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John Jacob Astor

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John Jacob Astor. -- The richest man, financially, in this country. His property is put down at forty millions. The bulk of which goes to Mr. W B. Astor A liberal legacy is left for a large public Library to be under the charge of Mr. Cogswell, formerly of Round Hill School, Northampton. It is thought that Washington Irving will be remembered. - Fitz Greene Halleck, the poet, and confidential clerk of Mr. Astor, it is supposed will be made comfortable for life. Mr. Astor was a German, and has resided in America about sixty years. His money was made principally in the Fur business, and by trading in real estate. He leaves many grand sons and grand daughters. Of course he will find no lack of heirs to his enormous wealth. Abolitionists are often deemed rash and intolerant, and among the great variety of temperaments and characters engaged in the anti-slavery cause, there must unavoidably be some foundation for a charge like this; though candid minds in view of the many difficulties by which these reformers have been surrounded will marvel that their mistakes have been so few and their errors so unimportant. But admitting the accusation to be true to a very great extent, we do not see how this can absolve the great mass of the American people from earnestly engaging in some way to annihilate this curse upon our nation's prosperity. We believe the fiat of the Almighty has gone forth that Slavery shall cease to pollute the earth. The giant task must be accomplished; though the " wise and prudent" of this world will, to the last, avoid all participation in it.