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Arrival Of The Steamship Washington

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Nine days later. New York, April 7, 1848. A legalised suspension of the Bank of France has taken place. Many heavy failures in France. Rumors of insurrection in Prussia and Austria. Trouble in Dublin, 2,000 persons killed. Liverpool Market, The only quotations which I can find are as follows: Liverpool, Saturday. Flour, 28a29s. Corn, 28a31s. Wheat, Canadian, 7a8s. London Corn, 28a32s. England. In the House of Commons Mr. Holmes moved, that the income tax shall be imposed for one, instead of three years. Negatived, 363 to 136. The Queen was delivered of a princess on the 18th instant. France. The Bank of France has been suspended specie payment. the mobs had destroyed the manufacturing establishments in the vicinity of Havre, and other parts of France are threatened with conflagration. Nearly all the British workmen were dismissed. The new Government of France is being somewhat weakened by a commercial and general crisis. -- Large establishments have been declared bankrupt and others are closing their business. There are about 900,000 men out of employment in Paris and other principal cities of France. As late as the 18th ultimo, Paris was quiet. Italy. The Constitution of the Sardinian States has been proclaimed, and the King has appointed a Commissioner to form a Cabinet which shall satisfy the people. The Neapolitan Ministry has resigned, and one has been formed provisionally. A political league has been formed by the Pope, and the Grand Duke of Tuscany, and the King of Sarndinia, and Austria. The Emperor declares for non-interference and strict neutrality with the affairs of France: Austria. The projected alliance between Austria, Russia, and Prussia is abandoned. Conflicts have taken place at the Austrian Capital between the people and the military, which has resulted in important concessions on the part of the Emperor. An influential citizen came forward and harangued the populace against the encroachments of the military, and recommended resistance and retaliation. The people seconded the move, and the mob soon swelled to 10,000, and marched upon the soldiery, and gained the mastery of them. The conflict was desperate and bloody. Some accounts say from 500 to 1,000 were killed in the encounter. The villa of Prince Metternich was totally demolished by the infuriated mob. Important from Prussia There was serious disturbance in Berlin from the 14th to the 17th, ultimo, between the military and populace. Two or three persons were killed, and several wounded. The people demanded the liberty of the press. The King finally consented to abolish the censorship throughout his dominions.