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Church Action Against Slavery

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A correspondent of the Liberator gives tho following preamble nnd resolutions, as pasaed by the Congregational church at Salmón Falla Village, Somerswoith, N. H., a short time since. Tliis prompt and decided action in the church is n most noble and efficiënt example, it is truly chiistian-like, and a proof that the great principie of Liberty is at work more or less in every departruent throughout our land, and may it continue to work until the whole luinp is thorougWy Jeavened. May other cliurches speedily fullow in this reform nnd the "golden rulo" soon become the principie ofaction upo this subject. The influence and example of all tlie churehes at the DOTth would be a jirepondering weight in the ballance in favor of anti-Slavery. Every one who reflects at all upon the eubject, will readily admit, that the church in every nge of the world lias had much to do lu nioulding public opinión, as in all organization there exists a power incomparable with individual effort, and in uo other does it, or has it ever existed to that extent as in eccloiiastical bodies. Whereas, Tho practice of buying, solling, nnd holdiny man as pruperty, has bicorne prevalent ainong Mïinitters aDd mi-mbers of chinches, heretofore acknovvledged and filluwshipped is evangelical; and, whc.roas, we are taught in the world of God, that ' lm that stenloth a man and selleth him, or if he be found in his hand,' is n maiistealer ; therfeore, Resolved, That we believe slavery to be not only Hti ovil, but. a sin in the BÏgfat of God, and that the vyateiD uoder every modificotion is utterly opposed to the spirit nnd principies of the gospel. Resolved, 'l'hat we deern it the duty of every Chnsiian, ín tho moekness and spirit of the gospel, to plead the eause of tho poor ; to reniember in their prayors, those in bonds as bound witli thein; nnd by aíl inora) and proper means, seek to baïten tho erjtire removal of the system from our land. He3olved. That we enn have oo Christian or ministerial fellowship with those who huid their fellow-mon as propery, or advocate slaveholding as either a right, or uo sin." K?" The New York Tribune, in speaking of the opposers of Mr. Hule's proposition in the United SíaLea' Seimto to ttfford legal protection to property threatoned witli dcslruction by the mob in the Diitrict of Culumbia, calla them the vehemont clmmpions of Liberty in Europa end Slaveryip AKerica - saya, and justly too, that tliero have been no portions of onr eouutrymen naore vociferous in their rejuicings over the triumphs of Liberty iu Earope, than most of those wlio, in the streets of Washington were "ravenous" fur tearing in pieces, the three white men who aided sevciity Afrieans in their attempt to escape from slavory to freedom. I" speakiugof tbc eharacter of the F.ra, it EayS : This paper has ever been perfectly temporute, courteous, luw-abiding, and there is uot the Jea3t shadow of pretext for eoonecting it ia any ,vay wiili the recapturcd slaves. Furthcrmoro - That this is but the boginning of Üje end ! Tho Noith will vet speak, nnd in lejms too, that enslavers shall tremble to benr, and clusrs the remarks by thaoking them foj their undesigtu-d aid ii arousiiig her to a consciousness of her abusemeu nnd lier vhmne, - We are eorffiJect that tho whole íiflair will sig nallT promote iho cause of uniTcsal freedom.