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Rules For The Journey Of Life

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The following rules, from the papers of Dr. West, were, according to his memorandum, thrown together as general way-marks in the journey of life: - Never to ridicule sacred things, or what others may esteem such; however absurd they may appear to be. Never to show levity when the people are professedly engaged in worship. Never to resent a supposed injury, till I know the views and motives of the author of it. Nor on any occasion to retaliate. Never to judge a person's character by external appearance. Always to take the part of an absent person who is censured in company, so far as truth and propriety will allow. Not to dispute with a man more than seventy years of age, nor with a woman, nor an enthusiast. Not to affect to be witty, or to jest, so as to wound the feelings of another. To say as little as possible of myself, and those who are near to me. To aim at cheerfulness without levity. Never to obtrude my advice unasked. Never to court the favor of the rich by flattering either their vanity or their vices. To speak with calmness and deliberation, on all occasions; especially under circumstances which tend to irritate. Frequently to review my conduct, and take note of my failings. On all occasions to have in prospect the end of life and a future state. Mr. Charles F. Adams is very shortly to publish the works of his illustrious father, in some fifteen or twenty octavo volumes. The deceased statesman, who carefully revised them for publication, by his will, appropriated a sum of money to defray the expense of printing. - Among the unpublished writings of Mr. Adams is said to be a new version of Psalms in metre, a translation of Wieland's Oberon, and several minor poems; but the chief portion of his MS. will probably prove to be historical and biographical works.