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No recent accounts from Mexico, which cnn lie relit-d upon wiili much cnnfic.'erirp. One CM-respnmlpiit lliinks the Trealy will be rali fied, another thut tiiere is no prospect of sucl a resuli - all tliis is onlv private opinión. riicre have hen no official iiccounts ofiiitc m.irf or lest in all correspóndase fnim the varinns leparlments of the Ariny. of fhe lis r.-cr:irij paid lo the Armistice lv th Mexicans. I'Ih (ucrrillns Iving in amhuüh re cnrili iinal ly enmrnittiiig oulragés upon the Amaricani - iml vvho cnn woruler tliHt tliere sliould exist ■ome liold, rccklcss spirits wlio have delerniinc), peiice or no peace, to avenue (hetpnlU ition of their homes and thoir country. Tlioy in-, like nld King Philip and his peopt, fijjhtnr for ihcir very existencc. And yt?r, snch s the pflVct of war opon the mirid of man, hal tlies; dcffenderg of their rotintrv's inva!on, are spoken of, as scnrcely human, aml frented uith no kind nf considerauon, by our Jtighly cinlized coumiym -n. Ar. American soealcs of shootinga Gnerrillii, ns a hunter does of liis p;ame, witli no regard whatever t him is a human heilig - ' as a man and a hrother. ' We ask in tlie name of jnstice in what (rxrept il civHizHtiiin) ihe Guerrilla of .Mexico diff.-rs from the slüirp-slinolt'i-9 and Rangers of tinAfnwirsti Rpvotnttctn 1 Fhvetliey not more lo rirg-e them rin ? Are iliey not figliting for more tlinn politica I Liherty ! luto vlios; liornes the enemy lias come as an nggressor iind laid waste with War's dpvnstatincr Kand, ill man liolils most dear. Oli ! the incalculable mii-ery produced ljy lliig unjnslifiahle, 1111rïgh'eous, uncalled-for war of aggression ! Xi-v(-r was one more detettoble ! And the ihouglit, that America, civiiiz'! América, in this niiielcetitli cpfrtury, u hen so liirge a portion ot mankind are bccoming uonvinced of the enonnity and sinfulness of war, sliould comtnence such an one as this, npon in imhecile, haü-civilized nalion ! u sister Repubtic ! It is enoigh tt) rnake one " blush and liis heail to tliiiik himaelf" an American ! Wlicn will iliis n,ti(in awake lo ils true noattioii ? VVhfii shal I we, wlio ought to know we II liow io value Liberty, cease to enslave 7 Verily, tliere is not another uo inconsistent a nution uj)on llie face of the eartli Butauiiv frtr expiation must come. The suffering in Ciilifornia alone, oecsioned by this war, is enough to " stuk a naiion !" We are right glad sur rt-ar-making Prt-sident lias allowed sympatliy. or his policy, to move in favor nf alleviation in nart, at least, to Úúi country writliing under the tortures of wrijr, leitik'iico and familie - Pt truly thero is misery enougli in the world to make one nvo!t at ts extensión or continuation. After all the lesi.'cration upon humanity, and enormons expense of llie war - tiie United States, even filie Treaty shonld be ratified, and we nbtain all we ask - will iqttatn an mínense loss in exíemlitures. It will require a long term efyeara or our country t recover, in a ppcmiinry )oint of view. (sayirifr nol hing of the hearts rtiul hornea desolatrd.) f rom its effect , and v; tneni certainly do not Want the'acquiaition gained ly ii, lliongh il hail rost ns nothing. I( s not woith to ns, the "xpense of its duAincp, We have not seen a more just and reiisonalile siim.-ition f this siiliject, tlian tliat whicli ive opy helow, frama Washington correspondent )f the N. V. Tribune. " Our Mexican war has been dwarféd ooniderably liy the rcrwnt üt:irtlinr events in Euope an.l the Imundless vis'a they open, aotlial arn sure 1 canriot lie wriui'; in asseitiiit that onr iroops were til safe at homo tliere conld e 1 -i t a very small vote raised for si'iidiu UM71 liiick into Mexico Unquestionably, tlie vnr is iiow rcgnrdeJ as a lilunder and Ixire ly ioe wlio do not exécrate it asa crime and a urse. While it was really poing nn, its in■(■st and its proijresi covered its iniquhy villi a gauzy robe nf respectaliility ; lint noV liBt the World has so many granderas well a. nore beueficent struggles to watch, and tliis lie lia gone uto a state of suspended Hiiimaim, leaving niiiliinuf to redeern it ('ruin utteí ontempt lut tlic Fifty milliiiiis a yer of our lorrowi'd) monev it s ciuting and lite reiíinent per mmiili uf our uoiintryíneii it is liurymí, I itonlit Hiere ever was a war mm-r generally tleiested. Ailil yct, I r"i;ret lo sav, til.' prospect of Peiict' ilons not Kriliten. Tlie Mcxicans revolt at ílie iilt'a ol' sellinnf n tlnrd of'tht-ir comíiry iis tlie liiglnvay inan's viciim solls liis pock Ht bonk; they grnw sullen aml IvHifg Iwck un I llioilgn óur cninmandtTs nf pinta w ülinglv profT-'r BVi-rv ficility for tle elcciion nf Penou Mcmliers nf Congrega f'rorn tim sulijiiguted Dcpinucnts, yt't lili! u-nrk Ím all up lull, and does nol speed as Hnytliing in t li direct line of " ni niili'st di'stiiiy" iniülit 1h expc;ied to ■J. I tViiiK uil the gentlemen most recentlv friiin "exicö agree tliat prospect of iny ratiticaiion of' tlie Treaty is at hest donlitlnl. and thnt, if vo get any, it will l)c, a harct'ici'd uiaiter of purchase - twin brotlier to an uveréga Iiniian Treaty of Ihkí Ceès'mn - nuithw inoraily bimling on Mexico nor likely to be respec'ed liy lier one mnjneut loner tlian lier tuliiilent Military handitli feel tJw restranu ol nur linyonets. Puyifíg Fitíeen Millions ol'f)..llurs for sncli n [?H'ifu;ittinn ns Mexico is likeU to give is about the liarJest of Únele tíam's many hard burifuios. - " lint whv can t uro nave Pace witli Mexico V' ís asked Vre can, and as soon as vc picase. V have inlv to come away IVorn Mexico, and we have Peoca off hand. Cali furnia will tk! care of iunlf, ir certüinlv wit'd liHve done so liad we kepl out of tlio war. New Mexico we have no iniiniuT of usc; for, nud il cati only lie held liy us at uu expensi' uttorly ditprnpnrtinnad to its vitlne. We chd have a Trenty in a moiith, lesfallv algaedatid hüartily raiifii'd, and save our Fifieeii Milli..ii ly Bimply conten tin.not tr xtct cussio'n of territory tln.t we have no .'írthly use (or cannot retain witlihout lioeping np a larga aml ex pensivu Standing Army. and are very likelv to juye! about. if 'e keep t.hem A ffbuá Trciiiy need nol cover more tiun Imlfa slieet ifiaj)pr, Kijiuliitiiig ilüii t'ie Rui GvmfdeVafí le slioulil Ijc Mexicnn, nll tlii.s Ji nnr, uilli ilic Hiv of San t-'ranoi.icd :ni all N'orfb iifü )..i,,t ihii niiU-s Sonili iif' it as indeimiHV Co r tl ie Si(iliiinons ïif'imr commorce l' Mi-xi raus, M'lll'e-tlie bduDCe of ClifoiiU sliould Im lefi f'ree lo govcrn tf]f, and lliüt on tliuse K'rms tnpre si ion ld fie perimimil miiiÏiv bet Ween tlie two Nulions. Sucli n TreHty would liaeu srcrly acct-ptcl bv Mexico, as t will pot essen 'ially dismernber nor moitiilly humille her; ■ind t would giv.e us a lar berier Ixiundury for chenp defence and general tranquilitv tlian 'luit demandnd ly Mr. Polk. O tliat tfie peole who sce wlmf ouijlit f be done, would bul xpeak oul und nsist iin haring t done!"