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From the Buffalo (N.Y.) Republic. Is it not arrogance - yes, downright impudence - in the Union, to place the South in this position - to talk of throwing New York aside, as of very little consequence! What is the comparative weight of New York with that of the South? The reader, by reference to the last census, will perceive that New York alone contains more free white citizens than all the following nine Southern States, viz: Arkansas, Delaware, Florida, Mississippi, Virginia, North Carolina, South Carolina, Louisiana, Maryland, and the District of Columbia included. With a free white population greater in number than the above nine States, the District of Columbia included, still Now York is of no consequence! Time will determine her consequence in the next Presidential contest. A representative of either the above States takes it upon himself to say to New York, you must keep still, and cease to make the question of slavery in acquired territory an issue; for if you do, you are out of the party, and we cannot act with you. But, for all this dictation, we are quite certain New York will not stultify herself on these questions. The time has arrived when she will spurn dictation and maintain her position for free trade, and free territory, at all hazards. By the republican ordinance of 1787, slavery was forever prohibited north and west of the Ohio; and it was that humane measure that secured to the Union six free and prosperous States, viz; Ohio, Illinois, Michigan, Indiana, Iowa, and Wisconsin. New York had a voice in the establishment of this ordinance? and then as now, it was nearly unanimous against the extension of slavery to free territory. The principles she sustained prevailed then, and we feel assured they will prevail now; and thus the shame of planting slavery upon free soil will be spared the American people. Washington's birthday was celebrated in Rome.