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Welcome back to Minecraft Ann Arbor!

by eli


Back many years after its mysterious disappearance, we're pleased to relaunch MINECRAFT ANN ARBOR! On the server, you'll find a huge flat map of the Ann Arbor area, where players have been building their own homes or their favorite buildings! You can connect to it from version 1.15.2 of Minecraft Java Edition using Multiplayer Direct Connect to . Note: we're sorry, but this server is not compatible with Minecraft Pocket Edition on mobile devices or Minecraft on Game Consoles.

Most of the Downtown Area in Minecraft Ann Arbor was built by local legend Jan Wolter, who put a ton of time into the server. He passed away in 2015, but his work on this server has been preserved so you can still enjoy a bit of Downtown Ann Arbor while socially distancing!

Part of the idea is to make the outsides of buildings as real as possible, but the insides can be whatever you want, whether just like they are, or what you always hoped they would be. A mix between the real and the fantasy worlds is fun for everyone!

Please note that the core of Downtown has been protected from edits. You can built whatever you want if you move outside the Downtown area. If you'd like to be registered as a builder and have edit privileges inside the protected zone, build us a sample building somewhere on the map, and email us at for more info!

A quick ground rule: this is our community in Minecraft, so be nice! All chat and edits are logged, and any users posting offensive messages to the chat or building offensive structures in-world will be permanently banned from the server.

If you'd like to have a look at the world without playing Minecraft, there's a live web map available!

Let us know if you have any questions, and have fun hanging around a blocky version of our town with a blocky version of your friends!


Hi there! You'll need to boot minecraft version 1.15.2 . You can install older versions in the Minecraft Launcher and then choose to start that version instead of the latest one. Then, under multiplayer, just do a direct connect to . See you there!

Can i join the server anytime soon? because it has not been updated yet. I really think it looks cool.

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