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To The Subscribers Of The Signal Of Liberty

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I have transferred the subscription list of the Signal of Liberty to George Millard, Erastus Hussey, and Henry J. Cushman, and all subscribers will receive the Liberty Press in its place. Those who have paid for the Signal in advance, will receive as many papers as they have paid for in advance, without charge to them, other than the postage. They will be credited as far ahead on the books of the Liberty Press as they have paid on the books of the Signal. Those who are indebted for the Signal, and know the amount of their indebtedness, will please remit to me by mail, at Scio, Washtenaw County. Those who do not know the amount in arrears, are earnestly requested to lay by (at home) an amount sufficient to cover their accounts, and keep it till called for by some accredited agent for me, so that the account may be settled in case of their absence from home. It is but reasonable, if I have the trouble and expense of coming after my dues, that I get them when I come. An agent, Mr. Dell, is now making the tour to the State, and will leave all unsettled demands for collection; but no monies should be paid unless to persons duly authorized to receive them. In conclusion, I would say one word respecting the new paper – the Michigan Liberty Press. It is indispensable, even to the existence of the Liberty party in this State; and under the auspices now existing, I have confidence that it will be a most useful and efficient means of good to the Anti-Slavery cause, and to the community generally. I would, therefore, say to every one of my old subscribers, Do not fail to take and pay for the Liberty Press. THEODORE FOSTER. Scio, March 25, 1848.