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Tho general commotion of the continent bas gone on increasing. Tho intelligence respecting tlie insurrection in Lombardy is now confirmed with the further important feature that the King of Sardinia, at die head of 30,000 troops, crossed into Lom - bardy, issuing formal declaratiuns of war against Austra. Marcbed direct to Milan. The Austrians defeatcd at every point. Parma, Porescia, and Dessengana, are endeavonng to establish themselves on the Mincia. The Italian Duchies Modena, and Parma are revolutionized - In Venica a Repubhchas been proclaimed, and a Provisional Government Organized. In Austria Proper, Every thing seems dis organized, and in the confusión, itisimpossible to fix the hourly changing scènes. Savoy has proclaimed herself' a Republic at Barden. Wirtemberg and Saxony, liberal governments have been conceded to the people. In Hanover the triumph of the people is complete. In Prussia, after the bloody scène in Berlin, the King has put himself at the head of tho Germán Confederaron, and proposed extensive Constitutional reforms. In Belgium all attempts to overthrow the Government has failed. Belgium and Holland are comparitively quiet. Swilzeland remains strictly neutral. A movement has commenced for the re-establishment of Poland. - And there appears every probability of a war betweed United Germany and Russia.Poland, being the prize, and battle field. The Emperor of Russia has issued a manifestó, dcclaring bis determinaron," to defend bis country f'rom the devaslating plague of insurection and anarchy, the offspring of Franco which bas overpowered all Central Europe, and is concentrating large armies in Southern Russia. Violent distubances have taken place in Madrid. The people and the Soldiery fought in the streets from in the evening to 4 in the morning - many were slain on both sides. - The city was declared to eb in a state of siege, but was subsequently tranquil. In France, tlie ciepartment of Minister of war, is stilt vacant, the dulies are performed ad interim by M. Arago. Hitherlo the Provisional üovernmont has founed no one to accept it. The Irish address to France was presented in Paris on the 3d inst. Lamartine replied expressing sympathy for Ireland but adhered to Strict neutrality. An immense French army of observation is being formed on the whole line of the frontier, from the Mediteranean to Switzland. The Bank of France has been allowed farther lattitude in discöunts. The Banks of Lyons, Uoncer, Bordeaux, Nanty, Lisie, Hame Martillee, Loadon and Orleans have suspended specie payment. Relief Banks have been established in all the large towns. Ireland in great excitement. The pressure on the savings Banks, still continue, and even the Bank of Ireland is uneasy at the number ballances withdrawn. Crops promise well. Where industry has been expended, ampie rewards are in view. Rifle clubs are forming and target shooting is practicing. Extensive importations of pikes have taken place from Binghamton, two consignmenls aone, amounted to 30,000. These are sold ony to persons who can give a certain password. Dne man has at present a contract to supply ash saplings eleven feet long for 100,000, men. In conjuction with the manufacture of weapons, the signal fires, which of late have been so frequent, have caused considerable anxiety to the authorities. They wero lit up with a rapidity tmly astonishinjj and were another evidunce of the bad feeling prevalent among the peasantry, there being no doubt a secret signification attached to them.