginger Sissom and Jacquie Sasaki of the library staff for the delicious tea.
Prue welcomed our new members Katie Aldrich and Bobbie Levine. Pam Tabbaa was unable to come as her health is not yet back to normal. Elaine Gazda and Julie Casa are out of town for several months.
The minutes were read and approved.
Jacquie Sasaki reported on the art books recommended by the Ladies' Library Association. She passed out a wish list of the books that will be purchased including selected titles that will be purchased only as money is available. The Ladies' Library Association gave money for selected duplicate art books to be purchased for Loving Branch Library and West Branch library. Some of these were relatively inexpensive art books, but ones that were in high demand. We were given a list of the art books in Loving Library and a similar list of those bought with grant money from the Ladies' Library Association for West Branch
Commemorative books for Margaret Cameron and Alice Wethey have not yet been purchased. "MasterDrawingsFromtheSmithCollegeMuseumofArt"byAnnSievers (of Smith) was purchased for Eleanor Collins, who was for many years, curator of slides at Smith College.
Mary Ann Hodel, the director of the Ann Arbor Public Library, spoke briefly about how pleased she and the staff were for the support given by the Ladies' Library Association.
Ginger Sissom reported on developments in the Youth Department. Loving Brand had an art show for students that was attended by 125 children and parents. The Plexiglas display cases donated by the I:.adies'Library Association are very successful. The

 library has introduced hands on projects. They plan to use color carpet squares to define the art area. Adult seating is needed, perhaps a sofa or adult chairs. Seating is necessary as the emphasis is on family participation and the adults as well as the children need a place to sit. The Ladies Library Association purchases children's art books sometime up to five copies of titles in great demand. These most popular books are kept in the Plexiglas stands. There are about 40 different children's art books in the library. (See attached AADL Youth Department Proposal to Ladies Library Association.)
We then had a tour of the youth section of the main library.
We returned to our fonnal meeting.
Joan Innes will be our historian, replacing Alice Wethey who served remarkably for about forty years.
Jean Powers will be the Ladies' Library representative to the Library board and to the Friends of the Library.
Zibby Oneal read the treasurer's Report. As of December 31, 2000 our Merrill Lynch portfolio was valued at $306,868. (Undoubtedly worth less today, April 24, 2001) Our CMA Money Market Fund contained $7,408.97. In November the Ladies' Library Association made a gift of $3000 to the art book collection of the Main Library and a gift of $1375 to the Loving branch.
The annual dues of $0.10 per person were collected. In order to simplify book keeping the dues will not be added to our Merrill Lynch account but will be donated towards secretarial expenses.
There was a long discussion about the Youth Program. Consensus was reached that the Ladies Library Association would support the Youth Department Program. It was proposed and accepted that we give the Youth Program of the library $3,010 now and $1990 in the fall. After purchasing all the books on the main library "wish list" and after our contribution to the Loving Branch the library stiUhad $1738 of our contribution in our account. We will not make a further contribution to the general art book library fund at the present time.
The eMail list of members was corrected. Emeritae members (those who served on the board ten or more years) are Peggy Jensen and Kirby Hall. Their names were not on the list mailed to members but are available from Trudy Huntington, the acting secretary.

 Shirley Axon's report of the Book Committee was read by Trudy Huntington. Attached to her report is a list of art books to be bought for the main library and a list of books purchased for the West Branch, which is a duplicate of those purchased for the Loving Branch.
Joan Innes brought copies of the much needed reprinting of the two short histories of the Ladies' Library, a copy of which should be given to new members.
As chairman of the nominating committee Joan Innes reported the following slate that was voted in unanimously.
President: Prue Rosenthal
Vice-president: Joan Innes
Secretaries: Julia Casa and Frances McSparran Treasurers: Jan Newman and Zibby Oneal Book Committee Chairman: Shirley Axon
It is informally assumed that officers will serve for two years.
It was noted that Jan and Zibby have served loyally for many, many years and after this year they would like some other member(s) to handle the finances.
As there are fewer than 20 members we should elect several new members. It was suggested that Email resumes be sent to members and we vote at the October meeting. [According to the by-laws we should present the names in the fall and vote in the spring.]
Although it is very pleasant to meet in member's homes, it is more efficient to meet at the library. Our next meeting is scheduled for 4:30 at the main library on October 10. Note, due to Prue's travel plans the date bas been changed to October 23.
Beth Hay was elected to membership. Bobbie Levine will contact her and report back to the president and secretary. We look forward to welcoming Beth.
Trudy Huntington, acting secretary

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Treasurers' Report
Merrill Lynch reported thata as of December 31,2000 the portfolio of The Ladies' Library Association was valued at $306,868. Our CMA Money Market Fund contained $7,408.97, bringing our total assets on December 31 to $314,661.97.
In November we made a gift of $3000 to the art book collection at the Main Library and a gift of $1375 to the Loving Branch.
Respectfully submitted,
~-'\ o ....Q.._ J,m Barney Newman ~b~-;neal

~hirley A:,on,
Saran Jean
Casa, Innes,
Gazda, Beth Frue Rosent:.hal,
McSparran, Spink,
Jan Newman, Zibby Leslie Staine.on,
Fam Tabbaa
Joan innes, vneal,
Bc~oie Levine,
Minutes of the October Next meeting, Tuesday April
2001 meeting
23, 2002 at 4:30 Library
Hay, Frances
Ann Arbor District
The meeting began in the Youc.h Departme~c where Rachel Yanikoglu
described the new art programs for chi:.:;ren and commenced on the
popularity of the new plexiglass display case which was purchased with LLA's funds. All the new arc books bougnc. by the LLA are exhibited in
it. As they go inco circulation the spaces are filled by art books from che colleccion so cnat the case is always a focal point for the art deparcmenc.
The meecing memoer, Beth
Ruch Winter,
progress of the branch
Park~ay for the new Nellie Loving Branc~ which is to open in 2003.
contin~ed Hay, was
upstairs incroduced
in the co
~c.h floor bo?rd.
room. New
Josie Parker, Incerim Director of che AA.DL, chanked che books and the ple:uglass display cases purchased
The minut,=,s of t:he sprinq meeting wi=>re.;ipproved as Zibby Oneal read the treasurers' reporc. Merrill
of September 28, 20Ul the portfolio of che LLA was
Our CMAMoney Markee. Fund contained $8,276, bringing our total assets on September 28 co $282,U9J. In May we maae a gifc ot $3,010 to the AADL.
It was decided thac $1,900 would be given to che Youth Department for the fall of 2001. For the main library $2,000 would be given for the fall of 2001 and another $2,000 for the spring of 2002 with the
would probably ask for part of The book committee, Jacqui
to divide tile allocat.i..on.
We would like to have all the art books in the youth deparcment out in
of the expansions.
Board, gave an update Property was purchased
on the
on Eisenhower
understanding thac che branch libraries
chis money for their art book purchases. Sasaki a'fl-El-.the-b..r..a..nci:i clirecte.rcs·-w-H:-1--rneet:-
~ \ru. c..u:,. \C,,; New Business
che center
of che room, along with the plexiglass stand and the art Ic is important: that che arc collection be made more visible.
with read.
committee tor LLA gifts.
reports chat as valued at $273,815.

Minutes of the April 23, 2002 meeting
Next meeting, Wednesday, October 30, 2002 at 4:30 Ann Arbor District Library
Present: Katie AJdrich, Shirley Axon, Elaine Gazda, Beth Hay, Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Bobbie Levine, Frances McSparran, Jan Newman, Zibby Oneal, Jean Powers, Prue Rosenthal (President), Nesta Spink, Leslie Stainton, Pam Tabbaa
Members met for tea at 4.30 in the 4th floor conference room of the Ann Arbor District Library. Following this, Prue Rosenthal thanked Jackie Sasaki for the tea, welcomed members, and the meeting proper began.
Jackie Sasaki reported that the Youth Department had committed all the money given by the LLA for children's art games, though not all games had yet been received. All the money designated for books has been spent. She distributed copies of a list which showed all the new books purchased except for those extras suggested by Bobbi Levine. Some of the new books were on display.
The minutes were reviewed and some corrections were made.
The Treasurers' report was read. Merrill Lynch reported that our current portfolio was valued at $292,256. Our CMA Money Market Fund contained $5,600, bringing our total assets to $297,857.32. We gave $2,000 to the main library, to be shared with the branch libraries, and $1,990 to the Youth department as the second installment of what was promised. The book committee and Jackie Sasaki will meet to choose the books, and Jackie will meet with branch directors to decide on how to spend their allocation.
Shirley Axon reported that the Book Committee, which has several new members and now consists of Shirley Axon (Chair) Beth Hay, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Bobbie Levine, Nesta Spink, Leslie Stainton, Pam Tabbaa, had met at the end of January to discuss book choices. 18Q..v,.J· Ga',,
Other Business: Prue will inquire about having an LLA representative attend the monthly Library Board meeting, and will report back to us. She also asked if commemorative books had been bought for Margaret Cameron and Alice Wethey. There was some discussion of suitable areas of interest for these books. Prue reported that relettered signs for art books and the art department would cost $290.00, and we approved this expenditure. It will take three to four weeks for the signs to be made and installed. Frances McSparran will set up a group e-mail address for members of the LLA.
Planners for the new Loving Branch Library would be interested in us contributing to something for this branch. We will consider this later. We would like Jackie Sasaki to continue to attend the segment of our meeting that deals with money allocation for book expenditures.
The nominating committee proposed that the present officers should continue for another year: Prue Rosenthal: President, Joan Innes: Vice-President, Zibby Oneal and Jan Newman: Treasurers, Frances McSparran: Secretary, and Shirley Axon: Book Committee chair. Various names were proposed for election to membership of the LLA and we will vote on nominations at the fall meeting in the AADL. There was discussion of whether we should hold all meetings in the AADL, or alternate meetings there with meetings in the home of one or other member. Some members missed the tradition of holding our meetings in private homes and would like to continue it.
Frances McSparran Secretary

Minutes of the October 30, 2002 meeting Next meeting, Thursday, May I, 2003 at 4:30 931 Oakdale Road, AA 48105 (Jan Newman)
Present: Shirley Axon, Elaine Gazda, Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Frances McSparran, Jan Newman, Prue Rosenthal (President), Nesta Spink, Leslie Stainton, Pam Tabbaa
Members met for tea at 4.30 in the 4th floor conference room of the Ann Arbor District Library. Following this, Prue Rosenthal opened a very busy meeting by asking Jackie Sasaki to give a report on books purchased for the library. A number ofbeautiful books recently purchased were on display, including one on the Romanesque sculptures ofVezelay which had been selected as a commemorative volume for Alice Wethey. The Book Committee has also chosen a commemorative book for Margaret Cameron, Villa of the Mysteries, by Elaine Gazda, one of our members. Jackie Sasaki asked us to consider as an extra purchase a fine limited edition collection of photographs of New York City which costs $275.00, and we discussed this in the context of a report by Shirley Axon that the Book Committee had overspent its budget, and that we needed to decide whether to cut out some of the proposed purchases, or allocate some extra funding. We decided to eliminate some of the lower cost books, which the AADL should be able to buy easily if they want them, and to allocate an extra $400.00 to cover both the New York City book and the remaining shortfall for the book list. In the discussion, the Book Committee was reminded that in general we prefer to buy the more expensive books which the library might not otherwise be able to afford.
Tracy Vanderpol, librarian at the Northeast branch, had been invited by Prue to tell us about activities there, and she gave us a fascinating presentation. The Northeast branch is almost the busiest branch library in Ann Arbor, very short of space both for books and users, but in coitstmtt use by a large and diverse clientele which includes many Asian and Muslim families with very specific interests. As a result the branch emphasizes the colJection of multicultural materials. Members expressed interest in supporting this collection and suggested that Tracy confer with Jackie Sasaki on their needs. We asked Josie Parker (who was visiting our meeting) if there were plans to expand or replace the existing Northeast branch, which is housed in the Merchant of Vino shopping mall on Plymouth Road, but she was unable to give us any information on this as yet.
Josie Parker, Director of AADL, then talked to us. Since we are interested in the proceedings of the Library Board, she distributed copies of the minutes of a recent meeting and showed us where to get access to the archive of minutes on the AADL website. She then made an exciting presentation about the projected new branch library at Mallett's Creek, showing us the architect's model and floor plan, and asked us to consider making a gift of art to the library, siiice taxpayers' money cannot be used for this purpose. In the discusssion that followed, Shirley Axon asked if the planners would not consider rotating exhibits of art by local artists, a suggestion which others echoed. When Josie Parker had left us to consider her proposal we discussed various issues: Should we contribute money for this purpose---does it fit within our mission? Ifwe were to contribute, would we contribute matching funds or make a specific LLA purchase? Would we withold our annual contributions for books in order to do this? Jan Newman as Treasurer reminded us that our financial holdings, like those of most people, had slumped in value over the last several years. After considerable discussion, we concluded (a) that the LLA would spend up to the sum of $2,500 on a single piece of art, as a gift from the LLA; (b) that this would be a once only commitment, and that further purchases for any new building would have to be considered as a separate issue by the LLA members at that time; (c) that we would not withhold our regular annual purchase of art books, since that is our primary purpose.
Treasurers' Report: Jan Newman reported that our portfolio as of September 30, 2002, was valued at $220,886, while our cash account contains $7,254, bringing our total assets to $228,140.
The minutes which had been circulated by ~mail and in print at the meeting were approved.
Two new members, Menakka Bailey and Liza Taylor, were elected. Prue Rosenthal will contact both.
A nominating committee for the election ofnext year's officers was appointed; members are Trudy Huntington (chair), Sarah Innes, Nesta Spink.
The meeting adjourned at 6.30.
Frances McSparran Secretary

Minutes of the Friday May 2, 2003 meeting
Present: Katie Aldrich, Shirley Axon, Menakka Bailey, Elaine Gaz.da,Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Frances McSparran, Jan Newman, Zibby Oneal, Jean Powers, Prue Rosenthal (President), Pam Tabbaa, Liz.aTaylor
Members met for tea at 4.30 in Jan Newman's house. Prue Called the meeting to order, and thanked Jan Newman for hosting the meeting. Since several new members were present, she asked us all to introduce ourselves, after which the minutes (which had been circulated by e-mail before the meeting) were approved, and the Treasurers' report followed.
Treasurers' Report: Jan Newman and Zibby Oneal reported that our portfolio as of December 31, 2002, was valued at $241,071.00, while our CMA Money Market Fund contained $8,222.93, bringing our total assets to $249,293.93
For the benefit of new members, Prue descnbed our gifts to the library and our relationship with it In the course of this, a question was raised about the actual use of the children's art games in the area we have financed; several members
have the impression that that area is not much used. Pam Tabbaa said she would investigate to see if lack of interest or of materials was involved.
Shirley Axon gave the book report, and in the course of this, we discussed the library policy of selling books that are not checked out for several years. Members raised various points. We felt that fine art books should not be subject to a draconian policy requiring annual checkout, since so many of them are large and are primarily used for consultation and projects within the library-thus inevitably failing a checkout requirement We felt this matter should be raised with Josie Parker, and Jean Power undertook to do so. None the less, if some art books have to be eliminated for good reason, we thought it would be worth proposing to Josie having a book sale of them in Tappan (Elaine Gaz.da),or even offering them free to art students there (Frances McSparran). The book committee has committ.ed$1,500 for this half year, and a discussion of what our total commitment ought to be for the year long period Spring 2003-Spring 2004 followed, where Prue and the treasurers helped to sort out the confusion which generally accompanies such discussion. We agreed that the total should be no more than $5000, $2500 of which is already committed for art work for the new branch at
Mallet's Creek, leaving a total of$2500 for book purchase for the entire Spring 2003-Spring 2004 year.
The Nominating Committee (frudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Nesta Spink, Sarah Innes) presented its slate of officers, which was elected, nem.con. President: Joan Innes, Vice President: Jan Newman, Secretary: Shirley Axon, Treasurer: Katie Aldrich, with the assistance of Zibby Oneal and Jan Newman, Book Committee Chair: Sarah Innes.
Members of the Painting Committee (Shirley Axon, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Nesta Spink), appointed to oversee the choice of artwork we will buy for the Mallet's Creek branch, reported on their activities so far. Sarah said they had met with the architect, seen drawings of the building and possible spaces for art. These include the youth area, the entry way, the reading room and the fireplace area. They have made a list of possible artists, and have visited four shows. They plan to visit some studios, and will come back and report in the fall. Other members, including Prue, had suggestions to offer, and a lively discussion of possible artists and art works followed.
The meeting adjourned at 6.30.
Frances McSparran Secretary

Minutes of the meeting on Wednesday, October 29, 2003
Present: Katie Aldrich, Menakka Bailey, Elaine Gazda, Joan Innes (President), Sarah Innes, Frances McSparran, Jean Powers, Pam Tabbaa, Liza Taylor
Members met for tea at 4.00 in the Ann Arbor District Library. Joan Innes called the meeting to order at 4.15, and we began with a report from Jackie Sasaki. We have a balance with the Library of$455.46, some of which will be spent on binding books.
Josie Parker, Library Director, came to talk to us. The new Mallett's Creek branch will open on December 6, and members of the LLA will be invited to a pre-opening reception. She also discussed with us the issue raised at our last meeting, namely the deaccessioning of books by the Library, including books bought by the LLA. She said that books, including art books, had always been deaccessioned, and that Jackie Sasaki reviewed art books for this purpose. lnfrequent circulation of books is a minor consideration in the review process (this being an issue which had concerned us-see last minutes). Books suitable for other branches go there, others go to the Friends and from there to the bookshop. Since we are concerned about the disposition of art books, Josie will see that they are held back by Diane, so that someone from the LLA can look at them, and if necessary, may contact Josie Parker to request reconsideration of the proposed deaccessioning. Josie also reported that the Loving Branch building is for sale, since services will be transferred to the new building.
After Josie Parker left us, other issues were cliscussed. Pam Tabbaa had agreed at our last meeting to investigate the use being made of the art area we had set up in the children's section. She had talked briefly to someone today, and her sense is that the area is erratically used. She will investigate further, and perhaps Lisa (who is in charge of the area) will come and discuss the matter with us.
The minutes (which had been circulated by e-mail before the meeting) were read and approved. Pam Tabbaa asked ifit would be possible to circulate the minutes ofa meeting twice by e-mail, once shortly after the meeting took place, so that members would be reminded of tasks they had undertaken, and again shortly before the next meeting. People thought this would be a good idea.
Treasurers' Report: Katie Aldrich and Menakka Bailey presented the Treasurers' report, prepared by the retiring Treasurers, Jan Newman and Zibby Oneal. The latter reported that our portfolio as of September 30, 2003, was valued at $259,729.00, while our CMA Money Market Fund contained $10,879, bringing our total assets as of September 30 to $270,609.00. In May we made a gift of$ J500 to the Library for the purchase of books. We discussed with the Treasurers the perennial confusion over the time period covered by our gifts to the Library, and the advisability of shifting to a calendar year system of recording gifts and expenditures. Katie and Menakka will talk about this to Jan and Zibby.
Joan Innes will investigate the sorting and filing of LLA records. Joan reminded us that our next meeting (Spring, 2004) will be an occasion for new nominations for membership, and that we should come armed with proposals and
biographical information about potential nominees. Joan will appoint a chair for a nominating committee for officers of the LLA.
Sarah Innes reported that she and Nesta Spink have been considering possible artists for our gift to the Mallett's Creek branch, and have visited the site with a view to where the art might be hung. The fireplace wall, they feel, is not suitable. They are interested in a work by Elaine Wilson for the adult part of the Library, and, finances permitting, Tom Pohrt as a source of art for the youth section.
It was suggested that we should hold the spring meeting in the new branch of the Library. The meeting was scheduled for Thursday, May 6, at 4.30. Our meeting then adjourned, shortly after 6.00 p.m.
Frances McSparran
(Retiring Secretary) on behalf of Shirley Axon (Secretary)

Minutes of the Spring meeting on Thursday, May 6, 2004
Present: Katie Aldrich, Shirley Axon, Menakka Bailey, Elaine Gazda, Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Bobbie Levine, Jan Newman, Zibby Oneal, Prue Rosenthal, Pam Tabbaa.
Members met in the new Malletts Creek Branch Library. We were greeted for tea by Tracy Vanderpool, Branch Services Manager, and toured the pictures purchased by the Ladies Library Association.
Joan Innes, president, called the meeting to order at 4:45. We thanked Art Committee members Sarah Innes and Nesta Spink for obtaining the four wonderful Gerome Kamrowski paintings now hanging in the Library. A Kamrowski sculpture will soon be added. A fine Ellen Wilt painting, given as a gift, is also part of the LLA collection.
Joan announced that she has recieved and accepted a letter of resignation from Leslie Stainton. Leslie regrets that her schedule prevents her from attending LLA meeetings.
Sarah Innes corrected the minutes to show that while we may buy back art books we have given, we may not reconsider AADL deaccessioning decisions. The minutes were accepted as changed.
Pam Tabbaa has visited the children's section and reported that the art activities area, equipped by LLA, is used primarily by small children. The staff will consider giving children's art books more exposure.
The policy on deaccessioning LLA books is that they will first be offered to the UM Art History Department and to AADL Branches, and will then be set aside for us to consider buying back before being offered for sale to the general public.
Prue Rosenthal made a motion for a new LLA policy, seconded by Pam Tabbaa, that when a LLA member has a concern she take it to the LLA President, who will discuss the concern with the Director of the Library. Motion passed.
In discussing the art selections made by Nesta Spink and Sarah Innes for the Malletts Creek Branch, Prue Rosenthal suggested that all members write a thank-you to Mary Jane Kamrowski, who generously priced the five works by her late husband to be within our $2,500 budget. We will also thank Ellen Wilt for her generous gift for the Malletts Creek Branch Library. In answer to a question, Sarah said that the fireplace was too hot for an oil painting, but not for a mosaic or ceramic piece.

 Members agreed that all costs to frame and hang the Malletts Creek gifts, including a special plaque for the Kamrowski paintings, will be covered by LLA.
Members also agreed that in addition to the books for the fine arts collections we would donate art work for each of the new branches as we have for the Mallet Creek building. This seemed an excellent use of our funds and in keeping with the original vision.
Katie Aldrich and Menakka Bailey presented the Treasurers' report. As of December 31, 2003 the portfolio was valued at $292,528. Our CMA Money Market Fund contained $12,518, bringing the total assets to $305,046. On May 2, 2003 we made a gift to the Library Revolving Fund in the amount of$1,500. There were no other gifts during 2003.
Menakka. in discussing the considerable principal held by the LLA account at Merrill Lynch, reported that she, Zibby and Jan met with Norm Herbert, vice-chair of the Ann Arbor Area Community Foundation and Cheryl Elliot, the CEO/President, about the possibility of that group managing our money. Merrill Lynch, because we have no activity there, charges $80/year. The Community Foundation would charge 1% a year for managing our money, and the funds would not be retrievable. We would receive interest only. Over the last five years our funds outperformed the Foundation. There was general agreement to leave our funds in the present arrangement with Merrill Lynch.
Book Committee members Sarah, Alexa. Nesta and Pam met on May 5, 2004 at the Main Library and made selections for Spring 2004. They selected books suggested both by Librarian Jackie Sasaki and LLA members. A sheet of the selected books, with one still in question, was given to all members.
Since June ends the AADL fiscal year, the Spring check will be sent July 1. Prue Rosenthal moved and Sarah Innes seconded that the LLA book gift for spring 2004 be $1,500. Motion passed.
Nine names were mentioned to fill the openings in the LLA. Members will bring suggestions to the Fall meeting, where we will vote on offering memberships, possibly emphasising "younger" future members.
The Fall meeting of the LLA will be in the Main Library on October 28, 2004 at 4:30. Meeting was adjourned at 6 o'clock.

ANN ARBOR, MICIDGAN Treasurers' Report
May 6, 2004
Merrill Lynch reports that as of December 31, 2003 the portfolio of the Ladies' Library Association was valued at $292,528.00. Our CMA Money Market Fund contained $12,518.05, bringing our total assets to $305,046.05.
On May 2, 2003 we made a gift to the Library Revolving Fund in the amount of $1,500.00. We made no other gifts during the year 200i
Respectfully submitted,
Katie Aldrich & Menakka Bailey Treasurers

Minutes of the Fall meeting on Thursday, October 28, 2004
Present: Katie Aldrich, Shirley Axon, Menakka Bailey, Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Sarah
Innes, Bobbie Levine, Jan Newman, Zibby Oneal, Liza Taylor and Pam Tabbaa.
Members met at the Main Ann Arbor District Library. Joan and Jan brought cookies for our tea. Joan Innes, president, called the meeting to order at 4:37pm.
The by-laws specify 20 members and the LLA has two openings. The first order of business was to unanimously reinstate former member Betty Gosling. We then elected one new member, Darcy Bowden. Suggested by Sarah Innes, Darcy is "Artist, Printmaker, Book Artist and Educator. She teaches art at Huron High School".
Menakka Bailey and Katie Aldrich then presented the Treasurers' Report. The LLA has total assets of $307,885. This is after a gift to the Library Revolving Fund of $1,500. No other gifts were made during 2004.
Sarah Innes, Book Chair, reported on the Book Committee meeting with Jackie Sasaki, Librarian. Sarah circulated a list of the books the Book Committee selected. We voted to give $1,500 to the Library for these purchases, to cover the next six months.
The Book Committee discussed with Jackie several ways to highlight the LLA collection and make our gifts more apparent. The thought is that the community would like to know more about our gifts of current art books. Suggestions included putting a list of the LLA books on a tripod and book marks.
Sarah noted that we have presented the Malletts Creek Library a gift of approximately $3,500, including purchasing several pieces of art, and their framing and installation. The LLA expects to present a similar major gift to the new library, being built and yet to be named.
The Nominating Committee, Prue Rosenthal, Chair, will bring a list of new officers to the next meeting.
The next meeting is May 5, 2005 at 4:30 at Pam Tabbaa's home, 1914 Scottwood. Meeting adjourned at 5:20.
Shir1eyAxon, Secretary

ANN ARBOR, MICIDGAN Treasurers' Report
October 28, 2004
Merrill Lynch reports that as of September 30, 2004 the securities portfolio of the Ladies' Library Association was valued at $297,104.77.
Our CMA Money Market Fund contained $10,780.33, bringing our total assets to $307,885.10.
On July 7, 2004 we made a gift to the Library Revolving Fund in the amount of $1,500.00. We made no other gifts during the year 2004.
Respectfully submitted,
Katie Aldrich & Menakka Bailey Treasurers

Joan Innes, President, called the meeting to order at 4:50pm at the home of Pam Tabbaa.
Members present: Katie Aldrich, Menakka Bailey, Joan Innes, Jan Newman, Pam Tabbaa, Darcy Bowden, Jean Powers, Nesta Spink, Trudy Huntington, Elaine Gazda, Frances McSparran, Sarah Innes and Shirley Axon. Members absent were Zibby Oneal, Alexa Lee, Bobbie Levine, Liza Taylor and Prue Rosenthal.
The minutes of the Fall 2004 meeting were read and corrected.
In the absence of Prue Rosenthal, Chair of the Nominating Committee, Shirley reported the list given her by Prue. The officers for the year 2005-06 are:
President: Jan Newman
Vice President: Bobbie Levine
Secretary: Shirley Axon
Treasurers: Katie Aldrich and Menakka Bailey Book Chair. Alexa lee
We welcomed our new member, Darcy Bowden, and all introduced themselves and mentioned their time with the LLA. We were sorry to have neglected to invite our other new and returning member, Betty Gosling.
Treasurers Katie Aldrich and Menakka Bailey reported that we have $319, 017 in total assets. That amount is the total of $308,189 in the Merrill Lynch securities portfolio and $10,882 with the CMA Money Market Fund.
Book Chair Sarah Innes gave the Book Committee report and distributed the new book list, compiled in association with Jackie Sasaki of the Ann Arbor Library. The Committee accepted all but three suggestions by Sasaki and Committee members added seven titles. Our library account has a working balance of $999, of which $300 is for rebinding books.
The LLA art gifts at the Allen Creek Branch need plaques for the Kamrowski art items and the Ellen Wilt picture. It was agreed that up to $500 may be spent for the labels.
Jan Newman moved, seconded by Pam Tabbaa, that we give the Main Library $1,500 for Spring 2005 for purchase of books.
We had a discussion of some items the LLA has given the library, including a plexiglass stand to hold the LLA gift books and some missing furniture, a loveseat and table, for the third floor where art books are filed. Sarah reported that the stand is probably a non-issue (it officially can be used for sport books and other 700 categories) and the furniture is rather old. Joan asked Jean Powers to inquire at the library about these items and report back at our next meeting.
Nesta suggested that we discuss with Jackie whether the library has enough other topics on Art, such as Landscape.
Jean Powers, Pam Tabbaa and Trudy Huntington will review the material in the Ladies Library Box to select what should be sent to the Bentley Library.
In response to several questions by Darcy, we discussed why the Main Library doesn't send our art books to the branches. The main reason is space availability in the banches. Also, we do give art books directly to the branches on occasion.

 In discussion on which Library to meet in, Pam suggested we meet at the Malletts Creek Branch. But several said the parking was quite difficult there. We decided to meet at the Main Library.
Nesta suggested that we ask whether the Book Committee couldn't park in the Library staff parking lot during the Book Committee meetings.
Trudy asked that we compile an updated membership list and distribute it to all members. Shirley will do that.
At the next meeting we will collect our 10cent dues.
The next meeting will be at the Downtown library on Tuesday, October 25 at 4:30pm. Meeting adjourned at 5:50.
Shirley Axon, Secretary

Dear LLA members,
Please review these minutes of last Wednesday, and send me any corrections or additions.
Thanks, Shirley
The Ladies Library Association Minutes for the Fall Meeting - October 25, 2005
Jan Barney Newman, President, called the meeting to order at 4: 15.
Members present: Jan Barney Newman, Jean Powers, Trudy Huntington, Pam Tabbaa, Darcy Bowden, Nesta Spink, Alexa Lee, Joan Innes, Liza Taylor, Sarah Innes, Zibby Oneal, Bobbie Levine, Elaine Gazda, and Shirley Axon.
Shirley Axon read minutes of the Spring 2005 meeting. They were approved as read.
The 10 cent dues were collected and the $1.40 given to the Secretary for photocopying the updated
members list, which she distributed.
Book Chair Alexa Lee gave the Book Committee Report. She distributed the new book list, compiled after meeting with Jackie Sasaki, librarian. All of Jackie's book suggestions were included except for three titles and the Committee added three. In the future the Committee will have a meeting to assemble a book list before meeting with Jackie. They will bring LLA suggestions to the meeting with Jackie and compile the final list from LLA's and Jackie's at the second meeting.
At the Fall Book Committee meeting, Jackie said she had requests for books about newer artists and
photography. She also would like to buy local exhibition catalogs. We agreed to reimburse her for
catalogs as she obtained them. ..,
During~ Fall meeti we asked Jackie if she could ~ome t~discuss the timing of our gifts, which she was able to do. The Library fiscal year ends June 30 and Jackie must have all LLA funds spent by then, or money left in the LLA fund reverts to general library use. Therefore, she asked us to give her the spring LLA gift after July 1, which we did this year. However, since she had already purchased the LLA Spring 2005 books, $1,375 of the spring gift was left.
)<{i,t was moved by Joan Innes and seconded by Jean Powers that we approve the Fall 2005 book list and give the Library $500 for Fall 2005. The Library is rebinding our books and the $500 will be
used for more rebinding and to assure that LLA funds for the Fall LLA Book List ($1,375 plus $500) are sufficient.
Gazda Elaine
From: To:
ShirleyAxon []
(_ (_ &\
Fri 10/28/20057:54 PM DarcyBowden;Betty Gosling;MenakkaBalley;LizaTaylor; PrueRosenthal;JeanPowers;ZibbyOneal;Jan Barney Newman;Mcsparran,Frances;Levine,Myron;AlexaLee;Innes,Sarah;Huntington,Trudy; Hay,Elizabeth;Gazda,
Elaine;KatieAldrich; NestaSpink
LL.AFall 2005 Minutes %20Fall%202005%20Minutes.E... 10/28/2005
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 l .~'--J, l
Jean had checked with the Library on having space to store LLA material at the Main Library before moving it to the Bentley Historical Library. We can have a space and need only buy a file cabinet to store our records. We will do that.
Trudy and Jean have been sorting through LLA records, stored at Trudy's home, for putting in the Bentley Historical Library. Trudy requested that members give her material from 1985 to 2005 to complete our records. She suggested that we meet at the Bentley for one meeting. We agreed it was a good idea and will try to do so.
Joan gave the Treasurer's Report in the absence of Treasurer Katie Aldrich. Total LLA assets are $340,371 ($325,701 in the Merrill Lynch securities portfolio and $14,671 in the CMA Money Market fund). The only gift we have made since the Spring 2005 meeting was $1,500 to the Library Revolving Fund (see above).
Jan reported on the Ad Hoc Officers meeting, which had met to discuss whether the LLA is relevant
to the Library's 21st century needs. Since then she has met with Josie Parker, AADL Director. We will discuss the following at the Spring 2006 meeting:
- The AADL has been offered several pieces of art, and Josie asked the LLA to form an Art Advisory Committee to assess the value of offered art and whether the library can or should take it, and to help with selecting art for the new library.
- The Library would appreciate support for art programs for children and teenagers and for purchasing art videos and other electronics.
- Jan asked for a report on how much our art books are being used.
- Since there is quite a lag time between meetings, should the LLA meet more often, perhaps quarterly?
Darcy, Pam and Bobbie volunteered to design an LLA book mark.
. . 4-
I • •( ...(C-I-<•-; / A._ / ~A..;...._,.£., .,
To increase the awareness of books given by LLA, Pam suggested that we move our plexiglass art book stand from the third floor of the Main Library to the first floor. Or, we could put some of our art books in the 'new books' area.
~,(,,(..' .,
Frances Mc(arran's husband lμS'"died,a~d Jan will write a note to Frances expressing our sorrow. ) le-, .,_
The Spring meeting will be Tuesday, April 25, 2006 at the Main Library.
Trudy moved to adjourn, seconded by Zibby. The meeting was adjourned at 5:30pm. %20Fal1%202005%20Minutes.E... I0/28/2005
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  The Ladies Library Association Minutes of the Spring Meeting- April 25, 2006
Jan Barney Newman, President, called the meeting to order at 4:25. The meeting was held at the Main Library.
Members present: Zibby Oneal, Bobbie Levine, Katie Aldrich, Joan Innes, Menakka Bailey, Jan Newman, Prue Rosenthal, Trudy Huntington, Jean Powers, Pam Tabbaa, Betty Gosling, Frances McSparran, Sarah Innes, Elaine Gazda, Nesta Spink, Darcy Bowden, Alexa Lee, Shirley Axon.
Librarian Jamie Lausch reported that she has distributed all but five of the 200 LLA withdrawn books. Teachers and librarians from private schools have, on average, each taken thirty books for their school collections.
Librarian Jackie Sasaki reported, in response to a question by Jan on how often our LLA books are checked out, that many are used for reference in the library, but all can be checked out. Overused books are replaced or rebound and the LLA plates replaced.
Director Josie Parker first noted that Jan and Prue are running for Ann Arbor District Library Trustees in the May 2 election.
She then reported on the successful opening of the Pittsfield Branch and that all uses are up. The AADL is in the process of getting a new Northeast Ann Arbor library at Huron River Drive and Traverwood. The system needs a library in the northwest area, but it is difficult to find land in Scio Township with sewage and water infrastructure. Also, eventually the Main Library will need renovation, as library use has changed. As the City discusses what to do with the parking area next to the Main Library, Josie is concerned because being able to park easily near the downtown library is important, especially for the elderly and families.
Frances remarked on the chest-high shelves of the new libraries and the difficulty for some users to reach the low shelves. Josie reviewed how all libraries are designing their space for greater security. The Main Library now has four cameras and four security guards. Mallets Creek Branch has a guard. The shelf height allows librarians to view all of the room. Computer records on patron checkouts are erased every few days. Only patrons have access to their own check-out history, which they can manage as they wish.
Josie recommended that we not have a bookmark at the Library, as there are so many around. She suggested that we underwrite a speaker in connection with a local art exhibit. The LLA will consider doing this.
The minutes of the Fall 2005 meeting were approved as distributed.

  Book Chair Alexa Lee read her Committee Report to the members and distributed the list of new books to purchase. Alexa reported that, because of confusion on timing of LLA gifts relative to the Library's fiscal year - July 1 to June 30 - and the fact that we only gave the Library $2,000 last year, Jackie Sasaki will need money to purchase books until the June 30 fiscal year deadline. Jackie confirmed that we cannot have a LLA fund separate from the Library's fiscal year accounting practices.
Zibby Oneal moved, seconded by Joan Innes, that we authorize spending $3,000 on July I for the next fiscal year, and giving Jackie $1,000 for the LLA fund's needs between now and June 30. The motion was approved.
The Art Committee, Alexa and Sarah Innes, then led a discussion of art work for the new libraries. At Josie's suggestion they had visited the River Gallery in Chelsea We discussed whether to approach artists directly for more affordable art. Prue suggested, and it was agreed, that we try to purchase art done by the many local artists - Ann Arbor area artists and those in Washtenaw County - before going to other Michigan artists.
Jean Powers moved that the LLA authorize up to $5,000 to the Art Committee to purchase a picture to mount behind the circulation counter of the new Pittsfield Library. The motion was approved.
Sarah and Alexa will appoint two more members to be on the Art Committee.
Katie Aldrich and Menakka Bailey gave the Treasurers' Report. We have $309,071 in the Merrill Lynch securities portfolio and $16,620 in the CMA Money Market Fund, bringing the total to $325,691. The only gift written since our last meeting was $500 to the Library Revolving Fund.
Frances reminded us that the LLA email list is available at LLA(@,umich.e<lu.She will amend the list.
Trudy Huntington suggested that we have our next spring meeting at the Bentley Historical Library, where the LLA history is located. She will discuss arrangements with the Bentley and report at our fall meeting.
The next meeting is Tuesday, October 17, 2006 at the Main Library. The meeting was adjourned at 5:55.
Shirley Axon, Secretary

Minutes of the Fall Meeting, Tuesday, October 17, 2006
Jan Barney Newman called the meeting to order at 4:20. The meeting was held in the new Pittsfield Library, where members had a chance to see the two large David Tammany paintings donated by the LLA.
Present: Katie Aldrich, Shirley Axon, Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Bobbie Levine, Jan Barney Newman, Zibby Oneal, Jean Powers, Nesta Spink, Pam, Tabbaa, Liza Taylor, Elaine Gazda.
Josie Parker, AADL Director, thanked the Ladies Library for the Pittsfield Branch paintings. She reported that the third branch ground breaking for the new NE library will be the end of October. It is expected to open in March 2008. The cost of steel (China's demand) and concrete (hurricane Katrina) has risen. A large Kamroski sculpture has already been donated for the soon-to-be-built NE library.
The first exhibition that the Library has done by themselves, the extremely well-received 9/11 Exhibition, has just closed. Also, the Library is partnering with the UMS and the Royal Shakespeare Company for events and there will be a large reception this Fall, to which the LLA will be invited.
Finally, Josie talked of the audit problems of the Friends of the Library and she said the Friends' Book Shop will open month to month until all financial matters are up-to-date.
Business: Jan asked and it was approved that all present LLA Officers be re-elected for one year, beginning with this Fall 2007 meeting. The Nominating Committee - Trudy, Nesta and Liza - will report at the next meeting.
The LLA Spring 2007 minutes were approved.
Book Report: Alexa passed out the current list of approved books totaling $1,340. The Committee has added one title, all to be taken from the $3000 approved for this year's purchases. Committee members-Alexa, Sarah, Bobbie, Betty, Pam, Darcy, Elaine and Sarah - have assigned themselves areas of expertise from which they will submit book titles, in addition to Librarian Jackie Sasaki's list, in order to develop a well-rounded collection of ethnic and ancient art books.
Art Selection Committee: Sarah reported that the Art Selection Committee - Sarah, Bobbie, Darcy, Alexa and Nesta- started in June to consider artwork for the new Pittsfield Library. Alexa and Sarah visited David Tammany's studio and picked the two paintings that are now hanging in the library. In order to purchase both paintings, the LLA bought one painting for $5,000 and paid $2,000 of the other, and the District library paid the remainder. The $5,000 was approved at the Spring meeting and $2,000

 approved in summer via an email vote. Jan pointed out that our by-laws allow an email vote by LLA officers.
Committee members also visited recent exhibitions - Wendel Heers at the River Gallery in Chelsea and Larry Cressman at the Residential College. While they liked the works, we have no current need. The point was made that timing is important in purchasing art and books, and what may be affordable or available one time, may not be later.
There was discussion of whether we want to purchase a piece of art for the main library, perhaps for the stairwell. Josie pointed out the library has just received a gift of a Norma Penchansky sculpture, a memorial donation, to be placed in the stairwell.
Treasurer's Report: Katie gave the Treasurer's report, which is valued at $346, 995. Included is $17,236 in our CMA Money Market Fund. This represents the income from our Merrill Lynch account that, over the years, we have not spent. Our disbursements to date this year are $11, 133 ($7,000 for art work and $4,000 for books).
In answer to Nesta's question of how much our value has changed from last year, Katie said our income is slightly less than last year.
New Business: The Ladies Library Association was founded in 1866 and is now 140 years old. The question arose as to whether we want to compile a history of books and art gifts to the Library. Jan will provide histories by Mrs. Wethey that were published in
1966 and 1991. Jan will serve as historian and cover the years she served as president.
Jan has researched our financial standing with the IRS, and reported that we are a private tax-exempt entity. We have no responsibility to file with the IRS unless our income exceeds $25,000 in one year. Essel Bailey set this up for the LLA in 1983.
Jan and Katie proposed that the LLA have a policy statement that we not give more annually than our year's current income, which is $8,647. This would not require a change in the by-laws.
Jan led the discussion. Shirley questioned whether we need such a written policy, since in our 140 years we have been quite prudent - as our $17,000 in the Money Market account shows- and when we go over our year's income it is for something we vote on. Zibby said that we may want to invest a good part of the $17,000. Katie said that she and Menakka talked to our Merrill Lynch broker, who said that our base is invested in solid companies. We have gone from $298,000 in 2001 to $347,000 in 2006. All agreed that the last few years' art expenses have been quite unusual, due to the purchase of art work for two new libraries, with one more soon to be built. It was agreed that the two present treasurers (Katie and Menakka) and two former treasurers (Zibby and Jan) will meet to draft a donation policy and report back at our next meeting.

 Next Meeting: Tuesday, 1 May 2007, 3:00- 5:00 at the Bentley Historical Library on North Campus.
Trudy will discuss with the Bentley staff about arranging an earlier half hour tour, since the purpose of the meeting is to see our own records and have time for our Spring meeting. Liza offered to help Trudy and Jean as needed, since she often is in the Bentley. Trudy said the records are in order except for a few sub-committee reports.
Jan mentioned that we have nineteen members and are allowed twenty. Members should bring suggested names to the next meeting. Pam will call Peggy Jensen to see if she would consider returning and be reinstated.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:25.
Shirley Axon, Secretary

 LADIES LIBRARY ASSOCIATION Minutes of the Spring Meeting, Tuesday, May 1, 2007
The Ladies Library Association met at the Bentley Historical Library on the UM North Campus for its Spring, May 1, 2007, meeting. Trudy and Jean had arranged a tour of the Bentley and a presentation of the LLA collection being held there.
Present: Katie Aldrich, Shirley Axon, Menakka Bailey, Darcy Bowden, Elaine Gazda, Trudy Huntington, Alexa Lee, Bobbie Levine, Jean Powers, Prue Rosenthal, Pam Tabbaa, Liza Taylor
Our meeting room gave onto a beautiful garden, housing sculptures by Richard Hunt.
The meeting began at 3:00 when Bill Wallach, Assistant Director, welcomed the LLA and gave a brief talk about the Bentley Historical Library. Alvin M. Bentley was a former Michigan Congressman. He obtained both undergraduate and graduate degrees from the UM and he was appointed by Gov. Romney in 1966 to serve as Regent. The present building was financed through a major gift from the Bentley Foundation and in
1972 the historical collection, established in 1935, was moved from Rackham basement to the new North Campus building.
The Bentley collection preserves the history of Michigan and its institutions and Michigan people and their activities, and holds the UM official archives. For the Bentley to accept material it must be unique.
Bentley users are 50% students and faculty, 25% advanced scholars and doctoral-level candidates, and 25% Michigan citizens. Today the Bentley offers electronic access to its collection.
Our second speaker, Archivist Len Coombs, described the collections and led a tour of the Library. Highlights of the tour included meeting with Conservators James Craven and Ann Flowers and being shown the tools used to preserve the collections.
Official LLA Spring Meeting
Bobbie Levine, Vice President, in the absence of Jan Barney Newman, President, called our official meeting to order at 4:05.
Pam moved and Elaine seconded that the Minutes of the Fall October 17, 2007 meeting be approved. Motion carried.

 LLA Spring 2007 Meeting, page 2
Pam reported that her husband will become the Deputy Headmaster and Dean of Faculty of Kings Academy in Jordan and she will be moving to Jordan. She will retain her membership, in absentia.
Dues of 10 cents were paid by members present and collected by Menakka.
The slate of officers was unanimously accepted. All present officers will continue. They are: Jan Barney Newman, President; Bobbie Levine, Vice President; Shirley Axon, Secretary; Menakka Bailey and Katie Aldrich, Treasurers; Alexa Lee and Sarah Innes will share Chairing the Book Committee.
Alexa gave the Book Committee report. LLA members received the new list of books to be purchased. Jackie Sasaki, AADL Librarian, will use up the $1100 currently in the account to purchase the books. The Book Committee moved and Joan seconded that we approve $3,000 for book purchases for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2007. The motion passed.
Nesta Spink was unable to attend the meeting and will give her talk on Betty Gosling, the LLA member who recently died, at the Fall meeting. She will help select the book to be given in Betty's honor.
Treasurers Katie and Menakka presented the Treasurers Report. The LLA has $16,323 in the CMA Money Market and $355, 261 with Merrill Lynch, bringing the total to $371, 581. It was moved by Joan and seconded by Prue that the Report be accepted. Motion passed. Katie then read a letter by Josie Parker thanking the LLA for the art pieces we have purchased for the new libraries.
Menakka led a discussion on whether we want to continue to hold our funds with Merrill Lynch. Our investment return has averaged 15% over the last ten years. Katie moved and Pam seconded that we continue with our Merrill Lynch account as currently established. Motion passed.
Then Menakka led a discussion, which Jan had requested via email, as to whether we want to continue buying library books as our primary use of LLA funds, or whether we want to use our funds for other library needs. Jan recommended that we buy no art books in 2008. Prue suggested that we need to research other needs before we make a decision on whether art books are the best use of our funds. Most members indicated that we want to remain flexible and want to continue to buy art books for now. We will discuss possible changes at the October meeting.
Trudy suggested that Peggy Jensen, emeritus member and Joy Blouin be asked to rejoin the LLA.

 LLA Spring 2007 Meeting, page 3
Trudy also suggested that, since there would be no time to look through the LLA Collection being held at the Bentley (the Library closes at 5:00), we try to come in small groups to look at the collection. There are a few missing items in the LLA records, which Trudy will pursue.
Bobbie adjourned the meeting at 5:00.
The Fall Meeting will be held at the Downtown Library on October 16 at 4:00.
Shirley Axon, Secretary

ANN ARBOR, MICHIGAN Treasurers' Report
May l, 2007
Men-ill Lynch reports that as of December 31, 2006 the securities portfolio of the Ladies' Library Association was valued at $355,260.81.
The CMA Money Market Fund contained $16,323.45, bringing our total assets to $371,581.
We made the following disbursements since October 2006:
Shirley Axon-reimburse expenses Check Usage Fee
Reinvestment of Dividends & Gains TOTAL
Respectfully submitted,
Katie Aldrich & Menakka Bailey Treasurers
$ 23.49 $ 0.75 $ 184.09 $ 208.33

Minutes of the Fall Meeting, Tuesday, October 16, 2007
Jan Barney Newman called the meeting to order at 4:20 in the Downtown Library. Present: Zibby Oneal, Bobbie Levine, Nesta Spink, Jan Barney Newm 6 Jean Pow~rs,
Frances McSparren, Sarah Innes, Joan lnnes, Shirley Axon. iv\-<;\~~~
Joy Blouin stopped by before the meeting began, to greet us and say how happy she is to
be a member ofLLA again.
Jan introduced Library Director Josie Parker, who introduced Jackie Sasaki and Celeste
Choate, the new Ait Dept. Manager.
In a sh01t repo11Josie said the Library is expanding in both users and circulation, which is up to 7 million, including A Vs and books. The new Northeast building will open next June. The Downtown Library will soon be looking for an architect to plan the expansion, which may include part of the present City's parking lot and a lane between Division and Fifth. The new entrance will be on the North.
Jackie reported that the Library wants to buy more non-Western art books. The art boo:J-s now have a display on the main floor. She said that the LLA display is popular. It celebrated over 75 years of funding the Library's art book collection.
Frances suggested that the Library have display 'loops' of different artists' books, with comments from the artists and others. Josie likes the idea.
Bobbie questioned why we give so little to the Library, when we have so large a funding balance. Jan said as stewards of the Ladies' Library Funds, we must be certain that we make contributions for known needs. The library has made it clear that our recent donations of art work for the new branches have been much appreciated. They are also grateful for the a1tbook donations, but sometimes they have difficulty spending all that we give on acquisitions relevant to a public library. Even so, the Ann Arbor District Library stands apart from other public libraries in having the distinguished collection of a11books that the Ladies' Library Association has helped build. With the renovations being planned for the main library, there may be a significant need which we can meet with a contribution of our funds. By not giving funds that are not needed for books, we will have more available to purchase art to enrich the environment of the branches and the main library.
Jackie reported that the Library wants to buy more non-Western art books. The art ~ books now have a display on the main floor. She said that the LLA display is popular. It celebrated over 75 years of funding the Library's art book collection.

 Josie introduced the new Art Department Manager, who briefly described her experience in libraries.
Fall Business Meeting
Then Jan called the regular meeting to order. The Spring 2007 LLA Minutes were approved without correction.
Sarah gave the Book Report. The Library was given $3,000 for use in 2007-08. Sarah said that we may give $2,000 in the future and save our cash for art for new libraries. She said that Jackie likes the way LLA money is now being disbursed, because it lets her buy books as needed throughout the year. She need only check with Sarah before ordering. Sarah will send the notice to the Book Committee for approval. $500 of our gift this year will go to the Children's Department. Members liked this.
Nesta spoke of our member, Betty Gosling, who died last year, remembering her scholarship, including the three major books on Thai Art she published, which the Library has in its collection, and her unassuming ways. Betty planted a garden at her condo on Glazier Way and the residents will have a tree planted in her honor.
Both Nesta and Bobbie have suggested books for the LLA to buy in Betty's honor. Jackie will review the list.
Nesta said the Treasure Mart has a large collection of art books in excellent condition. She had four set aside for Jackie to possibly purchase.
The Treasurer's Report was circulated. Both Katie and Menakka were absent. The value of our securities portfolio is now $402,438, a considerable increase from the Spring
Report. The CMA Money Market Fund contained $20,219, bringing total assets to $422,657.
Bobbie announced that she cannot Chair the LLA next year. She is in charge of the Turner Resource Center Gallery, where elder members display their art. Members agreed that it is important and the Gallery is delightful.
Members had time to share inf01111ationon their trips and events.
The Spring meeting will be May 13, Tuesday, at 4:00 at the Downtown Library.
Meeting adjourned at 5:30. Shirley Axon, secretary

Minutes of the Spring Meeting, Tuesday May 13, 2008
President Jan Barney Newman called the meeting to order at 4:15. We met in the Downtown District Library in the 4th floor meeting room.
Present: Katie Aldrich, Shirley Axon, Menakka Bailey, Elaine Gazda, Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Bobbie Levine, Jan Barney Newman Prue Rosenthal
Nesta Spink, Liza Taylor. ' '
Jan introduced Library Director Josie Parker. Josie congratulated Prue on her election to the Library Board. We now have two members, Prue and Jan, on the Board.
Josie announced that the Traverwood Branch, replacing the Plymouth Mall Branch will
have its ribbon cutting event June 28. LLA members will be invited. The Travcrw'ood
Library will probably be the last new Branch built for some time. There are no plans to
replace the Westgate Branch. Westgate is the least used library in the system and there is no nearby property available.
Josie then discussed possible building changes in the Downtown District Library. The building was built in 1958 and the last addition was in 1991, seventeen years ago. An on- line survey had "an amazing" 1500 responses, 95% of which were from members inside the City of Ann Arbor. Two options are available: A: build a new building on top of the present parking lot, which will be underground parking or B: renew and add to the present building. The present building has inefficient heating plus water and
mechanical infrastructure problems. In addition the electrical system is not adequate for modem computer and other tasks. The DDL has hired an architect and a builder who have through August to complete plans.
Jackie Suzaki, the Librarian who handles the LLA purchases, distributed the Spring 2008 List of proposed book purchases including those bought since October 2007
The LLA book funds remaining in the Library account is $1,000 of the year's $3,000. That will just cover purchases until July 2008, the new fiscal year. Jackie only buys books priced at over $50 with LLA funds.
Jackie reported that forty old LLA books have been removed from Library shelves due to age and condition. The Rudolph Steiner School took all of them and sent a thank-you letter.
Sarah led the Book Committee report. In order to consider more dollars for art for the new Traverwood Library, Sarah said the Book Committee proposes $2,000 for next year's book budget, $1,000 less than this year. In discussion, Prue questioned whether we give books to Branches. Sarah said we sometimes do. After discussion Joan moved that we approve $2,000 for books for 2008-09. The motion passed.

 Sarah said that there is a need for new Book Committee members, including someone willing to chair the Committee. In response, Prue said she would be willing to chair the Book Committee next year and Liza volunteered to be on the Committee. Jan thanked them for volunteering.
Before discussing how much to set aside for art purchases for the Traverwood Branch, Katie gave the Treasurer's Report. Dividends, Interest and Cash in 2007 totaled $9,483. The Market Value of our holdings totals $425,389. 2007 Disbursements totaled $3,140.
Alexa led the discussion of purchasing art for the new Traverwood Library. She suggested the amount set aside be $3,000 to $10,000. Menakka moved, seconded by Prue, that we approve up to $10,000, including installation, for new art for the Traverwood Branch Library. The motion passed.
Nesta said that members should be clear on how to offer suggestions for art and books. To avoid confusion it was agreed that only Sarah and Alexa, Book Committee Chairs, will discuss purchase suggestions with Jackie.
Jan commented that because of all the glass in the new building there may not be much space for pictures. Sarah pointed out that Darcy, who is absent, knows a lot about handmade books and small art presses that have beautiful books. These could be considered for art acquisition in the future. Sculpture may also be a possibility. Jan suggested that because of the location and structure of the new building, anyone recommending art should first go to the building to see it.
Joy and Trudy pointed out that in the LLA bylaws the Book Committee is responsible for books and art. After some discussion there was agreement that a new Art Committee of three to five members will select the art and present their selection/s to the Book Committee for approval. Art Committee members will be selected by Book Committee co-chairs Alexa and Sarah.
At the next meeting the Nominating Committee will present nominations for next year's officers. Jan asked Trudy to chair this Committee again and Trudy agreed.
Joan suggested that we have one meeting a year at the Library and one in a member's home. Members concurred. Joan offered her home for the next meeting.
Jan asked that members bring suggestions for new members to the next meeting.
The next meeting will be Tuesday, October 28 at the home of Joan Innes. We'll assemble at 4:00 for tea and the meeting will begin at 4:30.
NOTE: This is a change from October 14 in the minutes sent perviously.
Jan adjourned the meeting at 5:40. Shirley Axon, secretary

Minutes of the Fall Meeting, Tuesday October 28, 2008
Call to Order: The meeting was called to order by President Jan Barney Newman at 4:25 at Joan Innes' home. We had met at 4:00 for tea and conversation.
Members present: Shirley Axon, Trudy Huntington, Nesta Spink, Katie Aldrich, Prue Rosenthal, Bobbie Levine, Menakka Bailey, Frances McSparran, Jan Barney Newman, Sarah Innes, Zibby Oneal, Joan Innes, Joy Blouin, Jean Powers, Darcy Bowden.
Treasurer's Report: Katie reported that the Merrill Lynch portfolio totals $325,486 and our CMA Money Market Fund has $28,567 bringing the total assets to $354,053. We disbursed $2,115 of which $2,000 went to the Library.
Art Selection Committee: Sarah led the discussion of the art selection for the new Traverwood Branch Library. Sarah and Alexa, Chairs of the Art Selection Committee, had selected Zibby, Darcy and Nesta to join them on the Committee. The Committee met all summer and after considering several local artists selected Mignonette Yin Cheng. Mignonette was very helpful, lending five oil paintings to take to the large brown wall in the Children's area of the Library, where one will hang. Mignonette lowered the price of the selected painting from $18,000 from $15,000. At our last meeting we had approved $10,000 for a piece of art. After discussion, Prue moved and Menakka seconded that we increase our approved purchase amount to $15,000 in order to buy the Cheng painting. The motion passed unanimously. Sarah's request that an expanded credit to the artist, including her picture and a brief bio be posted near the painting, was denied, so the credit to this artist will be consistent with the credits posted with other LLA art donations in other library branches.
Jan thanked the Committee for their work.
Sarah is giving two of her paintings to the Library in memory of Kirby Hall. Jan suggested that the LLA pay for reframing the pictures and all agreed.
The Book Committee Report was given by Prue, Book Committee Chair. We bought 60 books for the Youth Department and library branches and some library shelves to hold the new books. The LLA Book list for fall 2008 was circulated. There was $600 in the LLA book fund account at the end of June.
The Nominating Committee Report by Trudy presented the following slate for our 2009 LLA Officers. They are:
President- Jan Barney Newman Vice-President-Bobbie Levine
Secretary - Shirley Axon
Treasurers - Katie Aldrich and Menakka Bailey Book Committee Chair - Prue Rosenthal

 New Member Nominations: Three names were offered to fill two open slots for new members. This assumes that Pam Tabbaa will be put on an inactive list while she lives in Jordan. Discussion followed on bypassing the by-laws and asking one of the nominees to join now. The current By-laws covering new member nominations state that nominations are to be presented at the Spring 2009 meeting and voted on at the Fall meeting. Frances suggested that the By-laws be revised to state that names can be presented at one meeting and voted on the next, eliminating the spring and fall requirement. She will circulate the revised wording by email. The concept was unanimously approved. Prue, seconded by Jean, nominated Karen Dykstra to be a member. It passed. Sarah and Alexa, who had presented her name, will ask her to join. For the one remaining slot, the other two names will be offered at the Spring 2009 meeting, along with briefbios. Other nominees with written bios are also invited at the next meeting.
LLA Members Email: Frances is updating the UM email name site:
New Library Plans: Prue and Jan led a discussion on the proposed new downtown library. Both are on the Ann Arbor Library Board. The Architects' summary of the necessity of a new library building was circulated by email and at the meeting. It will be filed with the minutes.
Miscellaneous: Bobbie read a letter from a longtime Library patron thanking the LLA for the excellent children's books selected and given.
Meeting was adjourned at 5:55.
The Spring meeting will be at 4:00pm on May 12 at the Downtown Library. Shirley Axon, secretary

 4:00 Tea
4:20 4:25
4: 30
canto Order
Approval of Minutes distributed by email
Treasurer's Report, Katie Aldrich
Book Committee, Prue Rosenthal
Art Selection for Traverwood Branch: Sarah Innes
Nominating Committee Report: Trudy Huntington
New member nominations
Email address corrections: Frances McSparran New Library Plans: Discussion
Spring Meeting: May 12, 2009 (suggested)
Ladies' Library Association Fall meeting, Oct. 28, 2008 Home of Joan Innes 2100 Hill St.
4:00 - 5:45 p.m. Agenda

ANN ARBOR,MICIDGAN Treasurers' Report
October 28, 2008
Merrill Lynch reports that as of September 30, 2008 the securities
portfolio of the Ladies' Library Association was valued at $325,485.76.
The CMA Money Market Fund contained $28,567.59, bringing our total assets to $354,053.35.
We made the following disbursements to date this year:
Ann Arbor District Library Check Usage Fee
EMA Annual Fee Freelance Accounting TOTAL
Respectfully submitted,
Katie Aldrich & Menakka Bailey Treasurers
$ 2,000.00 $ 0.30 $ 80.00 $ 35.00 $ 2,115.30

   r-=o\\ ;}.oo<t;
Ladies Library Association report of the Book Committee
We purchased a total of 60 books for the Youth Departmen~ LLA Art shelves and the branches, with the $600 fund balance in the LLA account at the end of June.
Jackie thanks everyone for the money, as always.

 Nominating Committee Ladies Library Association
October 28, 2008
Members: Trudy Huntington.(~Jesta Spi~""'-~ ~~\'7~....:t-) Officers for 2009
President: Jan Barney Newman Vice-President: Bobbie Levine
Secretary: Shirley Axon
Treasurers: Katie Aldrich and Menakka Bailey Book Committee Chair: Prue Rosenthal

Spring Meeting: Ann Arbor District Library, May 12, 2009, 4.00 pm
Present: Menakka Bailey, Karen Dykstra, Elaine Gazda,Trudy Huntington, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Frances McSparran, Jan Newman, Zibby O'Neal, Jean Powers, Prue Rosenthal, Nesta Spink
After tea and conversation, Jan Newman called the meeting to order about 4:25 pm.
Josie Parker gave an update on the library parking lot. Major replacement work on the air handlers for the library will cause serious disruption of the parking area for some considerable time. Two out of five of these handlers will be replaced at a cost of $250,000, and the remaining three air handlers also need replacement. Alternative parking on the site of the Y may be a possibility, but is still under discussion. Another significant future expense for the library will be replacement of the existing elevators.
Following Josie's departure, Jan Newman introduced our new member, Karen Dykstra, who told us a little about herself, and was welcomed, and we then proceeded to approve the minutes of the last meeting.
Menakka Bailey presented the Treasurers' Report, submitted by herself and Katie Aldrich. There was brief discussion of whether or not the reglazing of pictures donated by Sarah Innes in memory of Kirby Hall had been paid for, as agreed by the group. The answer was yes, but the cost will appear in the next report. We outspent our dividends this year by $7000, and Menakka suggested that we should be fairly conservative in our commitments for the forthcoming year, in view of the current economic environment, and to build up funds since we may wish to make a substantial donation when the new library is eventually built.
Prue Rosenthal presented the Book Report (attached), and reported a balance of $622.77 which will go towards the spring list. The book selected in memory of Betty Gosling is: Devi: the Great Goddess: female divinity in South Asian Art/ Vidya Dehejia; with contributions by Thomas 8. Coburn...(et al). Members thought it particularly appropriate for Betty.
It was decided that up to $3000.00 will be allocated for 2009, to be given as requested by the library for purchases. Librarian Jackie Sazakisent an accounting of the LLAfund as of May 7, 2009: APPROPRIATION: $2,000
EXPENDTURE$:1,242.23 ENCUMBRANCE:$134(moneyassignedforbooksthatare purchased but not paid for yet.) BALANCE:$622.77 (The balance will go toward the spring list).
FrancesMcSparran reviewed the two options which had been submitted to members concerning revision of the article of the bylaws dealing with the nomination and election of new members. It was agreed unanimously that option 1 should replace the relevant portion of the bylaws, which will therefore now read:

"Active members shall be limited to twenty members resident in Ann Arbor. When new members are to be elected, members may propose nominees (with brief verbal biographies) at any one meeting, and those nominated shall be voted on at the subsequent meeting. [bold is used here to indicate the new language] Emerita membership shall be confined to women who have served ten years or more as members of the Association. A member may become an emerita by her own choice or by vote of the Association. Emeritae members may attend meetings and may vote if in attendance. They shall be entitled to all reports or publications of the Association, should they request them. They shall pay no dues."
Bobbie Levine has recently resigned from the LLA because of other commitments, and Jan Newman and others recognized what valuable services she had given on the Book Committee, where she will be missed. It was agreed that the minutes of this meeting should be forwarded to her, and we will continue to do so in future if she so desires.
Sarah Innes was nominated and elected as Vice-President to replace Bobbie Levine. There was discussion of possible new members for the LLA,and four were proposed for consideration. Brief biographies were offered by those nominating them, and election for the three available slots will take place at the Fall meeting.
The Fall meeting will be held at the Traverwood Branch Library at 4.00 pm on October 13, 2009.
Respectfully submitted by Frances McSparran (Secretary pro tern)

 LADIES LIBRARY ASSOCIATION - FALL 2009 MEETING Traverwood Branch Library, October 13, 2009
Present: Shirley Axon, Darcy Bowden, Sarah Innes, Joan Innes, Alexa Lee, Jan Barney Newman, Zibby Oneal, Prue Rosenthal, Liza Taylor
After tea and conversation, Jan Barney Newman, president, called the meeting to order at 4:20.
Josie Parker, Ann Arbor District Library Director, gave an update on Library affairs.
the downtown Library parking lot is closed (the underground parking garage work has started) and nearby Jots are usuaHy full or nearly full. Library customers are taking their pickups at Branch libraries, and this will require a change in staff placements.
Traverwood Library has won an AJA Design Awardand is going on to a national competition.
AADL, working with three other library systems in the country, has received a one million dollar grant to develop cooperative software for libraries of all sizes. AADL was chosen on the strength of its IT department. The software will allow libraries to stay apace with expanding communication capabiJities.
AADL in partnership with the U ofM medical research department has been awarded a NIH grant to hold public informational meetings on clinical research being done at the Uoflv1. There have been five meetings so far.
AADL has taken over the holdings and service responsibility of the county Library for the Blind and Physically Disabled. This requires additional use of space and staff to help the blind and physically handicapped obtain tapes and machines mailed to them free. There is concern that the Library of Michigan, through which the federal funds that support this venture go, not be disassembled as the funds are dispersed through the state library system. The service elevator in the downtown library must be replaced, curtailing movement of the
staff and volunteers of the Friends of the AADL. Both groups are adapting to the inconvenience: some are even saying their "form" is benefitting from the extra exercise. The AADL is working to obtain records and photographs of the Ann Arbor News, which stopped daily publication in July.
Treasurers Report: Jan read the Treasurers Report, signed by Katie Aldrich and Menakka Bailey. Total LLA assets are $333,200. $3,000,was approved for disbursements this year. $1,832 has been made and, moved by Prue and seconded by Zibby, we approved sending Jackie Sasaki $1,500 for new books.
Book Committee: Prue gave the Book Report and distributed a list of the new books purchased after the Book Committee met with Librarian Jackie Sasaki. Liza will edit a biography sheet of Mignonette Cheng, furnished by the River Gallery, for a plaque for her large painting in the Traverwood Library purchased by the LLA.

  Nominating Committee: Jan appointed Joan and Zibby and agreed herself to serve on the Nominating Committee for next year's officers_
Jan then opened the meeting to new member nominations. By consensus agreement Jan changed the By-Laws to allow prospective agreed-and-voted-upon nominees to be asked immediately and if they agree they will begin their membership at the next meeting. This will allow new members to become members without waiting a year, as formerly. Four women were voted on and will be invited to join. There are officially only three openings, but we agreed to one more member if all four accept membership. The four are Nancy Heers, Pearson Macek, Claudette Stems and Joyce Watson.
The Spring meeting is May 11, 2010 at 4:00p.m.
Liza Taylor has invited us to her home at 825 Avon Rd.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:20.

  LADIES LIBRARY ASSOCIATION - Spring Meeting Home of Liza Taylor, 11 May 2010
Present: Katie Aldrich, Shirley Axon, Menakka Bailey, Darcy Bowden, Nancy Heers, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Zibby Oneal, Jean Powers, Prue Rosenthal, Lisa Taylor and Joyce Watson.
Absent: Joy Blouin, Karen Dydstra, Elaine Gazda, Jan Newman, Nesta Spink, Frances McSparran
After tea and conversation Sarah Innes, the new president, called the meeting to order at 4:25.
The Fall 2009 Minutes were approved as amended.
Two new members, Nancy Heers and Joyce Watson, were welcomed and invited to speak about themselves. Nancy is a published poet and active in the arts, including modem and liturgical dance. Her husband is an artist/sculptor and fonner dean of the UM School of Art. Joyce has an MA in History of Art and is interested in art and design. Then alJ members present introduced themselves and spoke of their interests relating to the Ladies Library and the arts.
There was no Old Business.
New Business:
I. Zibby circulated a copy of a suggested plaque that the Ann Arbor Street Exhibit
Committee wants to put up at the old Carnegie Library fa~de that the University saved and has inserted at the north side of the new large entrance building to the Central Campus at State and Huron Streets. The Street Committee is asking for $2,500 for the plaque. We discussed the suggested text of the early history of the LLA, beginning in 1866, and its connection to Ann Arbor's first library building - a Carnegie library called the Ladies Library. Zibby circulated what the plaque would say. The suggested plaque has two large, early pictures of the Carnegie Library.
After discussion, Prue moved both that we accept the text as written and that we give the Street Exhibit Committee the $2,500 as requested for the plaque. Jean seconded. Motion
II. Trudy Huntington, an active member of the LLA for many years, who kept all our records and had them filed in the UM Bentley Historical Library, has moved to the Philadelphia area due to health reasons. She is a well-known and respected researcher on the Amish, Mennonite and other related groups and her research has gone to Penn State University.

  Joan moved that we purchase a book in Trudy's honor, and Nancy seconded. Motion passed. Shirley will contact both Trudy and Jackie Sasaki, DDL librarian, for suggestions.
III. Liza presented the wording she'd prepared for a plaque for the Mignonette Cheng art hanging in the new Traverwood Library. Discussion followed that something from her life should be added. A committee, consisting of Liz.a, Alexa, Nancy and Sarah, was formed to write the final text for the plaque for Mignonette and plaques for two other artists whose work we have installed, Jerry Kamrowski and David Tamany. Sarah wiJl arrange a tjme for the committee to
Joan presented the names of the New Officers for 2010 -2011. They were approved: President - Sarah Innes
Vice-president - Alexa Lee
Secretary - Shirley Axon
Book Committee Chair - Prue Rosenthal Treasurers - Menakka Bailey and Zibby Oneal
Treasurer's Report:
Katie read the Treasurer's Report as of 12/31/2009
Total ML, Cash and Savings - $356,859 Expenses for the year 2009 - 3,333
Joan moved to accept the Treasurer's Report and Sarah seconded. Motion passed. Menakka said she felt we could spend up to $5,000.
Book Report:
Prue passed the list of books her committee approved for the Library to purchase, plus a book (to be selected) for Trudy.
We agreed to approve $4,000 for fiscal year 2010, of which $2,500 will be for the large Carnegie Library plaque. Sarah moved we approve $1,500 for books for 2010. Darcy seconded. Motion passed.
Liza mentioned that we will need to purchase a large plaque for the Mignonette Cheng art, plus the other two. The committee will meet soon to estimate cost and set wording. Alexa said that she would ascertain the price of plaques from Randy Parrish
Next meeting will be on October 5 at 4:00 p.m. at the Downtown District Library. Meeting adjourned at 4:25.
Shirley Axon, Secretary

Present: Katie Aldrich, ShjrJey Axon, Menak.kaBajJey, Joy Blouin, Darcy Bowden, Karen Dykstra, Elaine Gazda, Nancy Heers, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Pearson Macek, Jan Barney Newman, Zibby Oneal, Frances McSparran, Jean Powers, and Joyce Watson
The LLA met at 4:00 for tea and conversation with refreshments brought by Sarah. Meeting: called to order by Sarah at 4:20.
Sarah welcomed Pearson, our new member, and everyone introduced themselves. Old Business: Minutes of the Spring 2010 meeting were approved.
Jan's Report: Jan gave a report on the Downtown Ann Arbor Historical Street Exhibit gathering on September 28, which highlighted the new plaque, a gift of the LLA, and the role of the Ladies' Library Association in the history of the development of a public library in Ann Arbor. The plaque is located on the fa~de of the old Carnegie Library, which has been incorporated into the University of Michigan's new North Quad at the corner of Huron and State. The ceremony had several speakers, including Ingrid Sheldon, former mayor of Ann Arbor and Josie Parker, AADL Director. The ceremony concluded with a reception in the Campus Inn. All Ladies Library members were invited to attend.
Josie Parker Report: Josie, AA District Library Director, introduced Celeste Choate, AADL Public Services Director.
Josie said that the Print Collection is the Library's most popular collection. The prints are framed and people can check them out. There are few large art collections in public libraries. Local artists are starting to donate items to the AADL.
The Library Journal has named the AADL a 5 Star Library. There are ten so named in the country and the AADL has been named for three years in a row. The AADL is among the top 200 in the country.
Book checkout is not dipping. Book circulation in Ann Arbor is high: 52 books per person. Josie spoke of the open seats on the Library Board that will be in the November election,
and noted that Jan Newman, a LLA member, is running for a second term.
New Business:
Treasurers Report: Menakka and Katie gave the Treasurer's Report. The securities portfolio of the LLA is valued at $308, 762 and our Money Market Fund contains $21, 568, bringing the total to $339, 131. We sold our British Petroleum stock and bought General Mills and Hong Kong Shanghai Bank. In the Spring Report the treasurers will include a

  list of all our portfolio holdings and will continue the practice every spring. Zibby approved and Nancy seconded that we approve the Treasurers report. Motion passed.
The LLA has received notice that we, as a nonprofit, must now file the Fonn990EZ with the IRS. Menakka had Chuck Rubin, P.C., prepare the new form and asked LLA to approve sending him $1SOfor his accounting services. Jan moved and Jean Powers seconded that we approve the money. Approved.
Menakka reported that we have given the Library $1,500 for books so far this year. Our stocks have gone down. We agreed that in the spring 2011 meeting we could give up to $5,000 for the year.
Book Committee Report:
Joyce reported that the Committee met Sept.16 with Jackie Sasaki to finalize the books to give the Library. There was some confusion about whether the money we had voted on in the Spring meeting had been spent or not. We asked the Book Committee to clear that up, and to request that Jackie give us the kind of financial statement we used to get from her. Jan moved and Zibby seconded that we authorize the Book Committee to give up to $1,000 for the rest of 20 l 0 and to work with Jackie to bring the list within the budget. Motion passed.
We discussed the two books we will give the Library in honor of Trudy Huntington, longtime member and active keeper of our records. She has had to move to Pennsylvania for health reasons. She was an expert on the Amish and Mennonite peoples and the books selected reflect her studies. The books are: "Barbara Ebersol: Her Life, Fractur,
and Death Record Book" by David Luthy and "A Quiet Spirit, Amish Quilts" by Cindy Tietze and Stuart Hodosh. Trudy is particular about the authors of Amish books and Shirley will check with her to confirm her approval. There was discussion on what the dedication will say, and we agreed to just use the book plate "In Honor of Trudy Huntington", as we did with Betty Gosling. We will have the books hard bound. Shirley moved and Sarah seconded that "We approve the two books for Trudy, pending her approval." Motion passed.
Old Business:
Alexa mentioned that the plaque for Mignonette Yin Cheng is up and can be seen here at the Traverwood Library. We also need a plaque for the two pictures by David Tammany at the Pittsfield Library. Liza will write what goes on the plaques.
Dues: We collected the 10 cents yearly dues from members.
The Next Meeting will be at the Downtown Library on May 3, 2011 at 4:00 pm. The meeting adjourned at 5:30.
Shirley Axon. Secretary

Minutes of May 3, 2011
Meeting was called to order by President Sara Innes at 4:20 after tea and conversation. Shirley passed out new membership lists, and other copies for members were distributed of new LLA books and finances.
Members present were: Katie Aldrich, Shirley Axon, Joy Blouin, Menakka Bailey, Karen Dykstra, Elaine Gazda, Nancy Heers, Joan Innes, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, Pearson Macek, Jan Barney Newman, Jean Powers, Prue Rosenthal, Frances McSparran, Liza Taylor, and Joyce Watson.
Jackie Sasaki introduced Ann Drozd, who will replace Jackie as the LLA contact for new books at the Library. Jackie will work on Library archives. We expressed thanks to Jackie for her help and our good relationship over the years.
Josie Parker, AADL Director, reported on popular events and exhibits happening at the Library, including a current "Happy Birthday Ben" (Franklin) exhibit. The Library has posters from every year of the Summer Festival. There will be a "Summer Reading" kickoff
The LLA gave a 1960 gift, in which we bought prints for framed pictures the Library rents. Now, the popular program supports the buying of prints.
Budget: There is a decrease in revenue because of the drop in property values and also because of how other income producing arrangements are handled, such as 'brownfields'. To adjust to the lower income, there is a salary freeze and employees are paying a larger health care percentage, but it's still below 20%.
Josie discussed the Library Lot plans, saying that while the Conference Center is dead, the City must put in a building that will bring in more income than a city park alone.
Josie has been invited to Italy to discuss how libraries can survive in the new electronic books era. Her talk was given the title "Librarians vs. Post-Librarians" - though Josie will make it clear that librarians in the new technologies are still librarians! Because we embraced the new technologies from the start, our Library is doing well and weathering the check-out changes.
New Business Meeting:
Minutes: Minutes of the LLA Fall 2010 meeting were approved. Treasurer's Report: Katie and Menakka gave the Treasurer's Report.
The Merrill Lynch securities portfolio of the LLA was valued at $326, 554 on Dec 31, 2010. In the last four months the value has risen to over $368, 800.
The CMA Money Market Fund contained $21,803 on Dec. 31,2010. This fund is for pictures and books.
The Library would like to have another picture. Prue(?) has looked at ceramic pieces for the children's area. (where?)

  Book Report: Prue read the Book Committee Report.
Ann Drozd had given an accounting report to the Book Committee. There is $2,488 in the Fund. That includes the $2,500 given last year. Jackie had held back spendfog because of the market's uncertainties
and thought the Library would not get the full $2,500 this year. Books chosen this year will be purchased with money now in the fund.
Jan brought up the subject of could we look into some ceramic "clouds" by Susan Crowell. Sarah said she will talk to her.
Joyce moved that we raise the amount given to the Library for books to $3,000, with the option to add more if needed. Frances gave a friendly amendment to raise our allocation to $3,500 for books, going forward. Jan seconded. Motion passed.
There will be only one yearly allocation for books: $3,500 given after July 1. And the Book Committee will meet just once a year, in the fall before the Fall LLA meeting.
Prue asked that we funnel recommendations through one person, the head of the Book Committee, who will send them to Anne for a decision. Any LLA member may suggest a book.
Nancy reported on dance books, responding to suggestions that we might purchase a few. Jackie has said that the Library is weak on dance and graphic art books. Frances questioned if the LLA can legally go beyond visual art books. Photography of dance is within our purview.
Nominating Committee: Sarah asked Alexa and Shirley to join her on the Nominating Committee. They accepted.
Historian: Joy has agreed to be the LLA Historian. We thanked her.
Reports: At Josie's request Sarah corresponded with a man who wanted to do a mural for Traverwood.
Liza brought copies of a bio of David Tammany. We have two large paintings of his at Pittsfield Library.
Jan will talk to Josie and we will pay for a plaque for our two Tammany pictures at Pittsfield and also one for Mignonette's picture in Traverwood.
The next meeting will be at the home of Joan Innes on Thursday, October 13, 2011. (To be confirmed.) Meeting adjourned at 5:30.

    Ladies Library Association Fall 2011 Meeting Minutes October 13, 2011
The meeting came to order at 4:20pm after tea and conversation. The book list, reviews, book expenditures balance sheet and treasurer's report were circulated.
Members present: Katie Aldrich, Jan Barney Newman, Karen Dykstra, Joy Blouin, Nancy Heers, Joyce Watson, Joan Innes, Prue Rosenthal, Zibby Oneal, Elaine Gazda, Sarah Innes, Alexa Lee, and Francis McSparran.
Josie Parker, AADL Director, gave us a recap on the UNESCOForum she attended in Italy, addressing the New Library in the Electronic Age. There were 340 attendees from 45 countries, of which Josie was the only American representative. The focus of the forum was how to go forward in this digital age, and not look back at how we got here. There is a new threat to readers all over the world. Publishers did not anticipate the fast proliferation of digital materials and are not even trying to keep up with the changes and are instead holding back. Publishers now see Libraries as a threat to their business and are trying to develop their own models for introducing readers to their materials.
For the first time in the history of Public Libraries material is being denied to them. Electronic books are not for sale to public libraries. Because electronic books are licensed and not sold some publishers are not even trying to work out a system of distribution to libraries. It is being taken on by third party services but it is a very limited and "clunky'' service and so not a viable one.
There is still the need for accessto new material, especially in developing countries, but the nature of the material is changing and so the cost of running a library is changing, the design of the buildings are changing, the use of the buildings is changing and with all the budget issues around the world the status of libraries is in flux.
This important discussion is going on at a global scale. At the forum in Italy, Josie was able to be part of this conversation representing an important view point of the Public Librarian. These are exciting
times ...
New Business
The Minutes from the Spring 2011 meeting were approved.
Sarah let us know that Nesta is now home after almost 2 months spent at Glacier Hills after falling and
fracturing her spine.
The Nominating committee offered a new slate of chairs: Sarah as President for one more year, Frances as VP (and then President), Alexa as Secretary and Elaine as Book Committee chair. Jan moved to accept the nominations, Nancy seconded and the slate was passed.
Katie gave the treasurers report. As of September 30, 2011 Merrill Lynch reports that the securities portfolio of the Ladies' Library Association was valued at $320,538.46. The CMA Money Market Fund contained $23,384.92, bringing our total assets go $343,923.38. $4915.30 in disbursements has been made to date.

   Ann Drozde, Fine Arts Librarian, gave the Book Committee report: She gave us a nice list of books that includes our suggestions from the Spring meeting of books on fashion, textiles and graphic design. She is still looking for books on Korean ceramics. Elaine recommended a new book on Greek Art and Architecture. Ann repeated her request for our suggestions and we were reminded to send those to the Book Committee chair who would then submit them all to Ann. Ann has not made her Fall purchases yet and still has a balance of $3251.16. She did say that Jackie came to her for help buying art books for the general collection.
The question of purchasing artwork for the Children's section of the Traverwood Library came up again and Sarah reported that Susan Crowell's ceramic clouds vary in price, but could cost between $4500- $5000 depending on the number. After much discussion it was decided that though they are very interesting, they are expensive, too fragile and a potential danger. The Ladies are welcome to go look at the space and propose ideas. This discussion is to be continued ...
Next Meeting
The Spring meeting will be at the Library on Thursday, May 10, 2012 at 4:30pm. Katie and Joyce will bring the cookies for the Teawhich will precede the meeting at 4pm.
Respectfully submitted, Alexa Lee

   LadiesL'ibraryAssociation Fall 2012 Meeting Minutes Octobe1rs,2012
The Fall meeting came to order at 4:30pm, at the main downtown branch, after tea and conversation. The book List,book expenditures balance sheet and treasurer's report were circulated.
Members present: Zibby Oneal, Joan Innes, Frances McSparran, Joyce Watson, Prue Rosenthal, Jean Powers, Liza Taylor, Karen Dykstra, Joy Blouin, Menakka Bailey, Shirley Axon, Nancy H.eers,Pearson Macek, Jan Barney Newman, Sarah lnnes, and Alexa Lee.
Josie Parker, AADL Director and Ellie Serras, Chair of the Library Campaign Committee answered questions regarding the Bond Proposal for a new building, on the ballot in November. A long discussion ensued, with only the main points being recorded here.
Frances asked, Why do we need and new library and why is it costing so much money? Why not recondition the existing building? A half of a million people come in the building each year, approximately 1600 people each day. There has been a 12% increase in usage over the last IOyears. The space no longer works for a1Jthe things that are going on in it. For example, there are long lines to use the computers with 75,000 internet sessions each year. Since 2009 there has been a 21% increase in meetings being held at the library. The basement event area only accommodates 135 people so the overflow audience has to watch the events on a TV monitor up in the board room. But, most importantly, the building was built before the ADA (Americans with Disabilities Act) was enacted and though it bas been retrofitted, it is sorely lacking in accessibility.
The 65 million dollar price tag includes everything: $335/sf for 160,000sf (the size of the existing building)= $53.5 milUon; plus the cost to move out, rent, and fees for design and build. $335/sf is a low estimate; oftbe new libraries built recently Cambridge's cost $800/sfand in Missisippi the cost is about $200/sf. You cannot compare the cost to other buildings like City Hall or a new High School. They all require such specialized facilities (like pools, auditoriums, empty class rooms, court rooms, jails, etc.) that it is like comparing apples to oranges ...
Sarah asked, Why now? Will there be another opportunity? Right now interest rates are the lowest they've been in many years, and construction costs are way down. Renovation will only cost I0% less and stilJ not provide what is needed, let alone what will be needed in the future. Josie stated that an architect told her that a new buildjng, built with all the new materials available today should be able to last I00 years.
What has the public response been? [tis a very complicated issue and without a daily media source it has been a challenge to get the information out to the community. But, the campaign committee has been going to city council meetings, township meetings and hosting public forums. Once people hear the facts they respond favorably. The board has produced a nice informational postcard that will be widely distributed.
New Business
The Minutes from the Spring 2012 meeting were approved with a minor spelling correction.

  Sarah let us know that Robert Aldrich died. at the age of 88, in September. Our thoughts go out to Katie. Darcy Bowden submitted her resignation. And, Pam Tabbaa is back. We have 20 members currently.
Thls is Sarah's last meeting as President, Frances takes over in the Spring. Joyce Watson was nominated and approved as the new VP to start at the Spring meeting.
Alexa reported there is a new group email address which includes all current members. Address your emails to: ladies-libracy-association@googlegroups.ctosmend
correspondence to the entire group.
Menakka reported that as of Sept. 30, 2012 the total assets of the LLA were $424,200.75. This is up from $343,923.38 last year. Total disbursements were $3765.45. It was suggested that perhaps we could increase our allocation. But, we have stated in the past that if Amanda feels she needs more money, she can always ask and we will consider it. It was suggested we wait and possibly make a gift to the new library.
The dues of a dime were collected before someone pointed out that Katie had collected the dues at the Spring meeting. The $1.60 collected was given to the Secretary to cover any postage fees incurred.
Book Report
Sarah gave the Book Report as Elaine is out of town. Ourcheck to the Library was a little late (Alexa will get the minutes out right after the meeting so those not in attendance will be able to take action) so Amanda has only spent a small amount. The new book list was received positively by the whole group and approved. It wa<;remarked that having the reviews circulated early was very helpful.
Sarah reported that painter Elaine Wilson is interested in donating paintings to the Library. It was suggested that she wait until the decision about the new building is reached. We can bring this back up at the next meeting.
Next Meeting
April 18, 2013 at 4pm for tea with the meeting to start at 4:30pm. Prue bas tentatively offered her house as the location.
Respectfully submitted, Alexa Lee

   Ladies' Library Association Spring 2013 Meeting
April 18, 2013
The Spring meeting came to order early, at 4:25pm, since all members were present. We had a lovely tea at Prue's house.
Members present: Nancy Heers, Joyce Watson, Francis McSparren, Pam Tabbaa, Elaine Gazda, Sarah Innes, Zibby Oneal, Joan Innes, Katie Aldrich, Prue Rosenthal, Jan Barney Newman, Alexa Lee, and Karen Dykstra.
Josie Parker, AADL Director, reported library news. The Board is ready to adopt a new budget in July. City tax revenue has finally increased and for the first time in 3 years, the staff will see a pay increase, with the lowest paid staff members receiving a wage that is now above $9/hour.
Josie also addressed Francis' questions regarding the recent series of letters in the NY Times highlighting issues between E Books, publishers, libraries and authors. For the first time, ever, public libraries are not able to buy books - E Books are not sold as individual items to be owned, but are licensed. With publishers seeing a decline in hardcover book sales, they are worried that libraries will impact their sale of E Books if they give them to libraries. 3 big New York libraries got together and worked out a deal with Random House to try to prove that libraries and publishers can work together to transition. Random House has opened up their catalog for purchase of any titles for one year. In return, these libraries have agreed to open their customer base to the publisher allowing the library patrons to buy books through the library website. The libraries will receive

  a percentage of the sales.
It is known that libraries do help sell hardcover books. But, E Books do not sell hardcover books; they only sell more E
Books ... Our Ann Arbor library's patrons are in the top 10 for purchasing books from Amazon. Ann Arbor is also in the top 10 for library lending. Since a hjgh level of purchasing and lending happens here, our library is in a good position to wait and react when it is necessary to do so.
Katie reported that as of December 31, 2012 the total assets of the LLA were $414,929. This is down slightly from the fall amount of $424,200. Total disbursements were 3765.45. Annual dues often cents were collected by Katie.
Elaine gave the Book Committee report. Amanda submitted a good range of books that was approved by the committee and the whole group. Everyone especially liked the many children's books that were included. There were a few additions suggested: the catalog from the UMMA show El Anatsui and Mignonette Cheng. There is a balance of $2005 in the Book Fund that this list will use up. $3500 was allotted for book purchases for the fiscal year starting in July.
Frances brought up the suggestion of purchasing DVDs. She brought a list of titles she found interesting. Pam has been using the library's collection of art DVDs and has found it to be lacking. She finds so many of these products are not very scholarly. The principle of having them is good, but how to find the best ones. Josie will find out who is responsible for maintaining this collection for the library.
Art Committee

  Sarah brought up the idea of buying more prints for the library's print collection. She found that most of the prints are checked out all the time. Would it be beneficial to have duplicates of the popular ones and to have prints of the pieces at the UMMA? Josie reported that the Print Collection, started by the LLA, is one of the most popular collections in the library with 70% of it always checked out. AADL is one of the only libraries in the country to maintain one. Prints can be checked out for 2 months with a 1 month renewal. There is a local dentist that furnishes
his offices with them on a rotating basis. Jackie manages the collection and Amanda will soon be taking it over. Elaine wondered what the acquisition guidelines were, that it is important to have a guiding principle for the collection. Josie said that all library collections had guidelines and she would find out what they were for the prints. She did say that some local artists had donated prints and originals to the collection. She did not feel that they needed the Ladies to help with purchases.
Sarah reported that Elaine Wilson, a painter that has since moved to Washington DC would like to donate a painting to the library. She will be here in May to clear out her studio and several images were passed around of the paintings that Elaine could give. We voted to accept, but a location would need to be decided upon before an actual painting was chosen. Everyone liked the painting of the construction equipment to go in a Children's area, perhaps at the Traverwood branch. Josie could decide on the location. Sarah will let Elaine know and make arrangements for delivery. Frances and Josie will write thank you notes. Sarah will need to provide them with her current address.
Sarah also brought up the large scroll print that she purchased last fall when Elaine moved. The Ladies voted to purchase it for the library, perhaps putting it in the main branch. Katie will give Sarah a check for $300 to cover the price.

 New Business
The minutes from the Fall 2012 meeting were approved.
Member issues were discussed. With Pam's return and Darcy's leaving we are still at 20 members. Nesta's health is failing and Bobbi has made some mention to coming back. If we change her status to Emeritae she is welcome to attend any meetings. She had chosen "inactive" over "Emeritus" but maybe she is changing her mind. Katie will feel her out on the subject. In the meantime Alexa will get a current membership list together.
Next Meeting
After checking with the UM Calendar Elaine has confirmed that our original date of October 17 falls during the U's Fall Break. So, we should schedule the next meeting for Thursday October 24th at 4pm for tea with the meeting starting at 4:30pm at the downtown location of the Library. We need a hostess for tea. Who makes arrangements for the meeting space?
Respectfully submitted, Alexa Lee

   LadiesL'ibrary Association Fall2013Meetin2 October24, 2013
The Fall meeting came to order early, at 4:25pm. Prior to the meeting tea was served in the Conference room at the Downtown Library.
Members present: Karen Dykstra, Pam Tabbaa, Prue Rosenthal, Nancy Heers, Shirley Axon, Frances McSparran, Elaine Gazda, Joyce Watson, Katie Aldrich, Zibby Oneal, Sarah Innes, Menakka Bailey, Jan Barney Newman, and Alexa Lee.
Minutes were approved with Frances' name being corrected. Josie was out of town. Amanda was there to represent the
Treasurer's Report
Katie reported that as of September 30, 2013 the total assets of the LLA were $450,809.59. Year to date the accounts have gained about $45,000. Total disbursements were $3765.60.
Book Report
Elaine gave the Book Committee report. Amanda submitted a good range of books that was approved by the book committee. Many books were also suggested. Katie just finished reading the new biography of Edward Curtis and wondered if there was a new book available of hjs photos? Amanda will look into this.
Pam brought in a gorgeous paperback, Threads of Identity, Sarah suggested the catalog of the Civil War Photography exhibition at the Metropolitan Museum of Art, and Pam told us

   the Costume Institute at the Met will be publishing a series of books. Elaine will be donating the book on the Kelsey Museum's Mummy. Joyce suggested that all these suggestions should hold off for the Spring list. $3500 was approved for new acquisitions for 2014.
Art Committee
The issue of buying more prints for the Library's lending collection is still being discussed. Jackie will be retiring and Sarah will talk with Josie about how this program will go forward. Josie was going to find out about the acquisition guidelines for the collection.
The Elaine Wilson scroll print was installed in the stairwell up to the Conference room.
Jackie had suggested purchasing a Martha Keller painting and had included three images in her proposal. Prue and Frances suggested it does not make sense to purchase artwork that the Library does not have space for. Though, everyone agreed that it is a nice idea to collect local artist's works. Alexa will contact Paul Keller (Martha's son) and Jackie. Frances will talk to Josie for her feedback, and Elaine will bring in Martha's catalog from her retrospective for the members not familiar with Martha's work.
Elaine has a new exhibit opening January 2016 highlighting a Roman villa belonging to Nero's 2nd wife near Pompeii. She is putting together a focus group to help her with exhibit guidelines, what would interest the public, and getting the word out. Volunteers should email Elaine.
Of the 40 DVDs that Frances proposed last spring, Josie found 10. Annette Hanes a Librarian. gave Frances sources for good
DVDs. Pam is sti1lconcerned with quality and proposed that we

  go ahead with purchasing the Museum collection and exhibition based ones. That would add about $300 to the Spring list.
Amanda is going to look into the circulation numbers. Pam also noticed that not all the DVDs are on the shelf and that it would make sense to shelve all the Art DVDs together.
Sarah saw Nesta recently and though she cannot read, any longer, she does listen to books. Nesta suggested she should resign since she can no longer contribute to the group. Bobbi is also not well enough to attend meetings.
Next Meetin&
Thursday, April 24, 4pm for tea. Meeting starting at 4:30pm Nancy Heers' home: 3893 Liberty Road. Carpool if convenient as they do not have many parking spaces.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:20pm.
Respectfully submitted, Alexa Lee

 ------ - -
Ladies' Library Association April, 24, 2014
Spring 2014 Meeting
The Spring meeting came to order early, at 4:25pm. Prior to the meeting Nancy served a delicious tea and we all got to peruse their amazing art collection and admire the spring view of the property from the dining room.
Members present: Sarah Innes, Joyce Watson, Liza Taylor, Prue Rosenthal, Joy Blouin, Pam Tabbaa, Shirley Axon, Frances McSparran, Menakka Bailey, Nancy Heers, Katie Aldrich, Joan Innes, Elaine Gazda, and Alexa Lee.
Fall 2013 Minutes were approved.
Josie was in attendance and gave us an update on Library news. She was happy to announce an exhibition at the Downtown Library, Child in a Strange Country: Helen Keller and the History of Education for People Who Are Blind or Visually Impaired, opening on May 2. It is a large exhibition from the American Printing House for the Blind and will be situated on the 3rd floor and Lobby through June 25.
Josie summarized a recent survey conducted of Library users. The last such survey was 2 years ago, in 2012. Since then, there has been a 17% increase in library use. The good news is that the majority of those surveyed believe the Library is still relevant in the digital age. When the users were asked what the library is not doing that they would like to see, or what the Library is doing that they like, 80% responded that "everything is fine, don't change a thing". Prue thought this was because the majority of the community does not know what is possible for the library to provide. For instance, they brought up the Tool collection that can be checked out: Telescopes, microscopes, sewing machines, musical instruments, etc. This collection came about from community requests.

  Many libraries are becoming "makers spaces" but since we have a number of good makers spaces already in town, our library only provides tools and occasional programming. The results of the survey will be published.
Josie also talked about the recent increase in crime at the library. It is a sad fact of life that crimes, of all natures, occur in public spaces. The library being a public space has its share of crime. The Library has been working with city council to get the word out and to reassure the public that the library is not a dangerous place.
The new budget is in place and there will not be a millage increase this year.
Treasurer's Report
Dues of 10 cents were collected by Menakka.
Katie reported the portfolio of the LLA was valued at $494,473.59.
$4,065.60 in disbursements was made this past year.
Book Committee Report
Elaine feels her job does not amount to much because Amanda has selected books that no one has been objecting too, and is a nice diverse list. Sarah did want to add a book on self portraits, but Amanda thought it was inexpensive enough that she purchased it out of her other budget preferring to use the LLA funds for more expensive items. Pam brought 2 books from the Costume Institute that was beautiful and interesting. She will put together a list of all the books available and compare to what the library might already have in its colJection, and propose some titles for the next list.
Amanda's list was approved along with $3500 for the year.
The question of art DVDs was addressed again. Amanda did not order any as she was uncertain which funds to use. It was proposed that Amanda purchase the remaining 16 DVDs from Frances' original list.

  Along the lines of other items we could consider, Pam brought up the art games the MOMA and Metropolitan Museum of Art sell. Josie said the Library has some games that the LLA originally purchased for them and that they would "not turn down the money to buy more". Games are very popular and wear out quickly. Frances proposed an additional $1500 to purchase DVDs and art games for children, and all were in favor. The money will go to Amanda who can use any unspent money at her discretion.
Art Committee
Sarah brought up Art Posters again, proposing additional money to expand the collection including posters of the Caldecott book covers for children. Josie said that at this point there was no physical space to store and display anymore posters. The building is maxed out. Jackie and Amanda are on top of the circulation of the prints making sure that the collection meets the demand of the borrowers. There are not many prints stored at the branches, because of space concerns, but they do now deliver the prints to any branch for users to pick up.
Alexa reported, after corresponding with Jackie and Paul Keller, that there are paintings available from Martha Keller. We are not limited to the 3 that Jackie proposed last year. However, due to limited display space at the library and Paul Keller working to document his mother's work, nothing will be done to purchase a painting right now.
Prue showed a picture of a piece of sculpture by Michigan artist Jim Pallas, The Little Dog Laughed. Josie was contacted by a friend of the artist who suggested it would make a nice addition to the outdoor patio area. For a minimal fee of $500 to the artist and the cost of a cement pad, it was an opportunity that was hard to resist. The expenditure was approved and Josie will contact the artist.
Frances brought 2 books to be donated to the library from Elaine Pitt: The Girl with the Pearl Earring, Dutch Paintings from the Mauritshus, and Chihuly Prqjects.

  Frances reported that she went to Jackie Sasaki's retirement party and gave her a book on behalf of the LLA. Josie said Jackie will continue to write fiction reviews for the website under the pseudonym, Muffy.
Pearson Maeck has resigned. She is just too busy and has not been able to make many meeting due to her heavy travel schedule.
After checking the By Laws, Frances realized the Spring Meeting is to be used to nominate new members. Since that did not happen this meeting, existing officers agreed to remain in their positions and a nominating committee was formed of Joan, Pam and Katie. They will come up with a slate for the fall meeting. Prue mentioned that Jackie would be a great candidate.
Next Meetin2
Thursday, October 23 at 4pm for tea, with the meeting beginning at 4:30, at the Downtown Library in the 3rd floor conference room. Josie will reserve the room and Frances will bring goodies.

   Ladies' Library Association Fall 2014 Meeting October 23, 2014
The JW!lng meeting came to order early, at 4: 10pm.
Members present: Joyce Watson, Jean Powers, Jan Barney Newman, Zibby Oneal, Prue Rosenthal, Shirley Axon, Menakka Bailey, Nancy Heers, Katie Aldrich, Joan Innes, Elaine Gazda, Karen Dykstra and Alexa Lee.
Joyce Watson was acting President, as Frances is in Ireland.
Josie reported that this past spring the AADL conducted a phone survey of the community and found that many residents were not aware of how the AADL was funded. So, the fall newsletter was an informational piece on just that subject.
The school board recently declared that any child in school can have a library card until the age of 18, even kids outside the Ann Arbor Library area.
The Friend's shop has moved to the 1..floor. Initially this was done because the elevator was out of service for 6 months. But the move helped generate more income, so the move has become permanent. This has freed up space in the lower level for a larger Teen activity room.
Kid's summer game was very successful with 500 kids and grownups participating. The game teaches kids how to access the library systems.
Spring 2014 Minutes were approved.
Treasurer's Report
Dues of 10 cents were collected by Menakka.

 Katie reported the portfolio of the LLA was valued at $498,240.90. $5.715.60 in disbursements was made this past year.
Book CommitteeReport
Elaine donated a book, "Pearls of Wisdom", the catalog for the current show at the Kelsey Museum
Again, Amanda's list was very interesting with a nice range of titles. The list was approved.
Both Pam and Nancy have titles to add to the Spring list.
Amanda reported that the extra $1500 donated last meeting was used to purchase DVDs and art related manipulatjves for the Children's area. In use, right now, is a series of leaf rubbing plates.
Nominating Committee
New Slate of Officers was approved: Joyce Watson, President; Nancy Heers, Vice President; Menakka Bailey and Katie Aldrich, Treasurers; Elaine Gazda, Book Committee Chair; Alexa Lee, Secretary.
3 new members were proposed. But, their names cannot be written down. There will be a vote at the Spring meeting to approve them.
New Business
Frances is away in Ireland because her sister recently passed away. It was decided that there would not be a general note of condolence from the whole group. Members should write their own notes to Frances.
This brought up the idea, from Joyce, regarding a Correspondence Secretary position being added to the group. This position would be to write any social notes required by the LLA. Prue volunteered and her name should be added, by the nominating committee, to the new slate.
This then generated the need for stationery or engraved cards. Joyce's husband, Marty, will print out letterhead for the LLA.

 April 30, 2015 at 4pm for tea, with the meeting beginning at 4:30. The meeting will be at Nancy Heer's home at 3893 W. Liberty Road.
The meeting was adjourned at 5:20pm

  Ladies' Library Association Spring 2015 Meeting April 30, 2015
The Spring meeting came to order early, at 4:25pm.
Members present: Joyce Watson, Jean Powers, Jan Barney Newman, Prue Rosenthal, Shirley Axon, Menakka Bailey, Nancy Heers, Katie Aldrich, Elaine Gazda, Karen Dykstra, Pam Tabbaa, Sarah Innes, Joy Blouin and Alexa Lee.
Present from the Library: Josie Parker, Anne Drozd, and Amanda Schott
Joyce Watson was acting President, as Frances had a scheduling conflict and could not attend. Joyce thanked Nancy for hosting, and to all the Ladies who brought very tasty treats.
Josie reported the AADL is doing very well. Circulation, programming and attendance all continue to increase. The popular press continues to report the decline of public libraries, but our community continues with strong support despite this news. Josie recently spoke to the Rotary Club on the topic, "Are libraries irrelevant in the age of Amazon?" In her 12 year tenure, circulation has increased 450% as well as physical use. Ann Arbor is also in the top 5 of Amazon customer base. Our community uses both, probably because our library has a fantastically diverse collection. The communities that have limited collections are seeing more of their users going to Amazon.
Non book items are becoming very important and our library has branched out into circulating Art Tools, like sewing machines and microscopes. The AADL also has one of the only circulation programs of framed art prints in the country. Ann Drozd is back at the Library after working at the UMMA. She is in charge of the framed print collection. She is working with Pat Young (worked at the Art School and UMMA) to photograph and print (giclee) pieces in the Museum's collection, the DIA's collection and

 prints were moved to the 2nd floor where there is better light and they are more visible, with the goal to increase the numbers of loans.
Funding has kept up for the AADL. The last 5 years saw a big dip when the city lost Pfizer. But now property values have risen 3% so the library is seeing more revenue. The Board has recommended an increase in the levy since there are so many capital funding items. The branches are now
10 years old and are requiring more upkeep. And, the main branch needs so many repairs. Currently the front of the building is tom up to re do the Entry.
So, in general, Josie says, "we have a long term successful Library, and it is all good news".
Spring 2014 Minutes were approved with a correction.
Need to add the addition of Prue Rosenthal as the Correspondance Secretary. She will take care of all social correspondence. She was added to the slate of officers awaiting confirmation.
Dues of 10 cents were collected by Katie from the members that were not present in the Fall, Sarah, Jean and Pam.
Katie reported the portfolio of the LLA was valued at $517,951.31. The stock market has been good to us, so
on advice from our broker, 3 stocks were purchased which brought our disbursements to $47,609.56.
Our contribution to the Library has steadily grown over the last couple of years, with additional money given to buy books, as well as new items like DVDs and manipulatives. We also, continue to purchase original artworks.
Again, Amanda's list was very interesting with a nice range of titles. The list was approved. And. $5.000 approved for purchases this fiscal vear.

   In the Spring, Pam and Nancy had titles to add to the Fall list. Nancy's, Textiles from Islamic Lands, will be published in October and Amanda has it on her Fall List. Pam had suggested books from the Metropolitan Museum's Costume Institute. Amanda looked into this series and found that many are out of print, and others were below the monetary amount that she looks at so she gave these titles to Ann to purchase out of the Library's general fund.
Pam brought in a book published by Unesco of a World Heritage site in Iraq, Naiaf - TheGateof Wisdom. Available in English and Arabic it is a beautiful book documenting a Shi' a site. It is the first in a series. Amanda will look into its purchase for the fall. Elaine donated a catalog from the current Kelsey Museum's exhibition, Death Dogs.
Back in 2013 Jackie Sasaki had contacted Josie and Frances regarding the purchase of a painting by local artist Martha Keller. Martha had recently passed away and Jackie had seen paintings at her studio that she thought the Library should consider since Martha was a supporter of the Library, wrote art reviews for the Ann Arbor News and other art publications, and had written a book on the Public Art in Ann Arbor.
At that time her family was still sorting out her studio and all the works contained th.ere.This winter the studio was finally vacated and all her paintings are in storage. Paul Keller (Martha's son) had set aside important works that he would like to see as public pieces displayed around town. Alexa brought prints of 7 paintings of local landscapes. Prue proposed a motion to purchase a piece, with a budget of$ 5000. Alexa and Sarah will narrow down the choices and circulate to the group for approval.
Josie mentioned a space at Traverwood in the Children's area, and a few spaces at the main branch. We will revist the location when the work is selected.

  Heers, Vice President; Menakka Bailey and Katie Aldrich, Treasurers; Elaine Gazda, Book Committee Chair; Alexa Lee, Secretary; Prue Rosenthal, Correspondance Secretary.
Joan was not in attendance as the chair of the nominating committee, so there was some confusion over approving a new member to fill Pearson's vacated seat. The whole nominating procedure needs to be reviewed, with a proposal put together by the nominating committee for the group to vote on. 3 new members were proposed. But, their names cannot be written down, so Pam will bring a list of the nominees and their bios to the Fall meeting, to aid our memory.
There will be a secret ballot at the Fall meeting to approve one of them.
Sarah told us about a project she is working on that she hopes the Library will provide exhibition space for. Poet, Donald Hall wrote a poem in the '70s, "Eating the Pig". Sarah's previous husband, Steven Blos, who was a photographer, had hosted a dinner party back in the 1970s in Ann Arbor, which Donald Hall attended. This dinner party was the inspiration for his poem, and Steven documented the dinner party in a series of photographs. Sarah is in the process of putting together a website of his photographs and with this series is including the poem. She would like to exhibit the photos along with lines of the poem, at the Library. Everyone seemed interested and a number of different sites were suggested.
Thursday, October 22, 2015 at 4pm for tea, with the meeting beginning at 4:30. The meeting will be at the downtown Library in the upstairs conference room. Jean and Sarah will bring snacks. We also need someone to bring an assortment of tea bags. Amanda will have hot water ready. Amanda will bring a selection of manipulatives for us to play with during the social time.

  Ladies' Library Association Fall 2015 Meeting October 22, 2015
The Fall meeting came to order at 4:20pm.
Members present: Joyce Watson, Shirley Axon, Katie Aldrich, Elaine Gazda, Karen Dykstra, Pam Tabbaa, Sarah Innes, Joy
Blouin, Alexa Lee,Zibby Oneal, LizaTaylor, and Joan Innes. Menakka Bailey and Nancy Heersjoined us via conference call.
Spring2015 Minutes were approved with corrections.
The past fall's 2014 minutes were approved (not spring). And, Pam is the chair of the Nominating Committee, not Joan.
Treasurer's Report
Katie reported the portfolio of the LLAwas valued at $467,164.94. With the addition of a fee paid to Dykema Gossett of $552.00, total disbursements came to $5677.30
BookCommittee Report
Again, Amanda's list was very interesting with a nice range of titles. The list was approved. And, $5,000 approved for purchases this fiscal year.
Amanda also left an interesting pie chart illustrating the disbursement of the titles in our collection. This should aid us in the future, as we look to fill in some areas. She will send us and electronic file and we can discuss at next meeting.
Art Committee
This was put on hold as we need to discuss important tax issues.
Nominating Committee
Pam will present the nominations at the spring meeting.
New Business
Anthony Frasca, attorney from Dykema Gosset joined us to outline the changes in the tax regulations. He has been practicing since 2007 and specializes in non-profit law.
In 2012 the tax laws governing 5019(c) (3) non-profit organizations changed. The new tax code divides non-profit organizations into public charities, which receive public funding, and private foundations, whose revenues come from private investments. The LLAis a private foundation. Private foundations can further be organized into a couple of types: functionally integrated supporting organizations and non-functionally integrated supporting organizations.
Anthony stated that we need to decide what type of organization we want to be, and there are very specific definitions from the IRSregarding the choices. Do we want to remain a non-functionally integrated supporting organization, as we are now (required to distribute a percentage of our assets every year), or become a functionally integrated supporting organization (integrating our assets into an endowment within the Library), or become a Donor/Agency Advised Fund (moving our assetsto the Community Foundation for distribution).
The IRSdefinitions are very complicated. Anthony provided us these guidelines: a private foundation of the non- functionally integrated supporting organization type must distribute the "distributable amount" each year to one or more of its supported organizations. The distributable amount is equal to the greater of: 1) 85% of the organizations adjusted net income for the prior taxable year, or 2) 3.5% of aggregated fair market value of organizations nonexempt use assets, with certain adjustments. Excessdistributions may reduce distributable amount in subsequent years (for up to 5 years after excess amount is generated).
This decision has to be made now because our accountant has to file 2014 taxes by November 15. If we classify ourselves as a private foundation a distribution of our assets needs to be made before the end of the year to avoid a penalty.

 Sarah suggested we stay a private foundation of the non-functionally integrated supporting organization type for 2014/2015 tax year, and give the appropriate disbursements required by the IRSto go toward purchasing the needed books and a painting by Martha Keller. Menakka will meet with our accountant and let us know what that amount will be. If there are additional monies to give, we could consider something for the new WestGate Branch. The group unanimously agreed with this approach for this year.
However, we still want to consider the other options. We could move our assetsto a separate Foundation, like the Ann Arbor Community Foundation. A donor/agency advised fund would not let us invest our money ourselves but would let us stipulate the charities to donate to. Probably would require more than one charity and there would be a time
restraint put on that. The question arose asking whether we could indicate how long the fund would be active. With the understanding that once entered into the agreement is irrevocable. Members wanted to meet with the Ann Arbor Community Foundation to learn more about their organization and to see if it is a good fit for the LLAin the future. Pam, Sarah, and Nancy will be that group. Joyce and Menakka had interviewed them already and have information on hand that can be reviewed.
Another consideration is a functionally integrated supporting organization. This requires an overlap in board members with the supported organization having the power to appoint members. This type of organization requires us to offer direct activities that the Library would not be able to do without us. It would relieve the library of an activity they would not have to do if we did it.
Or we could simply set up an LLAendowment within in the AADL which we could continue to advise under the current Directorship.
The main discussion points around choosing to move our assetsto the AA Community Foundation and integrating our assets into a fund within the Library were how we remain autonomous and maintain the longevity of our group so as not to dissolve.
More on all of this at the Spring meeting.
Mennaka thanked Joyce for her work and outstanding leadership shown around this issue. We all agreed whole heartedly.
Joyce thanked Anthony Frascafor providing his expertise at no charge to our group.
Next Meeting
Thursday, May 5, 2016 at 4pm for tea, with the meeting beginning at 4:30. The meeting will be at the downtown Library in the upstairs conference room. Karen will bring snacks. We also need someone to bring an assortment of tea bags. Amanda will have hot water ready.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm Respectfully Submitted,
Alexa Lee

ln 2009 U1eLLA received notice that we, as a nonprofit, must file 990 tax forms with ilie IRS. Prior to the passage of this law the m.Sdid not require nonprofits with total annual revenue of under $25,000 to file tax returns. As of ilie year ended 2009 C.H. Rubin & Company (now taken over by Scblaupitz & Madhavan) bave prepared and filed the 990£2.
/\s of December 2012 new laws went into effect regarding tax exempt status of 50 I (c) (3) Typelll (public charity classification) supporting organizations iliat escape private foundation cla'>sification e.g. The Ladies Library Association. These laws are affective as of taxable year ended 2014 (last year). A supporting organization (LLA) is organized and operated for the benefit of one (AADL) or more specific charities.
With the rule changes we need to make a decision about how we, as a supporting organization to the Ann Arbor District Library, will proceed.
1am attaching the Articles of Association so you can be informed about this decision
We have four choices:
1. Private foundation. Currently we are classified as a public charity. 1f we choose to be classified as a private foundation we are required to annually distribute 5% of average monthly fair market value of assets for the taxable fiscal year. For 2014 the LLA will need to distribute about $20,000. We will NOT have to make any changes to the entity legally. We have a 3 year window to make this 5% distribution without incurring a penalty but it will roll over to the next year. We will also have to sbow them cause for not distributing e.g. do not have the cash.
2. Move all assets to a separate foundation. We could move our portfolio of assets to a Donor advised fund within the Ann Arbor Community Foundation. As a public charity they are not required to distribute 5% of net assets. Our assets will be folded into the Community Foundation portfolio. The Community Foundation usually charges an administration fee of!%.
Members ofilie LL/\ may choose to be on the donor advisory board.
3. Integrate it into a fund wiiliin the Library. The AADL board will need to appoint one or more of their elected members to the governing board of the LLJ\. The library will have a significant voice in investment policies and grants.
4. Dissolve the LLA and distributing all its assets to the AADL (Articles of Association #7).
l have consulted with the accountant who prepared the 2014 returns for the LLA and a La,,vyerdeaJing
with nonprofit law at Dykema. I have invited the lawyer to attend our Fall meeting on October 22, 2015 ...

  We need to make a decision by December of this year, 2015. Ifno decision is made we will automatically be allocated a private foundation status (Choice #1).

  Meeting Notes for LLA Sept. 9, 2015
LLA special meeting for discussing revisions of tax laws governing non-profit, charitable organizations. Members attending were: Joyce Watson, Menakka Bailey, Nance Heers, Katie Aldrich, Elaine Gazda, Prue Rosenthal, Shirley Axon, Joy Blouin and Jan Newman, making a quorum.
In 2012 tax laws governing charitable organizations changed resulting in LLA need to file more taxes in 2014. They require that LLA as a Public Charity Supporting Association comply with rule changes in one of the following ways:
1. Change to Private Fund. This requires that the group donate 5% of the fair market value of its funds each year.
-There is a 3 year window for payment without penalty if for any reason cash payment isn't available on a given year but the amount due rolls over and is payable the subsequent year along with the new percentage owed for that year.
-On the 3' year, the percentage due is the accumulated amount figured over the 3 year period.
2. Move assets of LLA to portfolio of a public foundation such as the Ann Arbor Area Foundation.
- The AAAF charges a 1% management fee. LLA would establish a donor advisory board
to meet with AAAF to direct the donation each year 3. Integrate LLA funds into a fund within the AADL
(Ann Arbor District Library). The Board of the
Library will appoint members to sit on the LLA Board.
,4 ~'. ___ 1___ TT 4 -·- ..I _ '.___ _ 11 _c.___ _1_ ..__ .d. _ 4 .... 4 ..1. _ ..

  After a lengthy discussion of the options, the 9 members assembled recommended that the group eliminate options 2 and 4 from the deciding discussion at the regular scheduled fall meeting on October 22, 2015 to facilitate a more productive discussion.
The group also decided that Jan will seek clarification from the Council of Michigan Foundations regarding the possibility of there being of another interpretation of options. Jan and Prue, Trustees of AADL, will also confirm with Josie Parker, the Director of AADL, how exercising option #3 would be managed by the Library.
The group thanked Menakka Bailey, treasurer, and Joyce Watson, president, for their leadership in this matter. At the October 22 fall meeting questions from the members present will be answered by a lawyer from Dykema Gossett and a vote will be taken to decide which option LLA
will take.

  Ladies' Library Association May 5, 2016
Spring 2016 Meeting
The Spring meeting came to order at 4: 15.
Members Present: : Joyce Watson, Prue Rosenthal, Pam Tabaa, Jan Barney Newman, Katie Aldrich, Joan Innes, Menakka Bailey, Elaine Gazda, Sarah lnnes, Frances McSparran, LizaTaylor.
AADL Staff present: Amanda Schott, Anne Drozd. Josie Parker, unable to attend, sent a memo regarding the high patron rating for the AADL, the high circulation of the framed art print collection and popularity of the new sculpture in the garden Downtown.
Fall 20 I5 Minutes were approved with a correction: Joyce Watson encouraged updating of the LLA By-Laws.
Treasurer's Report
Katie reported the portfolio of the LLA at $474,260.J I. Total disbursements came to $20,746.75. Menakka pointed out that the portfolio's value on the day of the meeting had actually increased to $506,000.00, and that fluctuation in this total is to be expected. Discussion ensued on the increasing complication of interactions with Merrill Lynch when 2017 sees Menakka stepping down as treasurer. Menakka and Prue reminded alI that an LLA member must step in to take over this challenging work.
One option, if we vote to work with the Ann Arbor Community Foundation, is for them to manage it for us, at a cost of one percent of the total portfolio (per year).
It was voted to accept the Treasurer's Report. Nominating Committee Report
Pam spoke for members Joan and Katie, and presented the slate of three prospective nominees: Jackie Sasaki (former AADL senior staff), Arlene Shy (Clement's Library Historian) and Cathleen Letts (artist, blogger, gallery director).
rtwas voted to accept the names and hold a selection vote in the Fall. Frances and Joan asked if new names could be added for the Fall vote, and Pam answered no.
It was agreed to seek future new members with skills in accounting or money management, also those young enough to serve in the LLA for years to come.
Book Committee Report
Amanda's interesting list had a wide range of focus including numerous children's titles. The list was approved. Members approved $5,000 for books in addition to $5000 for circulating art prints in the coming year.
Amanda and Anne pointed out that circulating prints of local art had resulted in higher sales for those artists' original works, thus benefiting the arts community in general.

 Sarah and Frances suggested purchases of books on Gustav Klimt and Hieronymus Bosch to coincide with upcoming shows (KJimt at DIA) and anniversaries (Bosch 400 years). Elaine donated two Kelsey Museum catalogs on the current show, Leisure and Luxury in the Age of Nero.
Art Committee Report
Sarah and Alexa continue to seek a painting by Martha Keller.
Special Committee Reports
Bylaw changes under discussion included legal indemnification of any future LLA Treasurer with access to the LLA portfolio funds, lawsuit protections, and insurance coverage for the portfolio (which Menakka reported could be arranged for $500 per year.)
ln light of the flux concerning the LLA tax status questions, the vote on changing the by-laws was postponed.
Jan showed a new LLA logo which celebrates 160 years of the organization. The logo features colored strawberries and leaves in the foreground of a black and wnite stone carved script; the original LLA sold strawberries to finance their goals. October 1 2016 will celebrate the anniversary, starting with a strawberry-themed family party. Fran Blouin will talk on the history of libraries in the US and libraries at the UM, and a wine reception follows. A case will display historic artifacts of the LLA, loaned by the Bentley Library.
New Business
Frances presented A History of the Ladies Library Association by Alice Wethey, to which Pam will addend the update of our coming decision regarding the revised tax status and giving plans.
Sarah opposed changing the Chairperson of the Book Committee from an elected position to an appointed (non-executive) one.
Pam will write the history of the LLA in an article for the Observer.
Sarah proposed that Josie Parker and AADL staff be invited to selected LLA meetings but not to all meetings. This was approved.
The Fall 2016 meeting will be October 27 at a branch library or at Pam Tabaa's borne, to be decided.

  Ladies' Library Association Fall 2016 Meeting October 27, 2016
The Fall meeting came to order at 4:15 pm.
Members present: JoyceWatson,ShirleyAxon,KatieAldrich, ElaineGazda,PamTabbaa,SarahInnes,AlexaLee,Zibby Oneal, LizaTaylor, Joan Innes, Menakka Bailey, Nancy Heers Frances McSparran, Jean Powers, Jan Newman, and Prue Rosenthal.
Thank you, Pam, for a wonderful tea served in a beautiful house with a very friendly dog. Spring2016 Minutes were approved with corrections.
The list of new member nominees needs to be taken out of the minutes as they are to remain unknown.
Treasurer's Report
Katie reported the portfolio of the LLAwas valued at $518,727.73. Total disbursements came to $12,664.07. $700 was paid to the accountants because they had to do all the filings for the non-profit status. Accountant fees will continue to be higher than in the past because of this new status.
Nominating Committee
The Bylaws state that nominees are presented in the Spring with voting taking place in the Fall. In the Spring there was one open position vacant for which we selected 3 nominees. Now, there are currently 3 vacancies since Joy Blouin has stepped down and Nesta has taken Emeritae status.
Sincethe Spring meeting, the need to fill the Treasurers position has become urgent. No one has stepped forward to fill the position. The urgency is generated by the fact that the new Treasurer needs time to train with Menakka who is stepping down next year. The new Treasurer needs experience in financial matters as our tax status is changing. After turning down the position herself, Sarah suggested Nancy Stokes. Nancy is an artist, and past financial advisor. She was invited in the past but was not able to commit the time. She currently is available and willing to take on the job. Sarah proposed Nancy Stokes as a new member and Prue moved to verbally nominate and accept Nancy. It was unanimous to waive the secret ballot in this case.
That left the original vacancy to be filled this Fall. The nominees were Jackie Sasaki,sponsored by Prue. Jackie is a past art librarian, Ann Arbor News archivist and UMMA docent. Recently retired from the AADL she has the time to serve. Joan sponsored Arlene Shy. Arlene is a UMS advisory ambassador and works at the Clemens library. Pam sponsored Kathleen Letts. Kathleen is an artist, set designer and blogger on the Contemporary Art scene in Detroit.
There was a secret ballot that was tallied and recounted by the nominating committee and Jackie Sasaki was voted in. Kathleen was second choice. The sponsors will notify their nominees either by written letter or phone call, and let Joyce know.
The Executive committee is nominated in the Spring as well as other potential members, to be voted on next fall.
BookCommittee Report
Again, Amanda's list was very interesting with a nice range of titles. The list was unanimously approved. Sarah suggested and exhibition catalog, "Mastry'' which was at the Met Breuer and MOCA Chicago. Joyce donated the new Hieronymus Boschbook.
Old Business
Sesquicentennial Events
Jan and Joyce presented this report. The whole event was terrific. They gave special thanks to Amanda Schott for the exhibition installation and Amanda Szot, the graphic designer of the timeline art work. Pam, Menakka and Sarah did the early research, and Grace Shackman did a nice article for the Observer. There was great support from the Library, Zibby organized a wonderful reception and Elaine brought objects from The Bently and helped with the display. Sarah's images

 captured everyone's imaginations and Joyce and Jan dressed up in period attire for the Strawberry social. The Social was a family event by Sarah's suggestion and fun collages were made by the many children in attendance. Fran's lecture was interesting and is currently on the Library's website. Both Josie and Fran talked about the importance of women in the history of the AADL,which isvery unusual.
All in all, it was a fantastic celebration and our group was recognized for our long standing contributions.
Nancy handed out the new Bylaw revisions and asked everyone to read it before the Spring meeting where it is going to be voted on. Jan, Prue, Pam, Joyce and Nancy all worked on the current version. They purposely left it not too specific so that it could accommodate change. Elaine suggested it would be helpful to have the old as well as the new, in order to compare. Frances is going to have a go at putting a combined document together.
New Business
Menakka stated that we need to give another 10 K to the Library before the end of the year. The accountant is checking whether we can give the Library money to buy artwork. For now, Josie has established a separate account for our donations.
It was also suggested that we purchase the original artworks that Sarah did for the Sesquicentennial. They are $800 each, though we cannot purchase the copyright and they will need to be framed. Joyce will speak with Josie to facilitate the purchases.
Next Meeting
Thursday, April 20, 2017 at 4pm for tea, with the meeting beginning at 4:30. The meeting will be at the new Westgate Branch.
Elaine brought up the question whether Josie and Amanda should be invited to attend meetings. I had to leave before this was decided on. I think this will be revisited.
The meeting was adjourned at 6:00pm Respectfully Submitted,
Alexa Lee