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Arrival Of The Steam Ship Cambria

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The Royal mail steamer (.'umbría arrived to dtiy, hnving sailed on tin; 29Ü1 uit. T!y this arrival we have the (ullowing important new8. The Fmich Elections have passed off peacably. - Lamartine mul Marcast were aheed. Franc remains tranquil, but plots are formiug agaiust the Provisional Goverumeut. Lombardy remtins unchanged, with the prospects that no battles will be fought. The Slcilian House "f Ciininou9, after discnssing the eflpedWncy of calling to tlie tlu-oue nn Italian l'nnce o. ttie fainily of Tuscany orSaxoiy, flirally deoitlod that Ferdinaud Bouborn. and the dynasty, had forever fallen trom the ihroue of Sicily shall have power to constitutionally gnveru horself Tlii aniiouncemeiit gave uuiveraal satisfjetion. and great rejoiciuga tooi; pl;ice. Falunno Wa illuminated for three U(hU. All thestatucs of the house of Bourboru, were pulled dowu to be couverted into cannon. The account! we have from Baden are of the most deplorable cliaracter. The insurgents had proposotl a williuguess to capitúlate. Gen. ('fingen liad advauced from the ranks to arli:y with them. They rcfused to listen, and as he was rotiring Ue treacherously sluit, and mortally wounded. The troops, exasperntcd at seeing their uhief thus basely slaiihteivd, full upou the insurgent , killing mauy in their fury and desperation. Schleswighas been the scène of auoiher b.ittle betweun the Danes and Prussians, in which thi; latter were driven back over the river Eider. Spain and Portugal seem rapidly verging towards revolution, but both countries are as yet quiet. The French Governirient have defiuitely abolished slaverv in all her colonies. There is nothingnew from Poland. Russia remains quiet, waiting the opening of uavigation. Subsequent account? state that Schleswig has been taken by the Frussian Confoderaliou after a long engagement on Easter Sunday. After the capture of this city they advauced to Flensberg, which surrendered without opposition. I'ostscript, - Wilmer & Smith's Times rep'irts a battle to have been fought between the Italians and Austrians, near Mantua. The lalter were coinpelled to retire to the fortress of Paschiera, which the King of Saidiniii contemplates attacking instantly. The general European aspects are comparatively quiet. Thcreis nothiug from the agitators of Irelaud. - The government is preparing for outbreak. The governmeut security bill having passed appears calculatud ratherto iucrease tbuu allay tlio political excitement in Irelaud, and is calcnlated to sustain the cause oftho l;[artÍ8t8 in England and Scotlaud.