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We are desirous, nay we make it our study, to say and do nothing which shall weaken, in any way, the religieus spirit of our land ; for on that we must stand, else we shall surely pei ish. Yet no man looking abroad, or at home, can 1 fail to see that the Church, in many respects, is not only falling behind outdoor workers, but neglecting, sadly neglecting, matters o1 moment - matters which will concern us al! now and hereafter. Whence so many benevolent societies 1 Why are the Sons of Temperance, and so many benevolent institutions, called into existence 1 Do we not all know - must not every man admit, if the Church did its whole duty, that it would embrace necessanly all the ends which these societies propose to reach, and be, in itself, the temple o peace, temperance, benevolence of a living and true brotherhood 1 To stimulate its ministers and professors to this high endeavor - to make them aspire after a power which will clothe the looped raggedness of poverty and pauperism, and roll back the tide of crime thatswells up, threateningly, aga'nst every household ; we speak lo them in our humble way, with directness and earnest anxiety. There are thousands among us who judge religión by those who profess it. There are hundreds of thousands, who, when they see membersofthe Church doing, or not doing, feel as if they were priviledged to act as they act. What a responsibility ! How carefu all religious men should be to meet it ! Yet who among them bravely lives up to the standard our Saviour set, and honestly bids the