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The Difficulties Of A Pro-slavery Church

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The Slave Power can be satisfied with do concessions. Tlie Southern Methodists divided their Church to please the slave-holding dynasly, and have " eaten dirt " (as the Persian says) to show their loyalty to the great Southern Institution. But it seems all this is not enough. The " Puritain" says : The Southern branchof the Methodist Episcipal Church, which sundered itself to preserve the "dornestic institutio i," has become involved in difficuliy by means of the very tnstitution which it bas sought to protect. When theseperation took place, the Southern Conference carne under a mutual pledge to retain the book of Discipline unaltered ; and this pledge effectually bound the whole body to retain the section which testifies to " the great evil of slavery," and inquires how it may be " extirpated." A part of the body, especially that in Kentucky, is tenacious of this section, But recently a Methodist book-seller in Charleston, S. C, has been summoned before the Mayor, toanswer for selling incendiary publications; to wit, the Methodist Book of Discipline. The Methodist preachers in the city bound themselves to suspend the sales, and it is expected that the aulhorities throughout the State will sustain the same policy. And the whole Conference of the State have, in their last session, approved of the suspension. Now, what is to be done ? A part of the Conference will demand that the offensive paragraph be expunged from the book, and others will insist upon retaining t. But as South Carolinians neveryield a point, anothar división must of course ensue. The Christian Advocate say3 - " The whole Southern connection is bound to the care of the South Carolina Conference, and that Conference to the car of the Hon. J ,C. Calhoun and his ultra pro-slavery party." G7 Three thousanü emigrants left Liverpool for America during tlie week encling March 25, and as many more we re to leave the next week in the Rappahanock, Henry 3lay and Finland, for New York, and the Washington living and General Taylor for Boston. ff?" In 1S17 twenty barges did the whole carrying on the Mississippi, and 160 keel )oats on the Ohio, inaking the whole tonnage ess than 7000 tons. In 1816 the steamboat onnage alone was 249,055 tons, and the unount carried during that year 3,410,330 ons, valued at $185,406,719. Who says his is not a great country. Lawsuits. - The Chinese cali going to aw " losing a cow to win a cat." With us t 3 often losing a cow without winning the cat. C. B. Smith has reported a bilí n the House of Representatives, for the adtnission of Wisconsin as a State.